Lies, Damned Lies & Scottish Justice

Robert Green, the man who was brave enough to speak out about the horrific paedophile rapes of Hollie Greig, the most probable murder of her uncle Robert Greig to “shut him up”, and the sickening wall of silence by the Scottish establishment, has been arrested. We believe the charge is Breach of the Peace.

We understand Robert is in court today Monday 15 Feb 2010 – not an Aberdeen Court as might be expected, but Stonehaven Court, south of Aberdeen. Staff in Aberdeen Court admitted the handling of Robert Green is most unusual. A judicial scam?

The whole thing stinks of a cover-up using the 'law' to threaten and imprison a man fighting for the truth about the terrible abuse of Hollie Greig. We also understand that law firm Levy & McRae (who have and are still threatening the UKColumn) are the Legal Advisers to every mainstream newspaper in Scotland with the one exception of "The Scotsman”. It is also of interest to the public that Mr Peter Watson, head of litigation Levy & McRae boasts an interesting CV which includes Dunblane.

Picking up on the Hollie Greig abuse scandal, the highly regarded Scottish Law Reporter states the following

[Scottish] Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is linked to Lord Advocate’s choice of lawyers. Amazingly, it can now be revealed the Scottish Government’s current Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill has long standing ties to Levy & McRae, the same law firm used by the Lord Advocate to threaten media publication of the Hollie Greig case. Mr MacAskill is now known to have served his apprenticeship at Levy & McRae and also worked at the firm for a considerable time during his years as a solicitor.

Levy & McRae sent out legal threats to websites, newspapers, & online forums. Mr MacAskill could not be contacted for any comment on developments in the case, and officials said he would not answer any questions over his previous involvement with Levy & McRae. However, several MSPs alerted to the fact the Lord Advocate has used the same firm which once employed the Justice Secretary himself, have now vowed to investigate the goings on in the Hollie Greig case. An aide to an MSP today said there may well be a problem for the Justice Secretary since the Lord Advocate has used his old law firm, throwing up the question of conflict of interest and whether the intervention against the media by Levy & McRae “may have implied Scottish Government support for the law firm’s work on behalf of the Lord Advocate.


Levy & McRae were abusive and threatening in their calls to the UKColumn and they have sent a number of communications alleging that they act on behalf of the Scottish Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini. Levy & McRae refuse to state whether they act for Mrs Agiolini in her official position and capacity, or her capacity as a private individual. Normally reliable sources close to the Scottish Government allege that Angiolini has been using Scottish taxpayers money to pay Levy & McRae – including legal threats to Google over their exposure of the Hollie Greig paedophile abuse. Levy & McRae’s actions are further compounded by their recent reference to Sheriff Buchanan. who was named by Robert Green in his public statement. It is not clear if Levy & McRae are also acting for Buchanan.

The UKColumn considers that it is in the overwhelming interest to publish the letters we have received from Levy & McRae, together with our replies. The general public must be aware of not only the details of the Hollie Greig paedophile case, but also the legal wheeling and dealing being used to silence press and media. With what objective? To prevent the truth of paedophile abuse of children being exposed? What have these people got to hide?

Since Ms Angiolini is in charge of criminal prosecutions in Scotland, it appears that she can now prosecute those who dare to question her position and role in handling paedophile cases. Such a situation is not just unhealthy it is close to a soviet style dictatorship, which threatens the safety and welfare of every man, woman and child in Scotland.


Deeper research reveals other strange facts in the Hollie Greig abuse scandal. Colin McKerracher, the Chief Constable of Grampian Police – the force which failed to investigate Hollie Greig’s abuse, but can arrest Robert Greig for speaking out – is Chairman of the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee NESCPC. He is the main signatory of NESCPC’s 2008 – 2009 business plan

The mission of NESCPC is:

that the core business of the NESCPC continues to be about 'child protection' as opposed to the wider 'protecting children' agenda but that there should be links with other agendas such as Getting it Right for Every Child. 'Child Protection' is the recognition of, and response to, concerns that a child or young person is suffering or likely to suffer from significant harm.

Child protection is a big thing for Mr McKerracher it seems unless the child concerned is Hollie Greig. Or is there another interest by Grampian Police?

NESCPC budgeted for an expenditure of £276,146 in their business plan. The very mention of children, money and business plans makes UKColumn staff uneasy.

UK Wide?

Interestingly enough, against the background of the Hollie Greig paedophile abuse case, Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday 14 Feb 2010, reported on homosexual pornography and politics in his article ”Loathe Gordon? Wait till this lot get into power.” (Scroll two thirds down the page.)

Hitchens wrote…

How long can David Cameron’s bodyguard of media toadies continue to protect the Tory Party from the criticism it so richly deserves? ... But my favourite bit is the claim that the local party computer crashed because it was overloaded with homosexual pornography. Not exactly the party of the people, is it? And if you loathe Gordon Brown, then just imagine what this lot will be like after a couple of years in government, if they can’t even get a grip on themselves in opposition.

Well revealed Mr. Hitchens, and just to keep the pot boiling, the UKColumn wrote an article in October 2007, which we will reprint on the website soon, exposing links between the website of Francis Maude MP, then Tory Chairman, and homosexual porn sites.

Mindful that perverts appear in pin striped suits, and returning to the case of Hollie Greig, we can ask one simple question. How is it that Hollie’s paedophile abuse case was never fully investigated by Grampian Police and never pressed by Angiolini’s office, yet the same authorities can arrest Robert Green for daring to speak out? Is the Scottish elite frightened of something? You bet.

But the truth is emerging fast on a can of worms that may yet claim scalps in very high places and in very big law firms.

As the Hollie Greig paedophile abuse case grows we are seeing the true state of our political and judicial elite - in Scotland and in England. Please keep doing all you can to spread the word. Publicity and understanding by the wider general public is key to exposing these sick individuals.