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Debi Evans Blog: 19 December 2023

Who wants to live forever? Synthetic age reversal anyone?  Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? For my last blog of 2023, let’s start by having a look at ‘Synthetic Biology’ before covering stories from around the world.

Synthetic Biology

I have been interested in a new area of life sciences, namely Synthetic Biology, which is said to be a re-engineering of all biological systems. ‘Synthetic Biology’ seems to have replaced authentic natural biology created by God, and would appear to have been re-engineered by those working in Frankenstein’s laboratory. Since creation, human beings have entered life through birth and left life through death. This is the natural cycle of life that we all have to go through, or do we? 

How does ‘Synthetic Biology’ impact the human species? Synthetic Biology is big business and one of my go to research sources always includes the World Economic Forum (WEF), which, once again, didn’t disappoint. Did you know of the existence of the WEF Global Council on the Future of Synthetic Biology? It's beneficial to have some knowledge on it because it will affect every single one of us.

The impact of a rapidly increasing ageing population has no doubt placed a huge financial burden on Governments of first world countries. To argue that the UK is a first world country with regards to health is perhaps for another blog. In my opinion, it would appear that many who are living in third world countries receive a more equitable and effective healthcare system than those of us living here in the United Kingdom. The NHS is broken, beyond repair and there is nowhere else to go.

One of the major headaches and dilemmas that Governments have to face is finding cost effective ways to reduce the escalating healthcare costs of seniors living in our society. Do you want to live forever? Would you like to look young again, get rid of those creaky knees, tired eyes and wrinkly skin? Can we turn back time using ‘age reversal therapy’?  It appears that science is advancing at such a phenomenal pace that the answer might be ‘yes’.

Synthetic age reversal is big business. Potentially, healthcare providers will pour billions into this young industry. A report from McKinsey forecasts a ‘bio revolution’ with a direct global impact of up to $4 trillion per year over the next 10-20 years—all in the name of ‘preventing’ debilitating and life changing conditions before they manifest. Note, we are living in the era of ‘vaccines’, monitoring, testing and genome editing, aka CRISPR technology. Imagine being able to switch off the gene responsible for cancer, dementia, mental health illness, asthma, diabetes, obesity or heart disease. Using the different ‘ageing’ biomarkers, scientists are well on track to slow down, and, in many cases, reverse deteriorations in health. A study on mice, from Harvard Medical School in 2018, revealed that by reversing the age of blood vessels, youthful vitality could be maintained. In March 2022 at the Salk Institute in California, scientists used ‘gene therapy’ to rejuvenate tissue in middle-aged mice. However, it comes at a high price and risks turning reprogrammed cells into teratomas cancerous tissue. As an act of extreme altruism, would you be willing to sign up to an experiment in order to allow scientists to carry out further research to benefit humanity even if your life depended on it?

The Skincare industry is worth $100 billion dollars, so is it any wonder the ‘biotechnology industrial complex’ are racing to get their gene therapy products to market? Many animal and plant based products are now being boycotted because they are endangered and are too expensive to be profitable. For example, squalene comes from shark’s livers. Biotechnology is here to stay, but do you know what is in your skincare product?  

Age reversal therapies could, for Governments and globalists, be more cost effective in the long term, and to any seniors who survive the onslaught of experimental mRNA jabs, they would be able to work productively for longer. But what if you were ordered by your Government to take responsibility for your own health, it would be your responsibility to pay for age reversal therapies in order for you to continue to play, and pay, for your right to exist in society. Would you sign up to that if your life depended upon it? 

Initially, these new ‘therapies’ will be very expensive and only available to the rich. But what of the rest of us who would not want or who are not in a position to pay extortionate prices for this new ‘fountain of youth’? Because of the dangers of teratoma, it is likely that in 2024, Governments will extend regulation on human experiments to make research institutions accountable for the development of cancer a result of using synthetic age reversal therapies.

