EU Marxists Penetrate Westminster

Whilst British troops die and are maimed in the wastes of Afghanistan, supposedly protecting their families and country from ‘international terrorists’, the very people who created the world wide terror programme are hollowing out democracy at home. Marxists have penetrated the EU and Westminster, and they are building a dictatorship in Britain and Europe.

Further critical evidence of marxist penetration of the European Union is emerging. A string of communist placemen, all associated with oppressive regimes are being exposed within the EU Commission. Working with well informed Russian dissidents, with access to Kremlin and KGB records, Gerard Batten UKIP MEP has recently bravely challenged the EU to remove this malign influence. His words will of course fall on deaf ears since the EU is itself a creation of Fabian Marxism. A slow creeping ideological cancer that has now spread within the western world including the UK. It is coupled to Marxists and other communists now blatantly visible within Westminster. We ignore this spread of cancer at our peril.

Whilst many still believe the EU is democratic, with a free vote in the European Parliament, the truth is that a secretive and powerful Commission drives the agenda for the creation of a massive European superstate. This body is anything but democratic. In fact the European Commission acts as an powerful secretive executive of the European Union with 27 Commissioners. It is responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the Union’s treaties and the general day-to-day running of the Union.

Only those who have lived through cold-war communism both in the Soviet Union and East Germany for example can appreciate the fear and oppression. Secret police, hidden gulag prison camps, arrests, spies, mistrust amongst neighbours, propaganda and a life of serving the State. Have you noticed the proliforation of police state regulations now blighting Britain. Not to mention the CCTV cameras, 20,000 public official snoopers, politically correct speech, Vexatious Threat Asssessment Centres where the police and psychiatrists can section people for thinking about crime, and courts with no juries. Under Fabian Blair, supported by Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dem MPs, the UK was happy to launch illegal wars, assist in torture and run a BBC propaganda programme to cover up the truth. Are these all coincidences?

In the West, we were fooled into thinking that with the fall of the Berlin Wall came the fall of communism. Nothing is further from the truth. The face of communism changed but behind the scenes the cruel communist dream of “one world government, the abolition of the nation state and their replacement by regions, was to be accompanied by the destruction of the family and the crushing of Christianity. Let’s also not forget that environmental issues were also to be more important than man.”

A great many people warned us that we were being deceived - dissidents, military and religious leaders, some politicains, researchers, authors and more. Despite their best efforts papers, reports, books and even films were overshadowed by the massive media campaign for Glasnost spewed out by the BBC and mainstream media.

To understand how our own media betrayed us, we need to look behind the scenes at who controls and pays for them. Deeper research will show it is the same bankers who have funded the rise of communism since the Bolsheviks. Unpalatable but not untrue.

Whilst many have laughed at the leadership of UKIP, and those fighting for Britain, Batten deserves recognition for sticking his neck out to name dangerous people within the EU.

The same EU that is making our laws and now claims to run our justice system. But where are Cameron and Clegg in all this. Silent and increasingly complicit in denying the truth about the EU. Their blue and yellow rinse supporters follow like lemmings. Batten states:

“Mr Barroso himself was a member of an underground revolutionary Maoist party, at the time when such parties were directed from Beijing in the same way as the Communist Parties were controlled by Moscow. He reportedly left it only in 1977, after China abandoned its worldwide subversive network. The Maoist brand of communism was the foulest of all and the Chinese Communist Party is estimated to have been responsible for the deaths of at least eighty million of their own people. [Ed - We should note here that this foul Chinese system was greately praised by the banker Rothschild as an excellent example of social control.]

Five Commissioners-designate include Communist apparatchiks: Siim Kallas, Maroš Šefcovic, Štefan Füle, Andris Piebalgs and Janez Potocnik. [More detail on these individuals is given at the end of this article] All of these men served oppressive communist regimes or were members of communist parties. Another candidate, Maria Damanaki, is the former Greek Communist Party MP. Communist parties are by their nature non-democratic, and wherever they have achieved power, oppressive.

Baroness Ashton, designated as the EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, was the Treasurer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Britain in the early 1980s and was allegedly a communist sympathiser. I recently supplied Mr Barosso with information indicating that during her time as CND’s Treasurer unidentified donations may have included money channelled from the Soviet bloc. Baroness Ashton has so far failed to give a full and clear answer to these accusations. If they are true it shows that she was prepared to accept money from Britain’s enemies to undermine the foreign and security policy of her own country and that of NATO. That being the case she can hardly be a proper person to entrust with the EU’s foreign and security policy now.

Joaquín Almunia belongs to the Marxist wing of the Socialist Workers’ Party in Spain. He was a minister in the SWP Government in 1986-1991, under Felipe Gonzalez. This Government was fanatically pro-Kremlin and enthusiastically supported the Soviet project of the creation of a ‘common European home’, it also opposed the independence of the Baltic states. As SWP leader in 2000, Almunia was personally responsible for its infamous electoral coalition with the communist-dominated ‘Izquierda Unida’ block. The candidature of László Andor is strongly objected to by many Hungarians, and others, on the grounds of his allegedly Marxist views and former closeness to the Hungarian Communist Party. One of the few real powers this Parliament has is the ability to reject the Commission. It is our duty to hold the Commission candidates accountable for their pasts. No one who worked for, collaborated with, or was in any way compromised by their association with communist regimes is fit to be a Commissioner in what at least purports to be a democratic institution. Too many questions remain unanswered. The new Commission must be composed of new people with clean records.

