More now known about vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS)

This article first appeared in German and is translated with the author's permission.


I have been warning readers at of the toxicity of SARS–CoV–2 "vaccines" since late 2020, and have recently also been warning about vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS). Now, sadly, my warnings have been borne out.

To recap, well-founded scientific opinion is that in Germany, Covid injections have already killed around 100,000 people. They damage their recipients by the following mechanisms:

  1. Acute anaphylactic shock as an allergic reaction to extracellular modRNA (modified RNA) after injection of burst lipid nanoparticles. LNPs are the fat capsules that the producers of modRNA injections use to transfect cells with modRNA. This shock is a rare effect.
  2. Acute immunological destruction of endothelial (blood vessel lining) and parenchymal (organ-functioning) cells by the expressed spike protein, causing organ damage such as myocarditis, heart disease, kidney disease or brain damage. Compared with the rate for other vaccines, this effect occurs extremely frequently (one in 2,000 or greater).
  3. Inherent toxicity to organs of the spike antigen. This effect occurs frequently.
  4. Chronic autoimmune diseases caused by cross-reactivity of the recipient's own antigens against injected antigens, or by antigen-independent autoimmune reaction (see below). This effect occurs frequently.
  5. Chronic weakening of immune response: this is vaccine-associated enhanced viral disease (VAED), which I have been drawing attention to since summer 2021. Lay observers—justifiably—describe this sapping of the immune system by the "vaccination" as vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS).

This article will cover the last two points above. Why are these two points so important? Because they explain such a broad spectrum of illnesses suffered by the vaccinated, as observed in populations with high uptake. Not only do the vaccinated demonstrate greatly heightened excess mortality from the start of the vaccination campaign onwards, but they are also much sicker than the unvaccinated. German national health insurance (GKV) has reported that since the start of the vaccination campaign, the sickness rate has risen from 4.5% to nearly 7%. A new study by Uversky et al. has enhanced our knowledge of VAED/VAIDS in SARS–CoV–2 "vaccination".


What causes VAIDS

Covid "vaccination" is the administration of temporary gene therapy by forcing the body's cells, transfected with nucleic acids, to produce the SARS–CoV–2 virus' spike antigen as a protein fragment. Where it is modRNA substances that are injected (this is the case with Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna), B cells producing the antigen will linger in the lymph nodes for months (whereas the other types of cells that do so will, at least in the case of the first two doses, all have been destroyed by the immune system within two weeks of injection). This is because it is a physiological impossibility for modRNA to be broken down inside the body's cells.

The amount of spike production by the body is uncontrollable, because in a substantial portion of the individual doses, only a small fraction of the lipid nanoparticles are unburst, and they vary dramatically in their transfection effectiveness. The reason for this is that there is no way of scaling up the production of these particles without loss of quality. That production deficiency alone ought legally to have prohibited the approval of the "vaccines", because their production violates the norms of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Had all doses of the products remained intact, the consequences of the vaccination campaign would have been a great deal more calamitous than we have actually witnessed.

Moreover, there are great differences between individuals in transfection effectiveness, due to the varying manner of administration (intramuscular versus intravenous injection) and genetic and other personal factors (age; health of immune system), which affect susceptibility. In addition to this, it is likely that third and subsequent injections cause longer production of the spike antigen, since the immune defence against the cells which express it is tailing off by then. This could allow the spike antigen to inflict its inherent toxic effect—which is independent of the state of the individual's immune system—for longer (see point 3 above).


The findings

In their study, Uversky et al. demonstrate first that repeated "vaccination", particularly with modRNA gene therapy, causes an excess in the number of non-neutralising IgG antibodies of subtype 4 (IgG4), which hampers the neutralising of the spike antigen by humoral and cell-mediated immunity because they prevent neutralising antibodies or T-cell receptors from binding. The immune system becomes less responsive to the antigen (whether naturally occurring on the surface of SARS–CoV–2 viruses or artificially induced by the "vaccines"); it is less able to mop up the antigen. Consequently, the vaccinated more readily develop a SARS–CoV–2 infection than the unvaccinated—as we observe in practice and as described in the papers referenced in footnotes 139, 140 and 141 of Uversky et al.'s studyThis is ADE—antibody-dependent enhancement of infection—as I and Doctors for Covid Ethics have been warning of since spring 2021.

Second, the immunising gene therapy brings about a temporary suppression of non-specific innate signal transduction via interferons. This is a distinct form of immune suppression which heightens susceptibility to all latent or new pathogens, just as in AIDS. It allows the vaccinated to succumb more easily to all manner of germs. Coupled with the first effect, this can lead to pathogen persistence in the organism and repeated bouts of illness.

Third, the vaccination causes autoimmune diseases (Iain Davis, writing for UK Column, was on to this in summer 2021). Whether this occurs by way of cross-reactivity is not yet known. The key mechanism for it appears to be the stimulation of antibody-inducing T-cells of type CD4 that attack the body's own proteins. This is a highly convoluted process in which, owing to the high dose of antigens by "vaccination", T-cell receptors arise by the paratope formation that is provided for by the T-cells' own genetic diversity, and these attack the recipient's body. This gives rise to complex disease patterns such as Lupus erythematodes, in which the patient's immune system destroys her own body.

Fourth, the multiple immunosuppressive effects of the vaccine, and of the spike antigen produced by the gene therapy, can even cause cancer, which explains the drastic rise in many types of cancer since the vaccination campaign began.

All told, it has now been proven in medicine and in cell biology that the "vaccinations" are causing VAED and VAIDS. They are not vaccinations at all. They are poisons and have no prophylactic effect upon SARS–CoV–2 infection; on the contrary, they exacerbate it, kill people, cause irreversible organ damage and and leave countless people chronically sick.


The role of regulators who are meant to protect our health

The regulators of the European Medicines Agency, the Robert Koch Institute, the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the RKI's Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko, equivalent to Britain's JCVI) are supposed to be protecting our health; that is their statutory duty and their raison d'être. Yet they all knew that the nucleic acid "vaccines" are toxic and without effect, for they held the approval documentation. They approved and endorsed the products regardless. Approval has not been revoked to this day: the "vaccinations" continue to be recommended even though it has been evident since late March 2021 that they are poisons, as I demonstrated at that time using the CDC's VAERS data.

In fact, the producers' pipelines are full of more modRNA-based "vaccines", all of which will be toxic if they are immunogenic—which tends to be the case, else they would never get past Phase I of development. For, quite apart from point 3 above (the inherent toxicity of the antigen), they trigger indiscriminately all the mechanisms described at the head of this article. How long will such mass-poisoning substances continue to be refined, and to be approved by those charged with protecting our health? The US National Institute of Health is already, in Orwellian fashion, proudly announcing the commencement of Phase I trials to obtain a modRNA "vaccine" against influenza.


Article image: IgG antibody, | licence CC BY 2.0