To Reduce Carbon, You Will Be Killed

Kyoto is dead. Copenhagen has fizzled into nothingness. if you read the comments people are posting on the maintream media websites when they publish "climate change" articles, it's clear that Cancun will go the same way.

No-one believes in Global Warming anymore, which, I guess, is why the Bilderberg Group wants to begin pushing "Global Cooling," and why we are encouraged to call it "Global Climate Discruption," from now on.

So I've been wondering for some time now, how would the green lobby respond?

Would they ramp up a massive advertising campaign? Would they strike back with some fantastic new scientific "evidence?"

Well, no, actually.

They have responded by threatening to blow up anyone who disagrees with them.

10:10, an organisation that describes itself as "a movement of people, schools, businesses and organisations cutting their carbon by 10% in a year," was forced to apologise for the release of a video which possibly describes its true agenda.

The video, entitled "No Pressure," was written by Blackadder writer Richard Curtis, who thought its content was "funny."

It shows a series of vignettes. The first depicts a teacher explaining to her school children the necessity to cut carbon by 10%. The second depicts a manager discussing carbon reduction with his workforce. The third depicts Tottenham Hotspur players discussing what they have done with an ex-player. In each case the listeners are asked to identify whether or not they agree. Anyone who disagrees is blown up at the touch of a button, covering the others in gore. How appropriate.

The video was partially paid for by the government.

The 10:10 Campaign is supported by (among others):

  • The Ashden Trust
  • ActionAid (mostly funded by the government)
  • The Carbon Trust
  • The Energy Saving Trust
  • Campaign for greener healthcare
  • Olswang (solicitors)
  • O2
  • Sony
  • Kyocera
  • The Guardian (their ‘media partner’)

We leave it up to you to decide whether these organsations should be boycotted.

10:10's apology said

many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn’t ... As a result of these concerns we’ve taken it off our website. We won’t be making any attempt to censor or remove other versions currently in circulation on the internet.

Why not?

Its All About The Children

10:10 is not the only organisation that has enjoyed using imagery of death to promote their agenda. In 2009, ACT-Responsible used this poster, for an exhibition of "the best social and environmental ads" at Cannes. The killing of children, featured in both the 10:10 video and in this poster, seems particularly disgusting.


Let's look again at what 10:10 is: "a movement of people, schools, businesses and organisations cutting their carbon by 10% in a year."

What is this "carbon" they speak of?

Is it Carbon Dioxide?

Or is it humanity - the carbon based lifeform the climate change lobby blames for the planet's ills? Or maybe it's just the badgers?