Tory MP Sajid Javid's EU takeover British military gaff exposes dark actors in Defence

Javid's military gaff was a golden nugget for those watching treason unfold at UK government level - and no ifs or buts - to leave the nation defenceless is treason....

Normally reliable sources close to senior British military have put Conservative Culture Media and Sport Minister Sajid Javid MP in the spotlight following his recent talk at the Naval Club London. Addressing a mixed audience, Javid allegedly stated that Britain's defence forces were doing well - a decidedly upbeat propaganda opening that drew increasing suspicion as he then seamlessly moved to promoting matters EU. Those present took Javid's EU comments to suggest that British defence cuts were needed to effectively balance EU force levels, thereby facilitating seamless British integration into the EU military structure. His unsettled audience quickly showed him the door.

Javid's military gaff was a golden nugget for those watching treason unfold at UK government level - and no ifs or buts - to leave the nation defenceless is treason. 

Concern at the erosion of British military capability is already running pressure cooker high in the military itself, after draconian cuts from the 2010 Strategic Defence Review, and the now forecast vicious 'savings' in the 2015 SDR. The cuts to date have effectively destroyed British military capability across the Army, RAF and Royal Navy. We are now a second rate military power, incapable of a sustained major campaign against a rogue european dictator. Yet this pitiful situation comes at a time when Prime Minister Cameron would have us believe that cold war Russia has never gone away, and that Russian militay power is a threat to the whole western world. Indeed Cameron struts the world stage with his belicose propaganda about Putin, and his evil thirst for conquest and power, whilst Cameron's own Conservatives continue to slaughter British military capability. Cameron is either mad, or a puppet for those peddling an agenda which requires Britain to be undermined and disarmed. Yes treason is the word.

The UKColumn has been alone for many years repeatedly warning of subversive internal forces undermining UK national defences, of which our article 'The Franco British Council Plan to Destroy Britain's Military Capability' pressed the red alert button. The article stated for example that "The UKColumn has accurately predicted, and continually warned, of earlier steps by the 'domestic extremists of Westminster ' to betray our armed forces.....the Franco British Defence Treaty will be used to undermine UK military capability by a confusing array of French partnerships, initiatives, joint training and operations. Media propaganda will claim that we are incapable of acting alone....the Army is to be reduced to 40,000 men with a token 50 tanks.." 

Aside from the UKColumn warnings of treason by the Westminster fifth column, Breitbart is the latest news outlet to wake up with a jolt. Its 11th March 2015 headline hit the nail on the head announcing..."When our army may be cut to 50,000 the smell of treason is becoming offensive." Having named the crime however, Breitbart fails to understand how it was executed. 

Most sinister in our own research into dangerous and calculated defence cuts, was that the Franco British Council 'charity' had been used to both broker the Franco British Defence Treaty, and pre-empt the 2010 Srategic Defence Review. This dirty work was done behind closed doors with British and French political figures, arms manufacturers and senior Military Officers.

These FBC dark actors were joined by yet another man of the night....enter Dr Jonathan Eyal Director of International Security Studies at RUSI. The Royal United Services institute claims to be an independent think-tank engaged in cutting edge defence and security research. So who invited them into closed door meetings to determine Britain's defence capability, and what are their security clearances to do so, if any

Significantly UKColumn's defence sources have recently reported that RUSI suddenly appears to be running scared of penetrating questions on their defence meddling agenda. Faced with an unexpected telephone call mentioning the name of no nonsense Falklands Commander Sandy Woodward, a man deeply concerned at defence cuts, Malcolm Chalmers from RUSI quickly put the phone down. Why so shy?

Those looking for reassurance as to the Conservatives commitment to defence questioned Chairman of the Defence Select Committes 'Florence of Arabia' Rory Stewart MP. A 16 year old boy Bilderberger in a man's job, Stewart's Florence of Westminster reputation says it all. His forked tongue reply was that "faced with Russia's ambitions it would be a big mistake to fail to commit to the NATO target of 2% of the national budget on defence spending...." but Rory then limply blamed the previous Labour government for the black hole in defence spending, and praised Conservative defence cuts. Inadequate, ignorant, duplicitous, confused and a dangerous tool of his Bilderberger masters - Florence is probably all of these things. 

Raising a glimmer of light, a handful of brighter top military men in UK are finally starting to smell a rat. As they have been increasingly marginalised, and their professional defence opinion and expertise ignored, a few have observed that Westminster's dangerous defence policy is being driven by the likes of the Franco British Council and RUSI - organisations that should surely have no close access to senstive defence infomation, and which should surely have no real power to influence government policy, especially behind closed doors.

In recent days, Britain's top brass military have reeled at the additional revelation that another opaque independent global organisation NTI - the Nuclear Threat Initiative is calmly posting surprising details of Britains nuclear capability on their website. This includes such statements as "The 2010 Defense Review further reduced the maximum number of deployed warheads to forty per submarine as part of a plan to limit the UK's operational nuclear weapons to 120 by the mid-2020s." In British military operations there is little so carefully protected as details of the nuclear deterrent capability, so how is NTI able to print this detail. Perhaps the source could be the recently disgraced Chairman of the Intelligence and Defence Select Committe Conservative guru Malcolm Rifkind MP. Rifkind sits on the NTI Board of Directors alongside Russians, Chinese, US, UAE, Pakistani, Israeli and other nationalities. Their backgrounds cover everything from the UN, defence, nuclear weapons, foreign affairs and law to banking. But don't worry, they apparently all have the best interests of the British at heart. Most bizarrely Rifkind also rubs NTI shoulders with actor Michael Douglas. Yes really. Clearly a man with enormous knowledge of nuclear weapons and proliferation matters. To be fair, former Labour Cabinet Minister for Education and Science Shirley Williams is also there as a token woman, so at least the female socialists are not excluded by the male right wing capitalists.

But what is this motley cabal really up to? According to NTI "We all face the very real possibility of the world’s most deadly weapons falling into dangerous hands. As an independent yet trusted partner, NTI has been able to push the envelope of traditional thinking within global bureaucracies and expert communities and stimulate new ways to address threats from weapons of mass destruction." Connected with governments, agencies, politics, big business, big money and some - NTI claims it is 'independent and trusted.' Really?

Buried in their text is the real truth..."NTI emphasizes leverage. It’s not just what NTI can do throughout the world. It’s what we can persuade others to do." So in reality NTI is a pressure group operating behind closed doors, which is able to 'influence' Rifkind the former head of the British Intelligence and Defence Select Committee, and others. Influence to do what? If the evidence shows that Britain's military capability is being destroyed piecemeal, and the military men tasked with defending this nation are sidelined (as they clearly are), then there is surely as case to ask just who is driving defence policy and decisions. Is Secretary of Defence Michael Fallon making the decisons? Is it Bilderberger Rory Stewart MP? Or is it Malcolm Rifkind MP? Or is it the case that decisions are now being made by organisations which are unaccountable to parliament, the military leadership and the public? The Franco British Council, RUSI and NTI, or even Rory Stewart's Bilderberg friends, as just one small example. Who is Malcolm Chalmers of RUSI and who pays him, and for what purpose? Perhaps it is time that those charged with defending the nation should get out of their comfortable Whitehall chairs and start asking. Whilst they still have jobs that is.

Finally as the rank smell of treason drifts through No10 and Westminster, we might wonder at recent reports that Cameron has asked for Military Police protection. We also understand that the redcaps are to be augmented by specially trained Royal Navy peronnel. If true and its seems to be, it would appear that Prime Minister David Cameron is running scared of something. Treason plain and simple, or has he also been naughty in his dealings with President Putin and Russia?

Time will tell.