The Franco British Council Plan To Destroy Britain’s Military Capability

We are to be stripped of the military power to act alone, our military command and control structures are to be weakened and confused by French ‘collaboration’ and ‘partnering’, and we are to be stripped of nuclear weapons. The security of Britain is being destroyed under the cloak of Cameron’s Franco British Defence Treaty.

The whole political infrastructure of Westminster has been subverted, with power shifted into the hands of unaccountable Quislings - individuals deranged enough to use ‘psychological brainwashing’ on the public to achieve their political aims aims. The Franco British Council (FBC), is part of this cabal, and has held secretive meetings to plan future British defence policy. The FBC, a charity, is actually funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the French Government. It was created by President Georges Pompidou and Prime Minister Edward Heath, when Britain joined the European Community.  

Working with the Royal United Services Institute, another unaccountable ‘change agent’, FBC has held three high level ‘invitation only’ meetings, to map out the integration of British and French forces. No minutes were produced. Most sickeningly of all, senior members of all three Armed Forces, have conspired behind closed doors, and in plain clothes to betray the Nation.

The 9 March 2010 FBC meeting was clearly timed to pre-empt and direct the Strategic Defence Review, as well as other British domestic policy:

The purpose of this meeting was twofold, firstly, to extend the FBC British French Defence Initiative of October 2009 ... particularly on the basis of [specific] industrial considerations linked to competitative military capabilities....and secondly, ahead of a decisive period in British politics ahead of the General Election in May 2010, and the Strategic Defence Review in the fourth quarter of the same year ... it seemed important to resume discussions before the formation of a new government and a reassessment of British strategic priorities.  

Hosted by British Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott at his Paris residence, a more recent meeting on 6 October 2010 continued the theme as a Franco-British Defence Cooperation Roundtable held behind closed doors, co-chaired by Rt Hon Baroness Taylor, former UK Minister for Defence Equipment, Senator Xavier Pintat Defence Committee in the French Senate and Dr Jonathan Eyal, director of International Security Studies at RUSI. Speakers included Gisela Stuart MP, Contre Amiral Pascal Ausser, Edward Leigh MP, Amiral Alain Coldefy, Francoise Hostalier, Kevin Taylor of BAE systems and Vice Admiral Paul Lambert RN.

Vice Admiral Paul Lambert - Cap In Hand

Just what is Admiral Paul Lambert RN doing in a political meeting, behind closed doors in France, alongside commercial interests with no minutes. Acting outside authority, acting with common purpose or collaborating? Whatever the label, there’s an unpleasant smell.

Most worryingly, the FBC is also actively working with the Cabinet Office and Sarkozy’s Private Office to develop ‘behavioural modification’ techniques to drive through political policies. We know from Westminster documents that the plan is to ‘re-frame’ the thinking of staff in government departments before unleashing wider brainwashing plans on the public. Not only do these individuals believe the fantasy that they are creating a New World Order, of which a supranational socialist Europe will form one of three world regions. Their attack on the British armed forces forms the most dangerous agenda to date, since it strips us of the ability to defend ourselves.

The UK Column has accurately predicted, and continually warned, of earlier steps by the ‘domestic extremists’ of Westminster to betray our armed forces. Assisted by concerned and well informed military sources, we can now reveal the true nature of the overall plan:

The Franco British Defence Treaty will be used to undermine UK military capability by a confusing array of French partnerships, initiatives, joint training and operations. Media propaganda will claim we are incapable of acting alone.

The Army is to be reduced to 40,000 men with a token 50 tanks. Aside from the those left to rot in Iraq, the majority of British tanks remain in Germany, unavailable for homeland defence.

Redundant military personnel, desperate for employment in a destroyed British economy, will be seduced into a 120,000 strong National Guard, whose key role will be to police Britain, and crush rebellion against the emerging Westminster / EU dictatorship.

Media reporting of growing German and Russian military capability, and associated industrial-military defence pacts, will continue to be blocked.

British troops will stay in Afganistan, weakening homeland defence. France will continue to act as a paper tiger, as seen by 50 French versus 350 UK military deaths.

The Royal Navy will remain stripped of air cover, and thus be unable to defend itself, whilst awaiting for the ‘jam tomorrow Joint Strike Fighter’, allegedly due in 2020. Ballistic missile submarines HMS Vanguard and the French ‘Le Triomphant’ have already suffered collision and damage in earlier joint operations. Sources now suggest the British nuclear submarine HMS Astute ran aground with French nationals onboard.

The RAF is already lost for a role, and its marginal fleet of fighter and ground attack aircraft will cut further. Westminster / MOD will call for the RAF to be subsumed into the Army and Navy.

Politically driven agitation will inflame partisan political infighting for funding between all three Services, thus weakening each and distracting top military leaders from their demise.

The independent British nuclear deterrent is to be scrapped under EU integrated defence plans. It will first be gradually subsumed under French military control.

Looking elsewhere, other collaboration has broken surface. No doubt to placate betrayed Service readers, Navy News blustered that First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, had “fought hard for his service, as details of the [recent] Strategic Defence Review were thrashed out.” It was therefore surprising to discover on the same page, that following the Treaty, Mr Stanhope had been collaborating in a meeting with French naval counterparts to develop joint British French military doctrine, shared training, equipment and technology, and a common supply chain. Perhaps appropriately for ‘deals done in the dark’, Stanhope’s shameful British collaboration was conducted in anonymous dark civilian lounge suits.

Why doesn’t this man have the courage to resign rather than betray those fighting and dying in the field? He might take his Army and Air Force collaborators with him.