UK Column News - 8th July 2024

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Mark Anderson, and Prof. Diane Rasmussen McAdie with today's UK Column News.


Meet The News Boss: Same As The Old Boss

00:27 Sky News (YouTube): Starmer vows 'change begins now' as Labour win historic landslide

David Lammy (on X): David Lammy’s post

This government will reconnect Britain to build a better future. 

Great to have my first calls today […]

GOV.UK: Defence Secretary address to staff

GOV.UK: New Defence Secretary pledges to step up support for Ukraine on visit to Odesa 

UK Prime Minister (on X): The Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP has been appointed Secretary of State for the Home Department

GOV.UK: The Rt Hon Rachel Reeves MP

openDemocracy (2023): How big business took over the Labour Party

Labour Friends of Israel: Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves’ speech to LFI’s 2022 Annual Lunch

Labour Friends of Israel (2011): Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband tells the LFI Annual Lunch “I’m grateful to Israel, I respect Israel, I admire Israel […] I will ensure that the Labour party remains a strong and steadfast friend of Israel in good times as well as bad”

The Electronic Intifada: Labour Friends of Israel hides "supporters" list ahead of election

iNews: Why Keir Starmer and the King are the new power duo

The Times of Israel: UK Labour leader Starmer opens up about his family’s Jewish traditions

Limmud: Dedicated to Jewish learning in all its variety

Limmud: Limmud Trustee Board

The Times of Israel: ‘Zionism has become a bad word,’ warns incoming B’nai B’rith president

B'nai B'rith International: The Global Voice of the Jewish Community

Anti-Defamation League: Our Mission and History

Never Is Now: Agenda—ADL: Never Is Now March 4–7, 2024


What’s The Situation In Scotland With The New Cabinet?

17:35 BBC: Scotland’s 2024 General Election in numbers

The Labour Party: Labour’s plan for schools

GOV.UK: Letter to the education workforce from Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson

openDemocracy: Revealed: The secretive group taking MPs on trips to Israel

Declassified UK: How Israel funds UK parliamentary staff

UK Parliament: The Register of Members’ Financial Interests as at 22 January 2024 Phillipson, Bridget (Houghton and Sunderland South)

Bridget Phillipson: Bridget Phillipson MP welcomes Sunderland Council’s UN Climate Change Pledge

Bridget Phillipson: Labour will set up Great British Energy

Bridget Phillipson: Bridget supports UN Women

UN Women: In search of safety—LGBTIQ+ people on the move


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Forthcoming NATO 75th Anniversary Summit

27:34 Eurovision Services: NATO 75th Anniversary Summit

NATO: NATO’s 75th Anniversary

NATO: Speech by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Wilson Center Auditorium

NATO: Topic: Collective defence and Article 5

Imperial War Museums: NATO: The Origins of A Political and Military Alliance

Amnesty International (2012): Libya: The forgotten victims of NATO strikes (PDF)

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: NATO’s Intervention Threatens Libya’s Unique Man-Made River 

The Ecologist (2015): War crime: NATO deliberately destroyed Libya’s water infrastructure

Wikipedia: NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (1999)

NATO: Peace support operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995–2004)

NATO Public Forum: The NATO Public Forum is a public event jointly organised by NATO and the Host Nation Government with civil society organisations, taking place during the Summit meetings of NATO’s Heads of State and Government


Keeping Up With The ADF’s List of Naughty Words

40:23 Interfax-Ukraine: Zelenskyy discusses with Keir Starmer preparation of 100-year agreement between Ukraine and UK

The Telegraph: Ukraine to be told it is too corrupt to join Nato

Anti-Defamation League: Ukrainian Crisis

Anti-Defamation League: Glossary of Extremism and Hate: Synagogue of Satan


Highly Jabbed Australia Warns Of New Covid Waves

45:44 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: What to Know About COVID FLiRT Variants

Diane McAdie (on X): Diane McAdie’s poll

If you have NOT had any Covid jabs, how many times have you ‘had Covid’?

ABC News: South Australia public hospitals operating in internal emergency, elective surgeries paused

Daily Mail: New Covid–19 strain FLuQE is contributing to a 'sicker than normal' winter season in Australia

Statista: Australia: number of Covid–19 vaccine doses given in 2022

Statista: Deaths in Australia per year, 2023

The Independent: Summer Covid wave hits UK as expert warns of Euro 2024 fuelling rise in infections

Jeff Gilchrist (on X): Varied picture

JN.1 #Pirola has dropped to 7% frequency and JN.1.4 down to 9% while KP.3 FLuQE is now most prevalent at 26% while the FLiRT variants are much lower at KP.2 (6%) and KS.1 (5%).

World Health Organization (WHO): WHO Coronavirus Network (CoViNet)

World Health Organization (WHO): Covid–19 epidemiological update—17 June 2024 (Edition 168)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): What is Genomic Surveillance?

NHS England: Covid–19 vaccination site sign-up process


Carlo Maria Viganò: Former Vatican Insider Turned Whistleblower

54:07 The New American: Defiant Archbishop Viganò: Another Blow to Pope Francis and the New World Order

EWTN (YouTube): Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Excommunicated and Found Guilty of Schism


Self-Confessed John Prescott In A Skirt

57:58 The Telegraph: Angela Rayner is now one of Britain's most powerful women

Daily Record: I’m John Prescott in a skirt”: Labour deputy [leader] Angela Rayner on being passionate and outspoken

The Guardian (2006): Prescott admits office affair 


Scholarly or Predatory/Fake Conference?

59:14 Bird Flu Summit: International—Bird Flu Summit (PDF)

Syllabusx: About Us

LinkedIn: SyllabusX

International Avian Influenza Summit: Agenda