Scouting for Common Purpose - Part 2

In part 3 of my One World Governance series of articles I posed the question:- Could Common Purpose, and its graduates, be acting as 'stealth agents' of the United Nations?

With the recent report of Scouts helping Police man speed traps, and my previous research revealing that both the Scouts and Warwickshire Police employ senior officers who themselves are Common purpose graduates, I thought readers might also be interested in the unreported connections between this road safety initiative and the United Nations.

What the MSM, itself also secretly populated by Common Purpose graduates, failed to disclose in its reporting was that this initiative flows from the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 - 2020. You can download a .pdf version of the report here.

Additional research also reveals that United Nations resolution (A64/255) which calls upon member states to implement road safety activities particularly in the areas of 'road user behaviour and road safety'. On Page 4 of the document, under the sub-heading 'Initiatives that work' it states:

Effective interventions include...promoting public transport, effective speed management by Police...and the use of traffic calming measures and setting and enforcing laws requiring the use of seat belts and child restraints'. It then adds that 'Public awareness campaigns also play an important role in supporting the enforcement of legislative measures, by increasing the awareness of risks and of the penalties associated with breaking the law.

On page 9 the document tells us who might be involved in these public awareness campaigns when it states that 'Non governmental organisations, Civil Society, and the private sector should be included in the development and implementation of national and international activities towards meeting the Decade's goals'.

Interestingly, the Scout Association is the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) recognised Scouting Association in the United Kingdom. Examination of the online report World Scouting & the United Nations (Relations, Partnerships & Initiatives) - A Guide For National Scout Organisations informs us that

In 1947, the World Organisation for the Scout Movement (WOSM), along with only 41 other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) was granted consultative status to the United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC). Today there are 2531 NGO's with ECOSOC consultative status, but only 134 with General Consultative status, one of which is WOSM.

If your child is involved in scouting we would recommend that you download and read the full report. Of course British motorists, who have been treated as cash cows by successive governments, have no voice at any meetings of the United Nations.

Whilst we are fully supportive of children being taught about road safety in the classroom we have grave concerns about children being used to 'man speed traps and lecture offending drivers'.

The British public have already been subjected to the sick propaganda of the Environmental extremists in the 10:10 exploding children mini-documentary and some parents might be curious to learn more of recent School role playing initiatives such as I'm only 11 and I'm a pretend alcoholic. With both the Climate Change and Alcohol Harm Reduction Campaigns also having direct links to the UN, and its agencies, it is becoming increasingly difficult not to believe that our children are being deliberately indoctrinated and politicised by this foreign power via its stealth agents.

This week the schools inspection body in Wales (ESTYN) reported that 'when pupils transfer from primary to secondary, around 40% of them have a reading age that is lower than their actual age'.

This suggests to us that parents of primary school children should be asking serious questions of their local Education Authorities whilst also taking a much closer direct look at the content of all lessons currently being taught in their children's schools.