UK Column News - 7th July 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


​​The Information War In The UK: Forced Backdoors To Your Data

​​00:21 UK Parliament: Online Safety Bill: Volume 831: debated on Thursday 6 July 2023

​​Lord Allan of Hallam: 

​​…without further amendment or clarification, Wikipedia and other similar services may feel that they can no longer operate in the United Kingdom.

​​Independent: Wikipedia could shut down in UK after online safety law passes

​​Open Letter: From Security and Privacy Researchers in relation to the Online Safety Bill

​​Conservative Home: Siobhán Baillie: The Online Safety Bill. Let’s enforce verification online—and so give people more power, information and control

​​Channel 4: Online Safety Bill debate: Could it lead to ‘unprecedented paradigm-shifting surveillance’?

​​People’s Gazette: France passes bill to allow police remotely activate phone camera, microphone, spy on people

​​AP: Judge limits Biden administration in working with social media companies

​​Correction from Monday: The French Interior Ministry letter on internet shut-offs was forged

​​Guardian: Macron accused of authoritarianism after threat to cut off social media

​​Declassified UK: CPS has destroyed all records of Keir Starmer’s four trips to Washington


​​Challenging The WHO At The European Parliament

​​14:14 21st Century Wire: EU Parliament: The People Pushback Against WHO Pandemic Tyranny

​​Challenging the Pandemic Treaty: Andrew Bridgen Speech at EU Parliament, 4 July 2023 


​​Meet Your Patient Safety Commissioner (Finally)

​​21:18 Patient Safety Commissioner: In the role today is Dr Henrietta Hughes OBE

​​Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman: Broken trust: making patient safety more than just a promise

​​Facing reality: Honest conversations about safety, 18–19 September 2023, Manchester Central (£749.00)

​​Dr Alison Cave, MHRA Chief Safety Officer:  The value of submitting a Yellow Card report cannot be overstated

​​Daily Mail: Everything you need to know about the first-ever NHS long-term workforce plan

​​The Independent: The NHS is ‘collapsing’—leading medic warns

​​Please e-mail if you have any information about NHS car park land being sold


​​Latest Pie In The Sky Promises For Ukraine

​​26:25 Luke Harding on Twitter: The situation at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station (false flag alert)

​​FT: Military briefing: Ukraine provides ideal ‘testing ground’ for western weaponry

​​CNN “exclusive”: Zelensky says he wanted counteroffensive to start ‘much earlier’ to pre-empt Russian defenses 

​​The Hill (2022): Zelensky calls for ‘preventive action’ to deter Russian nuclear strikes

​​New York Times: Biden Weighs Giving Ukraine Weapons Banned by Many U.S. Allies

​​TNT Radio: The Patrick Henningsen Show

​​European Council on Foreign Relations: A summit of substance: How NATO can prove itself in Vilnius

​​NATO: North Atlantic Council extends mandate of the NATO Secretary General


​​How Safe Are EVs and Lithium Batteries? 

​​37:06 GOV.UK: Resilience for the Future: The UK’s Critical Minerals Strategy 

​​Cornish Lithium Ltd: 2021 Sustainability Report

​​British Lithium: Home Page

​​GOV.UK: Innovate UK

​​BBC: E-bike ignites every two days, says fire brigade


​​Human Trafficking, Organ Selling—Will Any Politicians Speak Up?

​​42:28 Gatestone Institute: 'America's Darkest Secret': Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse and the Biden Administration

​​Sound of Freedom (Starring Jim Caviezel)—Official Trailer


​​No New 9/11 Inquest, Due To Lack Of (Acceptable) Evidence

​​49:479/11 Justice: 9/11 family to seek judicial review of UK Attorney General’s refusal of application for fresh inquest


​​The WEF Still Pretends The Metaverse Is A Thing

​​53:44 World Economic Forum: In collaboration with Frontiers Media, Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023 (PDF)


​​And Finally: The Bank of England Decrees Its Own Biology

​​57:44 Telegraph: Bank of England says people of any gender identity can be pregnant

​​Fox News: UK cancer trust suggests 'bonus hole' as term for 'vagina'

​​Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust: Language to use when supporting trans men and/or non-binary people