The Dark Heart of Government

Conservative Francis Maude MP is David Cameron's guardian of Tory Party transparency. Aside from the fact that the Tory Cabinet office falsified the minutes of a meeting to cover-up insider deals with political charity Common Purpose, it now appears that much darker things lurk behind Conservative transparency - especially where child-abuse is concerned. Let's enter the dark heart of UK government.

On 21st June 2015 the Sunday Mail ran a front page and two supporting pages of an exclusive interview with the National Crime Agency. The screaming headline - 'Crime Chiefs: 750,000 men Want Child Sex', led an article that stated according to statistics and evidence held by NCA, some 750,000 UK men were interested in child abuse. It also claimed 1 in 35 [men] may be a child abuser, and it added for good measure that this was all part of 'human nature.'

Keen to know more, we called the NCA to ask where we could find their source statistics and evidence. It seemed such a simple question, after all NCA and their research were the heart of Columnist and Foreign Correspondent Ian Birrell's exclusive article. The media lady was initially very polite, but surprised us with the speed of her response. In answer to our question..."where can we find the NCA statistics and evidence?"...she immediately replied.."they are readily available on line?" We asked, "where?" She became frosty and relied.."readily available on line."

We Googled '750,000 UK Men Paedophiles' then and there and no specific information came up. I explained this to her, but she became distinctly frosty and said.."you'll just have to find it yourself." A strange reply seeing that NCA had gone public in a big way on their statistics and evidence. Surely they would have easy access to their own data?

Undeterred, we called the Daily Mail and asked to speak to Mr Birrell himself. The Duty Desk Editor was initially polite and apologised that he was not in. We explained that we were trying to get the facts behind the Mail on Sunday paedophile article, and in particular the source statistics which were absent from Birrell's exclusive. The lady also became frosty and announced.."I've spoken to you before and that didn't go well...I'm not having this conversation." It seemed that the Mail was also jittery when it came to the missing statistics.

Not to worry, the helpful Daily Mail did say that CEOP, the government's own Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre would also have the statistics. We called CEOP. Oh dear, the NCA lady answered. We were surprised and she was surprised. Back in her helpful mode she explained that CEOP was part of NCA and thus.."we could find the missing information online."

The bears in US national parks are known for their persistency in hunting for backpacker's food. Not to be outdone we called Karen Bradley MP's London Office. Parliamentary Under Secretary for State and Minister for Preventing Abuse and Exploitation, Karen is the Conservative minister looking out for children. She also featured heavily in Birrell's article, clearly adding gravitas to his exclusive on UK paedophile men. Surley she would know where the statistics were?

Repeated no replies from her number left us as hungry and determined as the bears. We emailed and asked if she could provide the source statistics for the article. No reply. Oh dear.

A surprising silence really, particularly when she had stated in Birrell's article that..."we [the government] have prioritised child sexual abuse as a national threat alongside terrorism and organised crime. It is one of the greatest threats of our time." In the days of ISIS - heavy stuff!

Now feeling like a Grizzly bear with hunger pains, we emailed Birrell himself via his very smart website to ask for the source statistics. Time passed. No reply. Oh dear. Perhaps he was busy writing another new speech for Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

So we pondered. Why would it be so hard to find the source statistics for a major exposure article that at least 750,000 UK men had child abuse tendencies? Mistake? Seemed unlikely.

We also wondered why the NCA media lady was so very very quick to say the statistics were online. Surely if NCA had assembled the statistics and evidence they would be gushing with enthusiasm to share them. Yet she seemed to already know that they did not have those statistics. The statistics were buried somewhere online...

The UKColumn began to spread the word that something was wrong. We mentioned it on UKColumn News, we tweeted, we posted to the UKColumn website, we emailed and we spoke to people. We also pointed out that if the 750,000 UK men statistic was correct, there were also circa 750,000 women abusers, since the ration is roughly 50:50. A staggering total figure.

Imagine our surprise when the latest Mail on Sunday published an article by Rachel Johnson. Entitled "A female teacher 'seducing' a boy isn't just a laugh - it's cruel abuse", the lovely Rachel gushed that she was shocked to discover that child abuse what not just a 'man thing.' She also refered to the National Crime Agency statistics stating..."the National Crime Agency has just suggested, after all, that three per cent of the male poplulation are potential child abusers. That means the stain of the so called 'dark field' - the expert's sinister term to describe those with some sexual interest in children - covers around 750,000 men."

Skillfully done, Rachel had just reinforced the NCA story and added the equivalent figure in women, all based on statistics which have never been made available. 

Standing back and thinking some more, it seemed to the UKColumn team that the NCA, Birrell, Daily Mail, Karen Bradley MP and Rachel Johnson herself, had perhaps reframed and alarmed the public to believe that child abusers are all around us. In fact they had done more, by intimating that child abuse is, well...just a part of human nature. 

Since Westminster and our politicians are under more than a little pressure from accusations of child abuse amongst MPs, and even the use of the Palace of Westminster itself to carry out that abuse, we dug a bit more. Just who is Rachel Johnson we wondered?

In a couple of minutes she was known to us. According to a helpful Wikipedia, she is... "The daughter of former Conservative MEP Stanley Johnson and Charlotte Johnson Wahl, the daughter of Sire James Fawcett, a prominent barrister and President of the European Commission of Human Rights. She is also the younger sister of Boris Johnson Conservative MP, and older sister of Jo Johnson Chief of Policy for the Conservative party."

Could it be that to deflect increasing public interest away from parliamentary paedophile scandals such a Cyril Smith, Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square, Leon Brittan, Ben Fellows and accusations against Lord Janner for example, the media was being used to 'spread the dirt' and claim that..."child abuse is really all human nature and 1.5 million UK men and women are interested in it? So no worries with a few old politicians. It's all historical and well, yes, everyone is at it?

We'll leave our readers to ponder the child abuse statistics that nobody can produce and what that really means. Perhaps we can just leave you with the thought that Alison Saunders head of the CPS could protect Lord Janner from trial, but this same woman could ensure that Nottingham Beechwood child abuse victim and whistleblower Melanie Shaw, not only stood trial, but was imprisoned, and held in solitary confinement. Never mind Melanie's PTSD trauma as a result of years of abuse in the caring hands of the state, and her need for her own psychiatrist to cope with that trauma.

To understand the dark heart of the British government we need only understand the scale and viciousness of child abuse and the abusers in power. Oh, and those who seek to cover it up.