UK Column News - 7th December 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today's UK Column News.

Privatisation—turning the NHS into a brand

00:36 NHS Confederation: Health leaders welcome new Elective Recovery Taskforce—but no guarantees
British Medical Association—Outsourced: the role of the independent sector in the NHS

Debi Evans commentary: This deliberate destruction has been a long time in the making; private healthcare outfits in Britain often use less safe NHS cast-off kit 

04:36 Roy Lilley and Duncan White have given interviews to UK Column bearing upon the question of NHS privatisation

05:15 MHRA: Pfizer/BioNTech Covid–19 vaccine authorised for use in infants and children age 6 months to 4 years
Mike Robinson commentary: Very telling that MHRA CEO June Raine was silent on the authorisation
Debi Evans analysis: Responsibility is now being shifted to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

08:23 Many medical signatories against the use of mRNA platforms to vaccinate children


Strep A panic: Unprecedented antibiotics scattergun

09:24 Daily Mail: Ninth child dies of Strep A // Preventative antibiotics for Strep A
Irish News: Sharp rise in scarlet fever cases, fears over increase in serious Strep A infections
Debi Evans analysis: Invasive Strep A (iGAS) is extremely rare; regular "strep throat" is mild

10:36 Milton Keynes University Hospital guidance on Group A streptococcus (GAS):

As a parent, if you feel that your child seems seriously unwell, you should trust your own judgement.

12:33 IndependentStrep A: Antibiotics could be given to entire year groups in affected schools 

13:22 Daily MirrorStrep A: UK school closes for 'deep clean' after suspected scarlet fever outbreak
Daily Mail: Thousands of children could miss school as parents vow to keep their children at home after Strep A
Manchester Evening News: When to take your child to A&E with Strep A

14:00 The Sun"Running out": Britain faces critical shortage of vital drug used to treat killer winter bug Strep A
Daily Mail: UK faces penicillin shortages until end of December amid Strep A outbreak
Daily Express: Britain faces shortage of key drug used to treat Strep A amid deadly outbreak
World Health Organisation: The world is running out of antibiotics

Debi Evans commentary: Pharmacists are warning of prolonged penicillin shortages, but is something more sinister coming?

15:04 Metro: Is there a vaccine for Strep A and how is the infection treated?
CEPI: 100 Days Mission (turbocharged vaccine development for anything trending)

CNN: Pfizer/BioNTech seek FDA authorization of updated Covid–19 vaccine for children under 5
Popular Science: Covid–19 vaccines are still essential in preventing death in children and teens
Brighton Argus: NHS urges parents to get their children vaccinated with Covid booster jab
US National Library of Medicine: Update on Group A streptococcal vaccine development (2020)


MHRA Yellow Card artificial intelligence admission; Covid harms to children

16:11 Debi Evans receives a letter late on Sunday evening from Andy Morling, enforcer at the MHRA:

[The] AI tool chosen for the [MHRA's] surveillance of COVID–19 vaccines was [chosen] due to the potential size and scale of the vaccination campaign. The tool was not used for assessment of Yellow Card data, but to help ensure that all the information from the reporter [of a vaccine adverse reaction] is well structured to support analysis and subject to robust quality assessment.

Brian Gerrish analysis: The previous paragraph to this, also shown on screen, admits that the MHRA's one-Yellow-Card-per-thousand forecast was based on previous vaccination campaigns—yet Covid–19 vaccinations use unprecedented gene therapy and hence are inherently incomparable with previous vaccination campaigns—this is planned incompetence and a failure of due diligence

Mike Robinson analysis: MHRA is saying that it used AI to fill in the blanks in Yellow Cards submitted—but it is not telling us what programming the AI was given to do that, so we cannot know anything about Yellow Card data accuracy

Debi Evans question: Who is the actual Head of Criminal Enforcement at the MHRA—is it Andy Morling or the non-board-attending Dr Sarah Branch?

