BBC Panorama Digs For Dirt On Child Abuse Campaigners?

UKColumn was told several months ago that BBC Panorama had allegedly been tasked to do a hatched job on the individuals and groups who were investigating child abuse and attempting to get justice for the abused children.  According to Westminster sources it would appear that the 'Establishment' and certainly the Westminster political establishment felt they needed a bit of help from Auntie Beeb to undermine the growing public disquiet.

After a couple of months we were informed that high level BBC managers had got somewhat fearful that a Panorama hit on members of the public trying to out the truth might backfire on the BBC. So the 'hit' was pulled...or so we were told.

It now appears that a softer piece is still being prepared to be ready by sometime this coming September. A BBC source maintains that so secretive is the Panorama project that even BBC staff are restricted in access to the Panorama corridor.

Funny that the BBC couldn't manage to investigate the Westminster cover-up of paedophiles in power but then with a budget of £3.65 billion it is probably a bit strapped for cash for that sort of thing.

The UKColumn would very much like to hear from anyone with information on this BBC project or indeed any other BBC 'investigations' of this type.