Why do experts from some organizations agree that there are no health risks?

Mona Nilsson is a former free-lance journalist and author of two books on mobile phone health risks (in Swedish). Apart from documenting scientific findings and how people are harmed by the radiation, she has also explored the telecommunications industry’s influence on various international and governmental agencies’ attitude to health risks and the corruption of science.

She is co-author, together with epidemiologist Dr Lennart Hardell et al., in 2021, of a critical review of the current limits for maximum allowed exposure from ICNIRP. ICNIRP’s limits are supported by the WHO and the EU and many countries around the world but are severely insufficient for protection against known health risks.

In 2012 she co-founded the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Foundation informs the public about health and environmental risks from exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation from modern wireless technologies and provides advice on prevention. It works for better protection from harmful radiation for the public and the environment in general. The Foundation’s work is science-based. Mona has a BSc degree from Uppsala University.