UK Column News - 9th August 2023

David Scott, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Di McMillan.


Spying On Private Citizens in The UK: Crypt Line, Real-Time, Pre-Crime

00:24 BBC: UK amends encrypted message scanning plans

The Record: New law could allow GCHQ to monitor UK internet logs in real-time to tackle fraud

The Telegraph: MI5 use AI to ‘automate’ search for terrorists watching violent videos 

David Anderson’s full report

UK Column interview: Where there’s no will, there’s no way: Why artificial intelligence will never rule the world—Transcribed

Wired: US Spies Are Lobbying Congress to Save a Phone Surveillance ‘Loophole’

Reclaim The Net: Detroit Woman Sues City After False Arrest Due To Inaccurate Facial Recognition Software

GOV.UK: Independent review of the investigatory powers act 2016


Scotland: Landlords And Homeowners Demonised

06:48 Herald Scotland: Owners of vacant buildings in Glasgow could be forced to sell

Scottish Land Commission: Compulsory Sales Orders

Flow Chart: Summary of Proposed CSO Process (Page 7)

The Telegraph: Why 2023 could bring the collapse of buy-to-let

Herald Scotland: Greer says landlords not 'contributing anything useful to society'


Schools To "Benefit" From Flu Sprays—Saying No Is Possible

15:26 Malcolm Roberts (YouTube): Pfizer Under Question (Pfizer employees took a specific vaccine batch)

Senator Gerard Rennick: Pfizer gets grilled. Watch them avoid questions

The full Australian Senate hearing

Die Fackel 2.0: German Health Ministry: 'No Statistically Significant Data' Proving Effectiveness of Covid Jabs 

GOV.UK: JCVI advises on eligible groups for 2023 autumn booster

GOV.UK: Flu vaccination programme 2023 to 2024: briefing for primary schools

Hart Group: NextCOVE: And you thought Covid vaccines for children were over!

The Conservative Woman: Children offered £1,500 to take part in new Covid vaccine trial

GOV.UK: JCVI statement on spring 2023 COVID-19 vaccinations, 22 February 2023 


NHS End-Of-Life ‘Care’—Sylva Faye's Harrowing Story

29:45 Jacqui Deevoy (Twitter): Video—Encouraging people to kill their loved ones with ‘end of life’ drugs

Eastern Approaches—Alex Thomson (Telegram): France launches its equivalent of “Pleb, don’t call 999”


Battle Of The Books: Woke Libraries, Marxist Lesbians and A Yorkshire HR Team

36:55 Yorkshire Post: Books relating to gender identity were removed from Yorkshire libraries due to 'internal HR matter' rather than politics

Daily Express: Enid Blyton novels being HIDDEN in libraries in bizarre new woke driver

The New York Times: The Battle for the Soul of the Library (Archive)

Publishers Weekly: Once More for Those in the Back: Libraries Are Not Neutral

The Telegraph: British Library staff to get 'emotional support' to help them add trigger warnings to the archive 

Daily Mail: Emily Drabinski, president of the American Library Association doubles down on tweet admitting she's a 'Marxist lesbian,' leading states such as Montana to cut ties with group


Labour's New Britain, New Constitution: Are You Ready? 

43:19 The Labour Party (December 2022): Renewing our Democracy and Rebuilding our Economy


Helen Joyce Breaks Down The LGBTQ+ Movement's Trouble

46:10 The Burkean: Golden Girl No More? Has Hate Speech Saga Sunk McEntee’s post-Varadkar Taoiseach Bid?

Business Post: Jim O’Callaghan: Hate Speech law is deeply problematic and confusing for our courts and Gardai (Archive)

Peter Boghossian (YouTube): Reality vs. Trans Ideology with Peter Boghossian and Helen Joyce

Notes From Poland: Polish court acquits driver of anti-LGBT van, finding homophobic slogans “true”


E. coli Fear As Doctors Warn Of More Strikes 

53:44 Daily Mail: Urgent warning to parents over mysterious E. coli outbreak that has killed one Brit and hospitalised six—as health chiefs say it is predominantly striking kids

The Guardian: Public could receive hundreds of millions as water firms face sewage lawsuit

The News Letter: Swimmers advised not to enter the water at popular North Down beaches as warning signs erected due to E.Coli levels

'i' News: Senior doctors in England announce dates for new strikes if Government refuses deal on pay


Sporrans Out, Show Receipts: Scottish Spending Sprees

55:44 The National: Humza Yousaf orders review of Scottish Government credit card spending

Amazon: How to Run A Government: So that Citizens Benefit and Taxpayers Don't Go Crazy by Michael Barber

UnHerd: Why did Mhairi Black compare feminists to white supremacists?


BBC Tin Ear of the Week

The Indian Express: Do you have any gay players in your squad? BBC forced to apologize for reporter’s question to Morocco women’s team captain

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