Stories in brief

The dark genome

Let’s continue with the ‘ageing’ theme and how scientists will be able to predict and manipulate the ageing process using cutting edge ways to re-engineer and transform humans. 98% of the biological function of the human genome is still unknown. But what is the ‘dark genome’ and what information does it hide? Scientists are in a race to discover how a genetic element known as LINE-1 inserts itself into the human genome and is implicated in cancer, neurodegeneration and even ageing. LINE-1 activity appears to indicate certain conditions and diseases and is referred to in the study as ‘an ancient genetic parasite’. For more on this ‘dark’ matter, please click here.

De-coding brain waves

Many companies already have the ability to ‘de-code’ their employee’s brain waves. How would you feel if your employer knew what you were thinking before you did? Would it be good if the police and security services could stop people from committing crime because they knew something you didn’t? Perhaps a long haul trucker present signs of tiredness, and by using a simple ‘smart’ hat that can monitor and decode brain waves, employers could detect fatigue before the employee knows it. Haptic scarves and haptic hats would ‘buzz’ your brain should your attention drop or if tiredness kicks in. Are you ready for ‘brain transparency’? The World Economic Forum are.

Booking a jab is as easy as booking a cab

According to the NHS, booking a jab is as easy as booking a cab. That is the latest mantra coming from a desperate NHS who are trying to entice us to offer our arms for more dangerous and experimental jabs. They must be getting desperate. To those of you who have the NHS App on your phone, expect it to be expanded with ‘improved features’. The new NHS Vaccination Strategy will allow people to view their vaccination record and enable to them to ensure they never miss a jab invitation and can book directly. But if booking online is not your thing, don’t worry, there will be vaccine one-stop shops on your high street coming soon.

CDC warn of urgent need to increase Covid–19 and flu vaccination 

More fearmongering and a strong whiff of desperation from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA. An urgent notice has been issued to healthcare providers to inform them of low vaccination uptake combined with an alleged rise in respiratory viruses. The CDC report that only 17.2% of adults and 7.7% of children have received the latest booster. Has anyone thought to ask why the public don’t appear to want any more jabs? I am guessing not.

Volunteers breathing in polluted air

Why is this happening? Apparently, it’s in the name of science to see the effects on the brain. In Manchester, scientists are experimenting on volunteers who appear quite happy to use their spare time to help the greater good, the ultimate effective altruistic gesture. Would you breathe in diesel fumes and cleaning products to understand how pollution impacts your brain? Sorry, but it’s a no from me. Bryony, a volunteer doesn’t agree; she says:

If they can get more data on these sorts of things, it feels like it's a really worthwhile use of my time to help with the study like this. [. . .] Anything that can be done to find out things that cause us damage, just in our normal way of life, that can be changed, seems like a really valuable thing to do.

Breath appears to be the new ‘living gold’, and will determine our futures. Are you ready to give your last gasps for your countrymen? 

Breathing is bad for the environment

How much more ridiculous does this get? What gasses do we breathe out? Are we humans guilty of contributing to climate change? It would seem we are. A new study has just been published and was led by Dr Nicholas Cowan, an atmospheric physicist at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Edinburgh. It appears to be another act of effective altruism to the extreme. 104 adults in the UK agreed to share their lifestyle preferences and their breath with scientists. They were asked to exhale into a plastic bag in order for scientists to calculate ‘human gas emissions’. Of the 328 samples analysed, methane was found in 31% of participants, while nitrous oxide was emitted by all participants.

Humans, according to the study, are responsible for 0.1% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. Perhaps another clue into the ‘depopulation’ debate. Put simply, it appears that if you are breathing, you are part of the problem. Is the plan to stop us breathing altogether in order to save the planet? 

The NHS at Christmas

Long gone are the days when all members of staff were expected to work over the Christmas and New Year period. In my three years of training, I never once got Christmas day off, but it was great fun to be on duty during the festive season. On Christmas Eve, nurses would turn their capes inside out and sing carols around the hospital. Wards would twinkle with lights and tinsel, and the patients would enjoy a turkey roast dinner on Christmas day. Traditionally, in many hospitals, the Consultants would come in especially to carve the turkey. 

