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Debi Evans Blog: 16 May 2023

Where has another week gone? Time appears to be flying. I’ve felt for a while as though time is speeding up. I thought it was just my imagination until I started nonchalantly dropping "Time is flying!" comments into conversation. It turns out I’m not alone. Most people I've spoken to feel the same, and we all appear to have thought it was ‘just our imagination’. The perception of time appears to have altered, and time is indeed seemingly speeding up. I am aware that time appears to whizz by as we get older. One hypothesis for this comes from Professor Adrian Bejan, who says:

Over time, we process visual information more slowly which is what makes time speed up as we age.

I conducted an informal small survey of my own. I deliberately spoke to many youngsters in order to give it as much balance as possible. The results were surprising. There was no difference across the generations. I asked 33 people, eleven of whom were under thirty years of age. Without exception, we all appear to feel the same: time appears to be speeding up.

A warning of this is predicted on the Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, but I do believe in miracles.


School leaver doctors in training on wards

When I first reported this story by the Telegraph on UK Column News, I must admit I was a little shocked. Who will be looking after you or your loved ones should a hospital admission be required? For many months we have been highlighting the poor quality of medical and nursing care that patients have been receiving whilst in hospital. An exodus of NHS trained doctors and nurses have ground the NHS to its knees. With over 124,000 job vacancies and an inability to retain staff, the situation has reached breaking point. Deliberately engineered desperate times require desperate measures. But how desperate do we have to be?

A new ‘apprenticeship’ scheme will allow 1 in 10 trainee ‘doctors’ to start work in hospitals straight from school immediately after A-levels (school leaving certificate at age 18)—no medical degree required. A third of nurses will also be trained under what has been called a ‘radical new approach'. However, this is not new, nurses were traditionally trained on the wards straight from school. Student nurses were the heartbeat of hospitals, they couldn’t have functioned without them.

Amanda Prichard, CEO of NHS England, knows that this scheme, marketed as giving youngsters opportunities, is a quick fix and cheap way to staff the wards. ‘Apprentice’ medical staff will work immediately on wards under supervision. But supervised by whom? Doctors have already branded this hair brain scheme as ‘risky’ as they have no time to train them.

To put this in perspective, traditionally training a doctor involves five years at medical school, but that is not where it ends. Most doctors don’t finish their training until 8-10 years following their graduation. A GP appointment will normally be 5 years post-graduation, whilst for a maxillofacial surgeon it will be 11 years.

When can we expect to see these new student doctors? Soon, is the answer. NHS officials assure us that the first medical degree will be launched this autumn. You may also spot an apprentice doctor at your GP surgery, so don’t be shy or scared to ask who you are seeing and what qualifications they have.


Polish Health Minister says Pfizer delivery of any more vaccines is “pointless” 

As Europe drown in a huge surplus of unwanted vaccines, and with more ordered and on their way down the mRNA pipeline, some of our global neighbours have had enough. The Polish Health Minister, Adam Niedzielski, has sent an explosive letter to the shareholders of Pfizer venting his anger on plans to receive hundreds of millions of doses in 2023/24 saying it is pointless. He goes on to say;

The excess doses can’t even be given away; there is no government interested in Covid vaccines.

Renegotiating contracts with the pharmaceutical giant is proving difficult for many. Breaking confidentiality agreements, Niedzielski has revealed that Pfizer will reduce the orders, but on the proviso that they receive half the price for each dose not produced. In effect, this means that governments will have to pay for literally nothing.

However, for me, the biggest takeaway from this excellent expose in the Daily Sceptic, poses more questions than answers. Who in any one country is responsible for a) calculating how many doses will be required at any one time; b) costing the order; c) signing the contract? Could it be Dame Kate Bingham—or perhaps Secretary of State for Health, Stephen Barclay, or the MHRA’s Dame June Raine, or is it a civil servant in a dusty office who is responsible for putting pen to paper? As of now, I have no definitive answer. If anyone knows, please do let me know. 


Measles—resurgence of Victorian disease

In last week’s blog, I focused on the resurgence of measles in the UK. The latest round of fear ‘click bait’ is in full swing.

This week it seems many of the mainstream media are at last catching up with UK Column News. Better late than never. As warnings of a deadly re-emergence of measles and other Victorian diseases hit the headlines, eagle eyed UK Column audience members may recall an article I wrote almost a year ago titled ‘Back to The Past’, where I warned of exactly this.

This week, many newspapers carry a warning that we are indeed returning to the Victorian era, where we will likely see an uptick in polio, scabies, rickets and measles. I am not a crystal ball gazer, I just follow the UKHSA blog, the information is there, in plain sight. However, if you want the news first, try UK Column before other outlets, you may be pleasantly surprised.