24:36 Pfizer CEO Dr Albert Bourla says no to a return visit to European Parliament's committee of Covid inquiry, in a letter to Kathleen Van Brempt MEP:

Since the October COVI hearing [at which a Pfizer executive had to admit there had been no testing of the jab for its effect on human transmission], we have no further information to share with the committee, so respectfully decline the invitation to again revisit these issues.

26:31 Daily Clout: 189 “fringe scientists” fight for the European Parliament to recognize the rights of children during the Covid–19 pandemic—article author tells UK Column that it was a convoluted fight to get the European Parliament to take any interest at all

28:00 Same Covidian disregard for children in the UK—Broken Custodians blog: There was no assessment of harms for masks in school
28:43 Book by the same two mothers: The Children's Inquiry: How the state and society failed the young during the Covid-19 pandemic

29:35 "Dear Parent/Guardian" letter from Helen Harvey, Service Manager, School-Age Immunisation Service, NHS Harrogate:

If you select NO [to a nasal flu vaccination for your child], you will be asked a series of questions to establish if your child is eligible for an injection.

UK Column viewer's response to Harvey:

Why do you use behavioural manipulation techniques? Is it not more reasonable to assume that those that say no are saying no because they know vaccines are useless and in some cases cause severe harm or death?


Powerful toy of behavioural change: A strategic reordering away from the nation state

31:45 Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy—Net Zero: Principles for successful behaviour change initiatives (October 2021), heavily implicated with the ever-elusive Behavioural Insights Team (formerly of the Cabinet Office)
House of Lords paper on net zero and climate change
Behavioural Insights Team podcast: Decarbonising our food, transport and energy

Who is involved?
Moira Nicolson, ESG and climate engagement expert, Cabinet Office (LinkedIn profile)
Professor Dame Theresa Marteau DBE PhD FMedSci AcSS, Director of Behaviour and Health Research Unit, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge
Valentine Quinio, Senior Analyst, Centre for Cities
Brian Gerrish analysis: The city-state agenda, replacing the nation state, is never far away
Lord David Sainsbury, author of Progressive Capitalism: How to achieve economic growth, liberty and social justice

Brian Scott reminder: Common Purpose had a piece on its website by Sir Ralf Dahrendorf on civil society—Dahrendorf, like George Soros, studied under Karl Popper, the progenitor of the Open Society doctrine
36:16 Guardian: The George Soros philosophy—and its fatal flaw
Alex Thomson commentary: Popper was not as malevolent as his acolyte, Soros—but he did hold that there must be maximum flow between countries, eroding national heritage

Dealing with "science denialism" and abolishing cash while "brandishing a face"

38:54 Opinion in British Medical Journal: Understanding and neutralising Covid-19 misinformation and disinformation (Wang, et al.)

Authors criticised in article comments for not having read those they malign: UK Medical Freedom Alliance, HART Group, paediatrician Dr Ros Jones

43:15 Tender P0786 by Birmingham City Council: seeking "national and international genealogy services" provider for locating next of kin regarding funerals
Viewer's summary of real aim:

After we've dispatched you, we'll send the bill to your family, whether you speak English or not. We're not even pretending that we're not collecting data.

44:04 Free Speech Union says there is still a need to legislate to stop the likes of PayPal cancelling wrongthinkers

45:32 Central Bank of Nigeria brings maximum cash withdrawal ceilings down to the equivalent of $45 a day and pushes its CBDC, the e-Naira, as something much fluffier than other central bank digital currencies
Mike Robinson commentary: And this when nearly half of the Nigerian population still lacks electricity

48:18 Viewer's e-mail: Mastercard now stops domestic British purchases of gold from going through British banks, as a "security risk"
49:42 Der Spiegel reports Germany has outlawed the use of cash and cryptocurrencies to buy real estate, as an "anti-oligarch measure"

50:19 UK Government: UK and USA energy partnership agreed to guarantee supply of huge amounts of American LNG to Britain, on the pretext of stopping dependence on Russia
Institute for Economic Affairs tweet calls for fracking in Britain:

