Soros Behind Russian Protests

Perhaps unsurprisingly, George Soros has been identified by US journalist Wayne Madsen as financing the anti-Putin protests in Russia via Georgia.

Madsen's article on the Veterans Today website cites an unnamed eastern European intelligence source, who has stated that money earmarked for AIDS prevention in Georgia has been diverted to Russian opposition groups.

He points out that on the 10th December last year, US Ambassador to Georgia John Bass attended a World AIDS Day event in Tblisi, along with the Dutch wife of (possibly insane) Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. Georgia's First Lady is a long time associate of Soros since her days at Columbia University. Soros also funds her SOCO Foundation, which "champions" women's reproductive rights. (It should also be remembered that Saakashvili himself has Soros to thank for sponsoring the "Rose Revolution" which put him in the Presidency.)

Madsen also reports that in March last year, Soros, CIA and MI6 money was also used to sponsor a conference in Georgia entitled "Hidden Nations, Enduring Crimes: The Circassians and the People of the North Caucasus Between Past and Future". It seems that money is being funnelled into sessassionist groups in Russia, including Circassians, Chechens, Ingushetians, Balkars, Kabardins, Abaza, Tatars, Talysh, and Kumyks.

Soros' involvement was alluded to in a recent interview with Putin on RT, where he described foreign money being used to interfere with the Russian election process as unacceptable, although Putin did not name Soros directly. 

This use of Georgia to interfere in the internal affairs of Putin's Russia is not new, of course. It is a continuation of the policy which led to the conflict between Russia and Georgia over South Assetia in 2008. In May of that year, three months before hostilities broke out, Saakashvili stated, "we [Georgia] are the fighting ground for a new world war."