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Soros Shill Saakashvili In Washington For Pay-Off Talks

by | Tuesday, 31st January 2012
Georgian President and George Soros placeman Mikheil Saakashvili arrived in Washington yesterday to learn what his pay-off will be for his support in attacking Iran and the continuing interference in Russian internal affairs.

President Obama heaped praise on the Soros frontman, and said that he would explore the possibility of a free trade agreement between the US and Georgia. Left unsaid, at least in public, was the rider: only if Saakashvili continues to be a good boy with regard to Iran and Russia.

Georgia has been going from strength to strength since the Soros backed Rose Revolution in 2003. Until the 2008 war with Russia over South Ossetia, so much money was being pumped into Georgia that its economy was growing by 10% per year. While that has come back a little, their economy still grew by 8.7% last year.

Saakashvili, in the meantime, has used that money to establish hos own little dictatorship. He has vastly expanded his domestic police force. Georgia is now fourth in the world for the number of citizens in prison. In 2004, he changed the country's constitution transferring power directly to himself. Then last year he made further changes which will transfer most of these powers into the hands of the presently non-existent position of Prime Minister by 2013; a position he undoubtedly intends to fill.

All this is, of course, dependent on the continued support of George Soros, the man who put Saakashvili in power in the first place, and who has used him for Soros' continuing efforts to pull off a coloured revolution in Russia.

That support has so far seen Georgia recognised as an independent state by the EU, and its welcoming into the World Trade Organisation club. So-called free trade agreements with the US, and the possible invitation to join NATO, would be another massive boost to the money flows into the country, and so Saakashvili continues to pimp himself and his nation to the highest bidder.

Georgia occupies a critical position in the Caucasus. Russia is the ultimate target, Iran is the fuse, and Saakashvili is a key puppet in the play.

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