Some of you may recall that in April 2006 I asked for a Parliamentary enquiry into the allegations of my constituent Alexander Litvinenko, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian FSB, that a former President of the Commission, Romano Prodi, had been an agent of some kind of the KGB. This enquiry never happened and Mr Litvinenko was murdered before I could bring him to the Parliament to openly discuss his allegations.

The allegations about the communist past of some of the proposed Commissioners must not similarly be ignored. Those of you who maintain that the democratic credentials of the EU can be improved must form a consensus across the political spectrum to reject the proposed Commissioners and demand one composed of genuine democrats.

Therefore I call on all MEPs of whatever political affiliation or group membership to vote against and reject the currently proposed Commission as unfit to represent an institution that purports to be democratic.”

Encouragingly, but with little time left, other are supporting batten and the UKColumn in highlighting the deliberate destruction of democracy in UK. John Laughland mail on Sunday wrote in Feb 2000 “Why activists and communists will soon run British justice.” He stated: But it is the court in Strasburg which will sit atop this new judicial pyramid ... it is here that the threat to civil liberties is at its greatest ... since 1990 the council of europe has gone on an expansionist binge bringing in new members from nearly all of the countries in formerly Communist Eastern Europe and many from the former Soviet Union, including Russia ... consequently there now sits in Strasburg a man who worked for the Communist government of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, a woman who enforced communist law in Bulgaria under Todor Zhivkov and a man whose career began during the rule of Albania’s Enver Hoxha, the most hideous Stalinist dictatorship Europe has even seen.”

Strasburg and the European Court of Human Rights are of course supported by everybody from Jack Straw (‘forner’ communist) to that pinnacle of truth Cherie Blair (husband Chair of the Fabian Socialist movement).

Former communists (really?) in power at Westminster include Mandy Mandelson, Bob Ainsworth Milliband brothers, Reid, Hain, Treisman, Brown (helped into power by the Scottish Communists and with Charles Whelan, a former high ranking communist, his principal spin doctor). Mandelson is of course a great friend of the Rothschild banking empire that so praised the Chinese communist experiment that murdered 60 million? people.

Even Melony Phillips from the Daily Mail, has started waving a red flag of warning. On Nov 9 2009 she wrote a major article warning..”We were fools to think the fall of the Berlin Wall had killed off the far Left.They’re back and attacking us from within.” Her text states...” the republic of Euroland puts loyalty to itself higher than that to individual nations and their values. It refused to commit itself in its constitution to uphold Christianity, the foundation of western morality ... Instead it committed to moral and cultural relativism, which sets group against group and guarantees supreme and anti-democratic power to the beaurocrats setting the rules on ‘diversity’ and outlawing all dissent from pemitted attitudes.” These are fine and astute words. What a pity the Daily Mail failed to report 3,000 demonstators at Parliament demanding a referendum on the impending Lisbon Treaty - an unlawful treaty later signed by the treasonous communist Brown - the Mail instead preferred to write for 8 days on the danger of plastic bags. Credit where it’s due though - Phillips has woken up as has Peter Hitchens. Many more journalists need to as they will be the first to be silenced in a dictatorship. Try asking the dead and missing journalists and investigative reporters in the new ‘CCCP democracy’ of Russia. The impending revolution in UK will, if allowed to manifest, eat its young. That includes men, women and children, Jew, Muslim and Christian, gay, straight and bisexual alike.

We should not forget that the Marxist menace has long been gnawing at the British establishment. The cambridge spies Blunt and Co, Harold Wilson and others in his government were all extreme socialist and too close to the Soviet Union. The General Secretary of the Transport and General Worker’s Union, Jack Jones, was recently exposed as being a KGB agent. In his latter years Jones still vetted Labour candidates - we can only guess what attributes he was looking for. A young Blair?

Peter Oborne is another journalist now looking in the right place. On Saturday 2 Jan 2009 he wrote under “I spy a mystery”. “Last week, I asked Gordon Brown yet again to withdraw his effusive words of praise for trade unionist Jack Jones in the light of the revelation that Jones had been a paid Soviet agent for many years. And yet again he has refused to do so. This is mysterious and I will be looking much deeper into old labour’s connection with Soviet communism in the weeks to come.“

Are people waking up to the treason within Britain? Finally, yes. But it needs to be faster and on a massive scale, since the police state doors are closing. A word of advice for Oborne and his fellow journalists is time is short. The marxist cancer seen in Labour is now also in the Tories and Lib Dems, just as it always was in communism and fascism. Today it takes a Fabian form. Across politics, parties, third sector and civil service, it is hidden in full light of day. As such it can be destroyed, but only when the majority of people lawfully rebel to reject and destroy it. Journalists and media people have a moral and professional responsibility to assist.

  • Siim Kallas. Member of Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) 1972-1990, apparatchik in Soviet Estonia’s Finance Ministry 1975-1979; Director of the ESSR’s Central Board of the (state owned) Savings Bank 1979-1986; Deputy Editor-in.Chief of the Estonian Communist Party’s daily newpaper, Rahva Haal, 1986-1989; Chairman of the ESSR’s Central Association of Trade Unions, 1989-1991.
  • Maroš Šefcovic. Former member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, student at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), known to be a “KGB incubator”.
  • Štefan Füle. Member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia 1982-1989; a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Worked for the Foreign Ministry of communist Czechoslovakia since 1987.
  • Andris Piebalgs. Communist Party of the Soviet Union member during the late 1980s, and an official at Soviet Latvia’s Ministry of Education in 1988-1990.
  • Janez Potocnik. Formerly a mid-ranking apparatchik (Assistant Director of Institute of Economic Analysis and Development in Ljubljana) in communist Yugoslavia.