The obese are likely to need more frequent Covid–19 boosters

A new study suggests that ‘protection’ offered by the Covid jab declines more rapidly in people with severe obesity. During the ‘plandemic’, people with obesity were allegedly more likely to be hospitalised, require mechanical ventilation and ultimately more at risk of dying.

Professor Sir Aziz Sheikh said:

Our findings demonstrate that protection gained through COVID-19 vaccination drops off faster for people with severe obesity than those with a normal body mass index.

Given the choice of repeated boosters of mRNA or losing weight, I would and will always opt for the latter. Whilst I appreciate that many suffer with other medical conditions which affect their weight, the risks and benefits need to be closely weighed up.

You will be relieved to know that the study has been funded and conducted by experts from Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, Addenbrookes Hospital and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). They really do have our best interests at heart, don’t they?


Long Covid

The Mirror carried a front page exclusive last week reporting on the “Hidden Toll of Long Covid”. It is estimated that 2 million are affected, with 400,000 requiring serious care from specialists. It is concerning to read that the average age of those affected is 45 years old. As of now, it is estimated that only 10,000 have been offered treatment. Dr Melissa Heightman heads the team of the largest Long Covid clinic at University College Hospital London. She says:

This is a real disease. It is not some nebulous, imaginary phenomena due to a lack of moral fibre or anxiety. We are working to stop this being a lifelong condition. Covid-19 has not gone away, it will be catastrophic for the UK economy if all these people can’t return to work.

Common symptoms range from brain fog, breathlessness from just standing up, joint aches and fatigue. Long Covid would also appear to affect the nervous system causing tachycardia (raised heart rate). Another symptom is tiny clots affecting blood flow. Others are described as allergic response or mitochondrial or muscle dysfunction. 3000 patients, two thirds of them women, are being referred every month by GP’s to almost 100 Long Covid clinics in England.

Dr Heightman warns that ‘new variants’ of the ‘virus’ (her words, not mine) could still trigger a new wave of Long Covid. However, has anyone bothered to ask all these patients if they had the Covid-19 injection? How many of them have been vaccinated? How many of them are suffering from serious adverse reactions from the jab, but are not yet aware of this being a possible cause? 

Until this information is available, experts should consider this as a cause or take measures to eliminate it as a casual effect. How many similarities in symptoms and debilitation would those with vaccine injuries and Long Covid share? The vaccine injured individuals who I have spoken to and interviewed would most likely say that many of the Long Covid symptoms are the same devastating symptoms that they are also suffering as a result of the covid jabs. Until a full and thorough independent investigation is launched, we will never know, and neither will those suffering. Until then, I would strongly suggest that all novel experimental injections and therapeutics are stopped immediately. It is worth noting that these medications are Black Triangle medicines and as such should be under intense scrutiny.


Honey trap

This story gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘honey trap’. Many reading this will know of the huge benefits of mānuka honey, which include treating sore throats, wounds and keeping the good old common cold at bay. Herbal medical practitioners have been promoting the use of Manuka since time immemorial.

The Telegraph have been keeping tracks on the benefits of mānuka. An article in 2016 reported that the NHS appear to have finally received the ‘Manuka memo’, albeit it a bit late. They discovered it could be a powerful tool in their armoury of weapons to deal with hospital acquired-infections. Now in 2023, there is another use for Manuka honey, but this one is a little more sinister.

Scientists at Porton Down are creating a mānuka gas mask which is said to be vital in defending against airborne biological and chemical attacks. Why would we need one of those all of a sudden? As reported in the Mail Online, the UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has “lodged a patent application that reveals the honey could be used as ‘glue’ to ‘capture and neutralise’ poisonous toxins, chemicals and viruses including Covid–19.” A 22 page document, seen in the Telegraph, was drawn up by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory within the Ministry of Defence. It states that mānuka could be one of the sticky layers applied to the filters of masks or personal protective equipment. Apparently, these antibacterial properties could help neutralise any threat.

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the ingredient in mānuka that is said to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The higher the concentration the stronger the effect. However, mānuka honey is not cheap; £1,349 will buy you a 230g jar of the Rare Harvest New Zealand Mānuka. However, compared to the price of manmade chemicals, it is seen to be cheap. Does anyone else feel as uncomfortable as I do knowing scientists at a high security bio laboratory are ‘playing’ with one of the most natural God given healing properties on the planet?

On a personal note, a close relative of mine had a very sore throat and was unable to speak. We assumed it could be either tonsillitis or a Strep A infection. As it was late on a Saturday night, none of us could summon the enthusiasm to ring 111, a previously brain numbing experience. We turned to a jar of rare Scottish heather honey sent to me by Brian Lamb, a wonderful medical herbal practitioner in Orkney. A couple of tablespoons dissolved in boiling water with lemon appeared to work miracles.