The UK will pay a premium to import US fracked gas, while sitting on 50 to 100 years of our own reserves


Ukraine: Corruption crackdown and policy steering as $1 trillion is called for

52:11 Kyiv Post—Exclusive insight: Crackdown on corruption in Odesa—precipitated by "what will Western donors say" worries
Kyiv Post—Rebuilding Ukraine: London forum highlights opportunities and barriers—UK trade envoy Baroness Meyer bashes her native Germany for not being sufficiently on-message regarding weapons to Russia
Newsweek: Boris Johnson's Ukraine trade envoy says Germany "not totally our friend" (April 2022)—Meyer again, favouring the launch of a Council on Geostrategy report

58:17 Clip: Council on Geostrategy promotional video in which a Lithuanian presents herself as more British than the Scots
Council on Geostrategy's mission statement and advisory council
Alex Thomson commentary: This is a Henry Jackson Society brainchild in Westminster; the USA is in control of it, not Britain
Financial Times: Zelensky is man of the year for promoting liberal democracy (!)
Brian Gerrish commentary: The Henry Jackson Society's home page is deeply offensive and calls for a second Western front against Putin
1:03:00 One of the Council on Geostrategy's international partners is Ukrainian Prism Foreign Policy Council, likewise doing Washington's bidding


Health: Many good events; Antimicrobial resistance as the next global fear factor

1:04:22 Reminders to support UK Column and watch fifth Doctors for Covid Ethics symposium
1:06:03 French publicity clip by Jean-Pierre Eudier: 10 December co-ordinated Covid freedom event, Témoignons (Let's Bear Witness)
1:07:51 Photo from viewer Paul: Thames Valley Police get very nasty very quickly with Covid truth yellow boards on crossroads near Windsor
1:08:38 NHS and Covid: Roy Lilley and jab damage victim Adam Rowland interviews announced
1:09:38 Adam Rowland tweet:

Anyone who has posted my UK Column interview on their Facebook accounts and been banned: I am really sorry.

I am happy to provide my medical evidence for you to submit to Facebook.

I am not misinformation, and we shall not be silenced.

1:10:28 World Health Organisation: Antimicrobial resistance—How to stop drug-resistant superbugs from causing the next pandemic
UN Environment ProgrammeAntimicrobial resistance: a global threat 
Britain's AMR supremo: special envoy Dame Sally Davies, former Chief Medical Officer, married to an experimental haematologist
Debi Evans commentary: Davies is also a trustee of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Cambridge Board

Clips: Davies nine years ago and again recently, talking of AMR as a global threat

1:15:09 Debi Evans commentary: David Cameron commissioned the O'Neill Report on AMR in 2016 after Dame Sally had bent his ear in a café:

We will reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing by 50%, with the aim of being a world leader in reducing prescribing by 2020.

Debi Evans analysis: Clearly an aim undertaken in concert with the United Nations

1:16:13 New StatesmanSally Davies: "Anti-microbial resistance could kill us before the climate crisis does"
Guardian: Thérèse Coffey criticised for giving leftover antibiotics to a friend
Daily Mail: Thérèse Coffey wants people to be able to get antibiotics from the chemist without asking a doctor

Learning, Science and Society blog: Sally Davies on why Antibiotic Resistance just won't go away
Antibiotic Research UK: Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer [at the time], speaks at Antibiotic Research UK's Annual Lecture 2017

Debi Evans question: If it is so grave, why has Britain not done any significant research into antibiotics since the 1960s, and why is Davies not promoting more British antibiotics research?
Debi Evans analysis: All rather similar to the scenario mapped out in Chapter 16 of The Spars Pandemic 2025–2028

And Finally: Remember that most drugs have two names; the less pronounceable one indicates the active ingredients—look out especially for the suffixes -vir and -ab / -mab as indications of scant testing
Blood Cancer UK: Antivirals and monoclonal antibodies—what's the difference?