Michael Meacher Granted Bilderberg Parliamentary Question

When Michael Meacher spoke to us outside the Bilderberg Conference last Thursday, he said he would be asking an urgent question in the House on the issue of the Bilderberg Conference. Today, the Speaker granted that request.

The Speaker called Ken Clarke to the Commons to answer Michael Meacher's question, with Ed Balls representing the "Opposition", both of whom were attendees at last week's Bilderberg Conference.

Michael Meacher was granted the right to ask a question regarding the effect decisions made at Bilderberg would have on government policy. Unsurprisingly Clarke arrogantly dismissed Meacher's question, suggesting that if he 'finds something deeply disturbing abut this, might I suggest he finds a different group of people to exchange tweets with'.

Michael Meacher is the only MP who appeared outside the Bilderberg Conference in order to criticise it over the four days that it lasted. The only other politician who attended for this purpose was UKIP MEP Gerard Batten.

On the other hand, Ken Clarke, Minister Without Portfolio and member of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee; George Osborne, Chancellor Of The Exchequer and Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor Of The Exchequer all attended the full conference. David Cameron was invited for a special session on Friday, but the purpose of that meeting is being kept absolutely secret.

Speaking to journalists including the UK Column on the grounds of the Grove Hotel last Thursday, Meacher was refreshingly outspoken on just about every aspect of the Conference. He criticised the fact that serving MPs were being actively lobbied by global bankers and industrialists in a private setting, with no possibility for Parliamentary oversight or public transparency.