Within four hours, the sore throat was gone. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. At less than £7 a jar, it is worth its weight in gold. Four days later and a whole pot of honey gone, not a sign of any soreness or redness returning and mission accomplished, gently and naturally. Whilst we were very fortunate with our experience, everyone is different. Please don’t hesitate to seek medical advice if you are concerned in any way.  


Does this ‘apeel’ to you? 

The Defender, Children’s Health Defense, are warning of the arrival of a ‘new kid on the block’ in the form of a new product on the market called Edipeel, a coating for fruit and vegetables to extend its lifespan. This product has also been approved for use on organic products! Once it’s on the item, it cannot be removed (even with a scrubbing brush). This will reduce the amount of food wastage, allegedly. Supermarkets with ‘exacting standards’ leave masses of fruit and vegetables to rot before they are even picked just because they don’t look right. In the UK, Tesco and Asda are already trialling the product on avocados. 

Apeel Sciences (see the play on spelling) is based in the USA and partnered with, yes you guessed it, the Gates Foundation. With such notorious provenance, it didn’t take long to discover that Edipeel may not be as safe as it is being claimed. A data sheet suggests it is a chemical cleaner. But how safe is it? What studies have been done? The good news is that stickers have to be placed on the foods that have been treated with this coating. If you see an Apeel sticker on your avocado, despite the assurances from ‘experts’ that it is safe, do your own research first but until you do, perhaps consider changing it for one without a sticker. The Defender remark:

At the end of the day, Edipeel is going to be rolled out whether we like it or not. The bottom line is that yes, this product will undoubtedly extend the life of fruit and vegetables, but at what overall cost to people’s health?


Wallpaper that generates electricity 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, how about algae wallpaper powering your home. By printing algae onto paper scientists can create a bio photovoltaic system. The UKRI have this short YouTube video on their website. I thought wallpaper had gone out of fashion, but apparently it’s coming back in and it will not only look pretty but will one day, in the not too distant future, charge your smart phone (or perhaps your microchip) and power your lights. Will there be an off switch? 


And finally

I promise I won’t mention the ‘corona nation’ again, but please indulge me just one more time. It seems Prince William is already busy considering his coronation. The Sunday Times reports that he has not been lying awake at night waiting or hoping to be King. However, now that his father is King, he is starting to think of what his coronation should look like, and there definitely won’t be any ‘homage of the people’ included in his coronation. Whilst the Palace deny there are any firm plans in the making, for the Duke of Cornwall’s Coronation, I suspect as in good old royal tradition, not only will the coronation be planned decades in advance, but so will all the senior royal funerals.

It is thought that William, who will be known as King William V, will favour Westminster Abbey. No tradition broken there. However, he has put pay to an investiture as Prince of Wales. It would appear that William is keen to revive the monarchy and make it more appealing to the younger generation—something King Charles can only dream of. A recent YouGov poll found that most young people were ambivalent towards the royal family and most didn’t care one way or another about the coronation. 

William was quoted in the Sunday Times as saying of the future of the monarchy:

It occupies a lot of my thinking space as to how on earth you’d develop into something modern in today’s world, I think the royal family has to modernise and develop as it goes along and it has to stay relevant. That’s the challenge for me, how do I make the royal family relevant in the next 20 years?

Perhaps we won’t have to wait twenty years to find out.

Already the ‘uninvested’ Prince of Wales appears to be following in his father’s footsteps. He is certainly very busy and has in the past spoken at the United Nations. He has founded the Earthshot Prize whilst also jointly collaborating with his wife, The Princess of Wales, to confront the ever growing numbers of young people suffering with mental health illness. A whole new meaning to the phrase ‘putting your heads together’. With a mental health pandemic predicted for the near future, this appears very fortuitous and conveniently timed—please forgive my cynicism.    

Onto more familiar topics, all things MHRA. By the time you are reading this, I will have attended the latest MHRA Board meeting. Perhaps it will be Stephen Lightfoot’s last meeting as he ‘hotfoots’ it off the Board as fast as his legs can carry him in order to spend more time with his grandchildren. How conveniently delightful. I have taken the trouble to ask the MHRA if Dame June Raine or Dr Alison Cave will be following suit and hotfooting it after him—so far I have not received a reply. I will report back in my next blog. 

Next week I will be focusing in on our ailing, near non-existent dental service. I am hearing of many who are struggling to access private dentistry let alone NHS dental services. DIY dentistry is becoming all too common. If there are any dentists or dental nurses/technicians out there who would like to speak to us, we would be pleased to speak to you. 

Until next week.

God bless,


Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Joshua 1:9