More Israeli False Flag Terrorism?

The Israeli Ambassador in Bangkok admitted yesterday that the bombs discovered in Bangkok were similar to those used in the recent attacks in India and Georgia.

The targets of the Bangkok bombs is not clear, but Israel is taking as much political mileage from it as they can. "We can assume from the other experiences that we were the target," said Itzhak Shoham, Israel's ambassador to Thailand.

Speaking about the bombs, Shoham said, "they are similar to the ones used in Delhi and in Tbilisi. From that we can assume that there is the same network of terror."

The Israeli government was quick to blame Iran for the attacks, particularly in light of the wounded "Iranian" bomber who blew his own legs off during the attack.

He, and another "Iranian" arrested by Thai police yesterday have allegedly confessed to targetting Israeli interests.

Yet again, the bombs were built around C-4 explosive with a magnetic component for attaching the bomb to the target.

This is the same style of "sticky bomb" exposed by NBC last week as the key tool of a new MEK cell, recruited and operated by Mossad for operations within Iran, including the recent spate of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists.

The NBC report was confirmed by US government sources, so the question is, has Mossad expanded the remit of this group to attack its own citizens abroad to create the support it needs for an attack on Iran?