UK Column News - 9th December 2022

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Full Fact rides to the defence of the MHRA over PMQ; media clear out the damaged goods (Hancock)

00:29 British Medical Association: NHS backlog data analysis

Mike Robinson analysis: The backlog was growing for years before Covid but the situation now is extremely dangerous—statistical graphics shown on screen—the main problem seems to be healthcare staff availability

03:43 Andrew Bridgen at Prime Minister's Question Time

Given that mRNA vaccines are not recommended for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding, will the Prime Minister overturn the Big Pharma-funded MHRA's recent decision that these experimental vaccines are administered to children as young as six months of age?

Leicester Mercury: Bridgen asked to apologise over Covid vaccine claims

Full Fact: Bridgen wrong to say Covid–19 mRNA vaccines aren't recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding

Mike Robinson commentary: Full Fact was oddly silent about Bridgen's previous sentence about Covid vaccines having caused more adverse reactions than all other vaccines in history and offers neither proof nor disproof

Patrick Henningsen commentary: Complete gaslighting by Big Pharma-funded Full Fact, whose job is the centralising of censorship

07:12 Office for National StatisticsUK data on miscarriages and stillbirths (Freedom of Information reply)

Mike Robinson commentary: National miscarriage statistics are not routinely collected and published, so how can anybody state categorically that Covid vaccines have had no effect on the level of miscarriages?

Patrick Henningsen commentary: Isn't infant mortality one of the key measures used to assess a country's development level?

08:55 Clip—Good Morning Britain: Matt Hancock interview becomes an unprecedented pile-in by the whole panel: "I thought at the time he was laughing [about Covid jab rollout], not crying"


USA: New Congress cancels Big Pharma's biggest cash cow, the military vaccine mandate

13:45 21st Century Wire: USA lifts some jab mandates for soldiers

Rep. Thomas Massie tweet:

The military COVID vaccine mandate will end!

Rep. Chip Roy tweet:

The Freedom Caucus has been fighting to end vax mandates for two years

17:38 Clip: Dr. Naomi Wolf Confronts Yale For Crimes Against Students

Patrick Henningsen commentary: College campuses are the second US battlefront of jab liberty, besides the military—British jab-freedom MPs should take a leaf out of Naomi Wolf's book and press the legal issues

21:45 Male fertility “spermageddon”: our whole species functionally infertile by 2050?

21st Century Wire article

National Pulse article

24:52 AP News: China begins implementing relaxed Covid–19 measures

Patrick Henningsen analysis: Chinese lockdowns persist but are time-bound and targeted; all the restrictions are still there

26:49 Announcements 

UK Column Shop

Doctors for Covid Ethics: another UK Column-hosted symposium on Saturday


Stoppez la panique! Reining in the masses—Oxford, Switzerland, France

27:55 Trailer clip: David Fleming (Covid–19 Assembly, Not Our Future)—How to get people talking calmly about the threats

34:22 Oxford Mail: 15-minute neighbourhoods plan

35:42 21st Century Wire: Switzerland Considers Electric Vehicle Ban To Avoid Blackouts

36:45 Breitbart News: Macron called for an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to potential power cuts

Breitbart London tweet: Macron admits energy rationing is likely

Patrick Henningsen analysis: Macron's last vestiges of mandate have dissipated


Merkel admits Minsk 2014–15 peace accord was a time-buying feint; criticism of Ukrainian extremism still very tightly policed online

38:27 RT: Merkel has admitted deception over Minsk peace deal (in an interview with Zeit magazine)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova's reaction:

This testimony directly stated that everything done in 2014 and 2015 had one goal: to divert the view of the world community from real problems, to play for time, to pump up the Kiev régime with weapons, and lead the matter to a big conflict. It is legitimate evidence of foul play to submit to the International War Crimes Tribunal [set up by Russia].

Vanessa Beeley analysis: Given that this is a German admission, and specifically a Merkel admission, the timing suggests a desire for rapprochement with Russia

43:23 Volodymyr Zelensky is officially the Time Person of the Year, with the Spirit of Ukraine the official co-beneficiary of the accolade

Patrick Henningsen analysis: Why is the famed British war zone doctor David Nott on the Time cover with the Taupe T-shirted One?

