Robert Green Convicted In Court With No Jury

On Tuesday, 24th January in Stonehaven Court, Scotland, Robert Green was found guilty of Breach of the Peace, and breaking some of his bail conditions. Three other charges were dropped. 

Barely reported in the mainstream press, this man has been found guilty of ‘crimes’ for daring to expose the facts concerning the rape and abuse of Hollie Greig at the hands of senior members of the Scottish establishment. Even before the latest 6 day hearing, the Scottish ‘justice’ system had spent over £500,000 trying to shut Robert up.

Far from helping him to investigate the abuses and bring forward evidence already existing, Robert was subjected to a clear collaborative campaign by the Scottish State system. The criminal conspiracy reaches to the very top of Scotland’s government and following the case it now makes Scotland the paedophile capital of the world. Do as you like and the state will protect you.

Reports from the public who were present state:

Robert Green did not receive a fair trial. There was no jury and he was denied key witnesses for the defence. Dame Elish Angiolini was clearly too important in the elite system to appear despite the fact that the failure to bring abusers to account occurred under her hand. Presiding Sheriff Principal Bowen simply accepted an objection by the Prosecution that she was irrelevant to the case. Robert had already been denied the Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan as a witness for the defence, despite unanimous support for his citation by all his legal representatives, past and present.

On taking the witness stand, therefore, Robert asked if he could make a statement on the record, but was refused by the Sheriff. Answering his Counsel’s questions with his customary eloquence and clarity, Robert stressed that his main object throughout the activity which had offended a few people in Scotland was to secure an investigation of Hollie’s allegations. He was able to quote from Dr Eva Harding’s letter in which Sylvia Major is named as an abuser and stated that this individual was sitting in the court.

Throughout Mr Lamb’s cross-examination Robert reiterated his belief that he was acting in the public interest in attempting to protect vulnerable citizens. He explained that he had tried every possible avenue prior to taking the action which had given rise to his being prosecuted, and that Anne Greig had also been directing her concerns through the normal legal channels since 2000. By the time of his arrest therefore, 10 years had passed during which time the authorities had obstructed every attempt to secure justice.

Robert also continued to stress that his efforts were designed to instigate an OPEN, INDEPENDENT INQUIRY into all aspects of Hollie’s case, including the abduction of Anne and the highly suspicious death of Robert Greig.

In the final afternoon session both sides summed up and Mr Lamb skillfully had Robert acquitted of 3 of the 5 charges against him. However the Sheriff ruled that in his opinion Robert was guilty of Breach of the Peace and of breaking some of his bail conditions.

Sentencing has been deferred until Friday 17th February, until which time the bail conditions on Robert remain in force.