Hand Over Your Children To The State - The Emerging Reality Of Child Protection

Taking a peek at matters in Scotland we can see where the child 'protection' path really leads and it does not look good. Enter East Renfrewshire Scotland Multi - Agency Summary Guidance for Practitioners & Managers concerning Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII).

The Daily Mail on the 22nd November 2014 reported the story of Ms Kidson, a mother who was accused by Hereford Social Services of trying to poison her young teenage daughter, when in fact she had just sought a medical opinion at the clinic of Dr Thierry Hertoghe based in Brussels. Her daughter had suffered from a range of ailments including constant tiredness, low blood pressure as well as muscle and joint pain, and her mother was desperate to find a cure. What loving mother wouldn't?

In March last year without any contact with Ms Kidson, police and Social Workers came to her home arrested her and took the daughter into foster care. Despite her mother being being found not guilty the daughter has still not been allowed home. 

On the surface this is yet another case of the extraordinary and uncontrolled power of Social Services and Child 'Protection' teams. Taking a peek at matters in Scotland however we can see where the child 'protection' path really leads and it does not look good. Enter East Renfrewshire Scotland Multi - Agency Summary Guidance for Practitioners & Managers concerning Fabricated or Induced Illness FII 

This dangerous little document provides "guidance and advice for practitioners across all agencies on how to respond to concerns regarding FII."

So what is FII? According to Renfrewshire it includes but is not limited to Fabrication of signs and symptoms, Fabrication and falsification of hospital documents, records and specimens, and Induction of illmess by a variety of means. Worryingly FII is simply the widely discredited Munchausen by Proxy label reinvented.  It was the Munchausen label that was used by paediatrician Sir Roy Meadows to provide erroneous and misleading evidence at the trial of Sally Clark. Found guilty of murder and imprisoned, Sally was released after 3 years but never recovered from her horrific experiences and died an alchoholic. 

Calling the police as early as possible is a top priority in the East Renfrewshire report. Yet parents may not be told of accusations against them, although they will be widely discussed in secret by a range of 'child protection' agencies from day one.  The child will be taken by 'child protection' if the agencies consider the child's life is at risk, and this already happens to thousands of children on the 'risk of emotional harm' label alone. FII gives the agents of the State yet another powerful tool to take children. Once taken, the parents face virtually insurmountable odds against the power of the Family Courts. Faced by a gang of publicly funded and State backed  Social Services, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Cafcass child guardians, legal teams as well as charities such as Barnados and NSPCC, few parents ever regain custody. 

It was this very pattern that enabled Neath Port Talbot social services to take the daughter of Linda Lewis. Desperately seeking a diagnsis and treatment for a young daughter in considerable pain, Linda was falsely accused of Muchausen by Proxy, and of intending to kill her daughter and commit suicide. Although Linda successfully obtained a correct diagnosis of Zollinger's disease (multiple perforation of the gut) at a Florida hospital, which is extremely painful, her daughter was taken from her by NPT social workers supported by an American policeman who drew his gun. The girl was flown back to UK on a false passport and put in a psychiatric unit where she was told her pain was imaginary. Although Neath Social Services later admitted that Zollinger's was the correct diagnosis the girl was never returned to her mother. Now an adult it appears that she has been deliberately turned against her mother by those false accusations of Munchausen, that she had threatened to kill her daughter and then commit suicide. 

Scotland has now proposed a named social worker for every child at birth.  Taken with the excessive and growing power of the State to take children by the current child 'safeguarding' powers, the named person scheme drives a further wedge between parents and their children. Many people will be surprised to know that English family Courts already state that parents have responsibilites but no rights concerning their children. The next step is that children are openly declared by the State to be the property of the State. Our children are part of us and are our future. If they are taken from us there is no future. It is now up to us whether we fight for our families and children or we roll over and consent to child stealing by the British State. Whilst you ponder this question you may like to read the heartbreaking letter a child wrote to a Judge calling for him to hear their cries to be healed and returned home...they never were.