Long gone are those days. In 2023, you will be lucky to find a doctor in a hospital let alone a bauble or cracker. This year junior doctors will walk out of the NHS at 7am on 20 December until 7am 23 December, and they will walk out again from 7am on 3 January to 7am on 9 January.

The London Resort

Who knew this was on the cards for 2024? A 3.5 billion theme park nicknamed the ‘UK Disneyland’ is due to open next year. It will be situated on the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent (about the size of 136 Wembley Stadiums) and will feature rollercoasters, dinosaurs and different ‘themed lands’. Will it actually happen? Thus far, the jury is out, but it’s a story to keep an eye on nonetheless.

Cornish Lithium

Just a couple of miles up the road from where I live is the HQ of Cornish Lithium, who are now seeking approval for a development and research facility which would be the first in Europe. Lithium has many uses, including being a key constituent for batteries, and has been hailed as a flagship for the UK to transition to clean energy. It is clear that the operation to expand the extraction of Lithium in the UK has only just begun.

King Charles

In the news last week we discussed the ‘Saviour of the World’ statue of the then Prince Charles; the statue is of a winged Charles standing in a loincloth on a mound of bodies. Since we discussed this, there has been quite a reaction from all of you, and I completely understand why. I have found Tim Cohen’s book “The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea’ and his YouTube channel utterly fascinating. Over many years, he has compiled some compelling evidence to suggest that King Charles is the Anti-Christ.

On the news last week, I challenged our audience to spot some hidden symbology in the Coronation invitation. Did you see the hidden unicorn, lion with bears feet and blue boar? The unicorn (which is pale green in reality) represents little horn (King Charles), while the blue boar represents Camilla. Did you also notice the acorn and crown of thorns above the Green Man’s head? Who coined the phrase ‘Build Back Better’? Perhaps I’ve just given the game away! Much more to come on this subject in future weeks.

Toilet to tap water

California is considering a landmark regulation to allow sewage water to be converted into tap water, hence the title, ‘toilet to tap’. By treating waste water at a higher level, water companies could reintroduce it into the main water supply. This makes me feel green around the gills just at the thought—I am a bit of an expert in all things sewage related. And this is all in the name of climate change and water scarcity, of course.

New Bill requires hairstylists to be trained in all hair textures

I couldn’t resist mentioning this story considering the extraordinary and often hostile times we are currently living in. However, as we accelerate at alarming speed towards the ‘Great Reset’ and a 'brave new world', it appears that hair has become a priority for one New York Senator. Jamaal Bailey couldn’t find a hairstylist trained to manage his hair texture, so he introduced a law to make it a legal requirement. Senate Bill S6528A is a new law in New York that will require all hair stylists to be trained in all textures. 

South West Water - Christmas in Cornwall

I couldn’t resist including a story on sewage and South West Water in my final blog of the year! As a frequent sewage flood victim, I have been battling with South West Water and Cornwall Council for the last 20 years. Christmas is traditionally a time to get away from the city and head for the coast. However, anyone wishing to visit their expensive second home or relatives in Cornwall may get more than they bargained for. 

20 beaches in Cornwall have once again been contaminated with raw sewage. Cornwall has more water pollution incidents than any other local authority area in England. It needn’t have taken an expensive report to reveal this, officials could have just asked me! South West Water have a history of dumping sewage illegally into the sea and rivers. However, not many get to hear about how they dump raw sewage into our homes with zero repercussions, blighting homes and destroying lives while all hidden in plain sight. More to come on this in the New Year. If you are a South West Water shareholder, please do get in touch. 

Paddle or swim at your own risk after it rains. Even the waste water boss at South West Water urges caution, and that was back in 2012. Things have worsened since then. South West Water, you haven’t heard the last from me. 

Desalination plant in Cornwall - whose nose is growing now? 

South West Water are planning on turning seawater into drinking water. But why? 

