Two Tier Britain

The EU gravy train steam rolled back into the mainstream press today with the Daily mail highlighting the gigantic difference between the incomes of MEP's and the rest of society. 

That gulf is set to get ever wider as real incomes fall ever lower. Workers will see a wage increase of 0.8%, whilst the cost of living grows 2.4% (with food soaring up by 5%), as reported by the Daily Mail.

The 0.8% increase is a misnomer. There is no increase. When the cost of living rises above an increase in wages, what we are actually seeing is a reduction of spending power.

MP's and MEP's have little to fear though, as they are seeing vast increases in their wages. MP's recently rejoiced at a £20,000 increase by 2015, whilst the likes of Nigel Farage enjoy a salary averaging £182,826, some 695% greater than the average wage in the UK, and an expenses allowance of £217,000 --- a little greater than the £500 benefit that has recently been capped for the rest of us peasants.

What we are beginning to see quite clearly is the formation of a two tier society, very similar to the soviet system. The elite, comprising private business men, bankers, politicians and aristocracy, who enjoy vast incomes, are relatively untouched by the economic downturns that seem to repeat time and time again, robbing the wealth and property from the other class of people that comprise of the rest of us.

Whilst the 'untouchables' enjoy their immunity, the rest of Britain will either suffer a pay freeze or decrease following the Government's latest imposition of a Mandatory Pensions scheme called 'Work Place Pensions'. Beneath this veneer hides another stealth tax, cleverly cloaked as a government initiative to help those who can't afford to put aside for the future; ignoring the fact that people can't afford to 'save' because real incomes have dropped, and current interest rates are hardly an incentive to save.

But if insufficient incomes were not enough, the Government recently decreed that benefits would be capped at £500. Through this type of measure we can now see the motive behind the mainstream media's recent agenda to convince the unwitting population that all people on benefits are scroungers and do not deserve our sympathy as they find themselves homeless and quietly pushed into Government housing under strict State rules.

Forget the 10,000 or so that have been convicted of benefit fraud in the last year, there are almost 20,000,000 people who take some sort of benefit in this country. These vulnerable families are the real target of Government and mainstream media, who in turn protect the parasites that operate from the elite tier; those people that take the greater slice of the pie, whilst doing comparatively little for society.