Anne and Hollie Greig Royal Courts London this Friday

This is a personal message to encourage as many people as possible to attend the Royal Courts of Justice in London this coming Friday 2 March for a hearing for Anne and Hollie Greig at 1030. We need numbers - real numbers - to show that the public is waking up.

Robert Green has already been imprisoned in Scotland to 'shut him up' and to stop him exposing the nature and scale of the child abuse at the very highest levels of the Scottish establishment. To date they have spent over £500,000 to hound, gag and finally imprison Robert. All he has ever done is to try and expose the truth and bring criminals to justice.

The case on Friday is to challenge a recent ruling that Hollie is not competent and therefore she cannot be relied upon as a witness. How strange then that the police originally stated that Hollie was both competent as a witness and was considered reliable. Able to describe her abuse, name abusers, and identify professional and social links between them, Hollie is the danger to the establishment in this case. She is the witness and holds key evidence - other documentary and medical evidence exists. Get rid of Hollie in the gulag of the 'care system' and the state and its agents is safe to carry on abusing children. Scotland and Westminster are collaborating in the cover-up of Hollie's abuse.

It was revealed at Robert Green's own trial that the police had not investigated or questioned any of those identified by Hollie as abusers. No investigation, means no evidence of course. No evidence means no crime was committed - a self fulfilling prophesy. The same circular tactic is being used by the abuse scandal and cover-up at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College.

There are thousands of cases of child abuse and child stealing in UK every year. We feel for each and every parent and child. But to take the lid of this foul abusive system we need to back those cases that directly hit the root of the problem - child abusers and paedophiles at the highest levels of the government and legal system.

Please tell a friend about this case and come to the Courts this Friday - as the poster said all those years ago "Your Country Needs You". Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. Thank you.