Fishing for people for food — Can we escape? — Yes we can!

The net closes in on every man, woman and child. The fishing net is an effective hunting weapon. Simple, easily made, the net is initially not seen by the fish, and then when they eventually encounter the mesh, all escape routes are blocked. The net encircles them, traps them and ultimately allows the fish to be pulled from their living environment to be killed. 

The fishing net is an effective hunting weapon. Simple, easily made, the net is initially not seen by the fish, and then when they eventually encounter the mesh, all escape routes are blocked. The net encircles them, traps them and ultimately allows the fish to be pulled from their living environment to be killed. There are of course many different styles of net - from trawls to purse-seine, a vast net that is drawn closed like the strings of a soft money purse. In something of a record, this net has previously encircled a single shoal of over 1,000 tonnes of herring in UK waters. Some of those herring saw the net, and even felt its physical power as it it drew the shoal ever closer, but most fish did not. They were simply herded together by the pressure and fear of the other fish. Only at the last moment, as the pumps sucked them out of their closed net prison, did they perhaps realise that they had been caught.

People are often likened to sheep, and there is a lot to be said for that. We follow the herd,  as the saying goes, taking the easy route and hiding amongst each other when life becomes too difficult or scary. The wolves may be about, but hey, we are on the inside of the flock. Isn’t it nature that the weak and sickly get taken to protect the vitality and health of the main flock. We justify our disinterest....”They were slowing us down anyway....they were a’s only natural.” Do the thousands of NHS deaths ring a bell? 

But the analogy of fish is more accurate because the British public are now being drawn into an ever tighter net which is feeding a political ideology that will ultimately enslave and kill them. 

Just as with the fish, few of the public can see the mesh. Even where they do, they fail to realise the mesh is just a small part of a massive net.  If the mesh touches them it doesn’t really hurt them, as they turn away from it and seek protection in the public shoal. Only the fish that sense the danger and try and escape get hurt. They realise they haven’t got the strength to penetrate the mesh, and if they try, its immense strength physically damages them or suffocates them. So what is the net, what is the mesh and how do we escape it?

Dealing with the escape aspect first, we must realise that the best chance of escape occurs early in the ‘fishing’ process, when the net is cast and is still open. At this stage, recognising the net for what it is, most of us will be able to simply evade it with speed, agility, intelligence or wisdom, common sense or a combination of all these things. As with the shoal of fish, the population is big and ponderous, but once the individuals move and act alone, they form a chaotic and very difficult target. So escape is all about recognition of the net. 

What then, is the socio political economic net encircling us? We can begin by saying what it is not. It is not a simple single mesh net. This net, designed to catch humans, has many layers of mesh, of many different sizes and physical make-up. Here are a few we need to understand. Political correctness and the suppression of free speech is designed to stop us communicating properly and in particular spreading truth and warning of perceived dangers to us and our families. Indoctrination and propaganda also suppress free speech, but their primary job is to confuse our society. Image a school of dolphins trying to live in waters full of false dolphin whistles, singing, and cries. Our health is being weakened by junk food, vaccines, bad ‘health’ advice such as fats are bad for you, and a treadmill of work, taxes and low pay. Sickened and weakened we loose our strength, agility and mental acumen to avoid danger. Attacks on the norms of our sexuality break down the traditional family unit which is designed to protect, nurture and teach our young, so as to give them the best chances in life. Our very identity as to who we are, and what we believe in, is constantly undermined and degraded so we are not even sure what fish we are, or how to recognise the safety of our shoal. Our true leaders are ridiculed, undermined and overpowered to deny us their wisdom, courage and leadership to secure the best life and future for us. We swim increasingly aimlessly, in waters which are increasingly toxic. The net closes in, directed by ‘fishers for men’ funded by a vast criminal international banking cartel. After all, money pays for the net, pays the ‘fishers of men’ and profits increase as the human catch is marketed and sold to the highest bidder. Privatisation anyone?

But what if we are also faced with a net where the mesh is all but invisible. For fish, the fine clear mesh of the nylon net is just this. In murky waters they will not see it, only feel it. In the hunt for us, the general public, the equivalent is applied behavioural psychology. The means by which we can be mentally reframed to become blind to our entrapment or even feel happy as were slowly caught and killed. Does such a net exist? Most certainly. In the form of the government’s applied behavioural psychology or ‘nudge’ unit. Does it really work? Most certainly, as the government admits in its document ‘Mindspace’...”people may not know they have been changed, or at least they may recognise they have changed but not know how.” So effective and so successful is this fishing net that the Conservative government has sold the Labour developed technology to Australia and the USA.

But why would they want to hunt us as fish? A good question. Does the shark feel compassion? Perhaps the analogy is unfair to the shark. After all it is simply trying to feed itself. In contrast many of our politicians are overfed, egotistic deluded low empathy individuals with a dangerous inbred political agenda. They can easily be identified by their lies, obscene wealth, starvation, wars, sexual perversion and a total lack of human love and compassion. Driven by their evil and corrupt international ‘money masters’, they strive for the new world government, run by chosen future leaders. No theory, the drive for a New World Order is now openly debated on the international stage. The UN is a key piece of the emerging one world government fishing net. A single world currency will complete it. The few ordinary people who are to be spared, are to be slaves within their prison planet. Unless we slip the net, that is. Once we see it and recognise it. Salted herring anyone?