A desalination plant is being built where I live in St Austell Bay. Residents are up in arms. There will be more on this story in depth in the New Year. However, Veolia Water, a French owned company, has already been appointed to deliver the work.  More revolving doors and plenty of conflict of interests. But why here and why now? Especially when we are not water poor! 

According to South West Water (SWW), the area that I have lived in for the last 20 years needs to become less reliant on rainfall and more resilient against the impacts of climate change in the future. Really?! Perhaps David Harris, drought and resilience director for SWW, would like to speak with me? I know he has my number. Or perhaps he would like to ask Parliament; SWW’s past behaviour of flooding customers, threatening customers and their legal counsel is publicly documented here

David Harris already knows that this area suffers regular and heavy flooding pretty much all year round. The St Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration Project (StARR) is a £32M flood alleviation and regeneration scheme to reduce flood risk to communities living and working in the St Austell Bay area. Someone’s nose may be growing, and it isn’t mine. Local knowledge is priceless, but it always seems to be ignored, particularly from South West Water who constantly fly under the radar and above the law. I am a veteran in dealing with them. 

With Cornish Lithium just up the road, who require hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to extract lithium, you would never guess that there are any water shortages in this area. The gold rush is on, but this time the gold is lithium. Has anyone asked if lithium is contaminating our drinking water? I have, but would South West Water ever tell the truth? From my experience with them, it is highly doubtful. 

Last Christmas?

This is an interesting opinion piece published in the Gateway Pundit by Leo Hohmann entitled, “Enjoy this Christmas Season – It may be the last one we have to celebrate in ‘normal times’ – WEF Warns 2024 likely to bring cataclysmic changes”.

In the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in January 2023, Jeremy Jurgens warned that a major cyber-attack would likely take place before 2025. Whilst there have been ‘minor’ cyber outages, as yet we have not seen anything too major. With just a few days left of 2023, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the ‘event’ must be planned for 2024. Do you have a plan in place if the power and the internet go down? 

And finally

I wish everyone a very happy, peaceful and blessed Christmas. The weather is set to get chilly, so if you haven’t got a hot water bottle, now is the time to grab one. If you already have a hot water bottle, please check the seal as they can perish, making them liable to leaks—burns are very painful, so hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Many people I am meeting are complaining that they have been having more than their fair share of coughs, colds and flu, and many appear confused and not able to understand why, especially considering that they were boosted and jabbed up to the hilt. I did try to explain, but the saying ‘bashing your head on a brick wall’ comes to mind.

However, on the subject of coughs and colds, I would like to reassure our viewers that during my recent bout of illness, I steamed, topped up on vitamins and minerals and turned to honey, thyme, lemon and ginger. However, nine days in and I developed a bacterial infection in my sinus’ causing sinusitis. If you have never suffered from sinusitis, it’s extremely painful and in most cases requires antibiotics. If left untreated, it can quickly develop into a pneumonia, something that has happened to me in the past. I was not about to risk it again and reluctantly had to call my GP for a prescription. If there had been another way, I would have taken it. 

In 2023, there is no guarantee that in the UK you will receive access to safe health care. The NHS is broken and past repair, so please take the necessary measures to keep yourself and your family safe. Winter is traditionally the time for trips, slips and fractures, so ensure you have good grips on the bottom of your footwear. 

Thank you to all who send me emails with information and news and who offer such encouraging words of support. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Josie for diligently and patiently editing my blog every week. She has the patience of a Saint! Thank you to our producer, Stephanie Sinclaire, who organises all the interviews and beavers away behind the scenes during live news broadcasts and is a treasure trove of knowledge. None of what you see, read and view could happen without the unseen team at UK Column. God bless each and every one of them. And to each and every one of you, who support us, thank you.  

Also special thanks to all our incredible guests. Many have sacrificed their privacy, lives, homes, livelihoods and careers in order to challenge the narrative. Thank you to each and every one of them. I’m honoured to have connected with each of them, and I’m happy to now be able to call some of them friends.

To those who are bereaved or vaccine injured, we promise you that we will continue to support you in whatever way we can.  

Until next year!

God Bless 


But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Mark 13:32