44:31 Background—Royal School of Medicine: Dr David Nott in conversation

Clip: Syria Relief—Dr Nott doing his thing in the last war zone

Patrick Henningsen commentary: The trouble with Dr Nott's medical heroism is that he only operates on NATO's allies, not on its victims

Daily Mail: Dr Nott ‘hell beyond hell’—Syria snipers target unborn children

Vanessa Beeley commentary: Dr Nott has a long and questionable media track record—his main feat, a decade ago, was to produce medical imaging of a perfectly-formed bullet inside a foetus' intact head within an intact womb, which was quickly debunked by professionals as a kinetic triple impossibility

50:54 Facebook bans Patrick Henningsen's 1938 Time Person of the Year cover graphic (one of many pastiches done in response to the award)—thou shalt not draw Hitler comparisons


Funny fundraising for fey fashionistas: Demna Gvasalia is a curious link

52:00 Balenciaga, mired in child-imagery scandal, is thick with the Ukrainian régime

Vanessa Beeley Substack: Balenciaga creative director is ambassador for Zelensky's United24 fundraiser

United24 (Government of Ukraine): 7 months of work "It was inappropriate": Balenciaga photographer speaks out over child model

55:10 BBC (2013): Hundreds held over Canada child porn—Azov Films connection

56:00 U24 (Government of Ukraine)—Total collected: $245,960,676 (the figure went up by $8 million after broadcast)

Vanessa Beeley commentary: The narrative of urgency to purchase systems to stop Iranian Shahed drones is very familiar from wars in the Levant—there is a desperation to stop the adopted allies being targeted—in many cases, the hospitals and schools being targeted in Ukraine, as previously in Syria, are full of radical soldiers

58:48 Clip: Clare Daly MEP—"Ukraine's future is being sold to fund a proxy war"

More fundraisers shown on screen: World's first fleet of naval drones; Azovstal bracelets

1:02:05 United24: Anti-drone system—Timothy Snyder is raising funds (author of Bloodlands)

Vanessa Beeley commentary: Ironically, Snyder's acclaimed book describes the oppression of totalitarian régimes

1:03:19 Kyiv Post: Astronaut Scott Kelly joins fundraiser

1:04:49 Vanessa Beeley commentary: The eighth of Arthur Ponsonby's ten principles of war propaganda applies yet again—

Recognized intellectuals and artists support our cause.

Fashion outlet soph_ukraine Instagram post: boiling a Russian baby for breakfast

Other designs by soph_ukraine (shown on screen) include children's rabbit character Miffy carrying an assault rifle, matryoshka dolls being exploded, and Stepan Bandera being extolled


Collusion truth coming out—Twitter can no longer plead being a private company

1:07:00 Rolling Stone: Latest "Twitter Files" allege blacklisting of conservatives

Patrick Henningsen commentary: These blacklists were never expected to see the light of day

1:07:48 Sea change on censorship—Jack Dorsey even calls his successor, Elon Musk, soft on corruption:

Why not just release everything without filter and let people judge for themselves?

Patrick Henningsen commentary: The go-slow on releasing the blacklists is because fired legal counsel for Twitter, Jim Baker, ran the Alfa Bank angle of Russiagate for the FBI—prime collusion between Washington and Big Tech


Food shortages: No longer tenable that they are unintended

1:11:23 Netherlands: 3,000 farms up for compulsory purchase

James Melville tweet: Heavy-handed measures by Dutch police

Channel UK 1 tweet: Watch how the Dutch riot police deal with peaceful farmers

1:13:01 Haber-Bosch process makes Dutch food production incomparably efficient

Encyclopædia Britannica entry

Dutch Review: Farming for the future: why the Netherlands is the second-largest food exporter in the world

Farmers Weekly: Farm leaders warn of huge contraction in UK food production

1:14:14 Food shortages encroach in Britain

BBC: Record avian flu outbreak

Birmingham Mail: Supermarkets report stock shortages

Daily Mirror: Shops record lowest stock levels since 1983

The Grocer: Lidl says 'stock issues' to blame for empty freezers and chillers

1:14:50 Similar food production troubles in Europe's other breadbasket, France, due to spiralling energy costs

Le FigaroCoups d’arrêt en vue pour la production alimentaire—Stoppages in sight for food production (September 2022)

Hellenic Shipping News: France sees soft wheat crop down 7% on lower yield and area

Chatham HouseGlobal food crisis: Fuelled by conflict (not policy, globalists would have you believe)