By Jove Watch Out For Gove His Lips Are Moving

Suited and well turned out for his latest missive on the failings of the Justice System, Gove now states that.."The "creaking and outdated" justice system in England and Wales is failing society's poorest..."

The old adage is that when a politician's lips are moving then he or she is likely to be telling lies.  Enter the new Lord Chancellor Michael Gove, friend of Israel and publicly declared Zionist. We will assume that his first loyalty is to the British people. Fresh from delivering immensely successful changes to education (not), he is now to reform and update the 'creaking two tier' legal system.

His lips start moving..... "I want to be absolutely certain that traditional British liberties are safeguarded and enhanced and in order to get that right, we need to think hard, we need to talk openly and then legislate in a considered way..."

The words are slick and finely honed. 'British liberties'...the inference is Gove is British through and through. He is one of us. 'Safeguarded and enhanced'...we are to trust Gove and the Cameron administration to look after our welfare and safety. That benevolent safeguarding is to be 'enhanced'. We should feel even safer and happier in the knowledge that such upstanding politicians as Mr Gove, nay Lord Chancellor Gove, is on the case.

Yet it was the same Mr Gove who ruled out a public induiry into claims of paedophile politicians in Westminster. As the Independent stated on 6 June 2015...

"The Education Secretary has insisted that there should not be a public inquiry into a possible cover-up of paedophile politicians in Westminster, after it emerged that more than 100 Home Office files related to historic allegations of child abuse have gone “missing”"

So not much 'talking openly' about paedophiles or the widespread accusations of child abuse there Mr Gove. 

The Independent added a further quote by Mr Gove...“I think it is important both that we analyse what has happened in the past when a different culture prevailed, but also it is really important that we ensure that those who are keeping children safe now - teachers and social workers - are supported.”

Silken words which really say...'the abuse is really all in the past...nothing to worry about now', 'it was different culture then...things have changed for the better now...' and 'we should now support the people supporting children...don't worry your little heads about the abused children themselves.'

Suited and well turned out for his latest missive on the failings of the Justice System, Gove now states that.."The "creaking and outdated" justice system in England and Wales is failing society's poorest...", and..."The best legal provision was the preserve of the wealthy, while victims of crime are "badly" let down."

So are we now to believe that when he is in charge of our overall system of justice and law, our Mr Gove has changed his spots and is rooting for the poor and the lowest victims of crime?

The clue that he has not, quickly comes from his comments on Freedom of Information. The BBC reported on 23 June 2015 that he has stated..."there had been "worrying tendency" for the courts to erode exempted areas and the case for ministers to get advice from their civil servants in a "safe space" - beyond the reach of FOI - needed to be re-asserted."

Let's think about that quote very carefully..."The Courts have been eroding exempted areas where ministers get advice from their civil servants". Politicians who are elected by us to represent and serve us are worried that courts are eroding the areas where they can receive secret advice on matters of government. 

What exempted matters would those be Mr Gove? Unlawful wars against nation states based on fabricated evidence of 'weapons of mass destruction?' Or perhaps the loss of dossiers where the government was warned that paedophiles were operating at the heart of Westminster, protected by the successive cover-ups of the Secret Services and police?

Mr Gove's lip are moving. He has no intention of talking 'openly', but he does have every intension of 'legislating in a considered way.' On the lie of 'austerity cuts', that is the lie that we are required to honour public debts on money created from nothing by fraudulent bankers (themselves above the law and protected in the very Law System over which Gove presides), Gove is now to drive home massive changes to the courts and legal system. Those changes are not good. For example the 'increased use of electronic systems' sounds reasonable but means in practice that the ordinary person is further alienated from human contact, help and advice when they most need it. Perhaps even more importantly, records can now be changed or removed without trace by a far greater number of people. Alongside electronic systems invariably comes the use of templates. 'Just fill in the boxes - don't bother with the accuracy of content.'

Sorry to be blunt but we are now seeing police, public officials and social workers lying and falsifying evidence in court. That they have been caught out, is often a function of written records kept and written records examined by diligent members of the public. Now we have courts where the public cannot even enter the building to see justice being done if they are not actively involved in a case.

Mr Gove's learned friend Lord Leveson is of course also hard at work pushing major changes to justice to improve the 'business case' and increase profit. His 'reforms' include further attacks on our vital common law and trial by jury. His lips are moving. Is he a man who can be trusted? Just months ago he came close to levering in direct State control of press and media via Common Purpose's Media Standards Trust and his own 'Leveson' inquiry. 

We should end by remembering that upstanding Home Secretary Mr Jack Straw. When his lips moved he promoted new laws to stop children in care speaking to the press and media if they were being abused.

It again took the Independent to report on 15 February 2009 that..."as of April, because of a change in legislation being introduced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, the media will no longer be able to identify those involved in cases such as the Websters. It will also be illegal for any children currently in care to speak out, even if they feel they are being maltreated."

So what sort of policians could possibly want to keep more government information secret and want to stop abused children speaking out? There can be only one answer. Very dangerous ones indeed. By jove watch out for Gove. You are also advised to lock away your children in case they get too close to politicians whose lips are moving.


Main Photo: Creative Commons Paul Clarke