UK Column News - 7th August 2023

Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Prof. Norman Fenton.


BBC Doesn’t Verify Yellow Card Reports—With Guest Norman Fenton

00:32 BBC: The Irish Light: Woman abused by paper which falsely said vaccine killed her son. (By Marianna Spring)

Deaths from Covid vaccines are extremely rare. UK figures record 55 deaths where the vaccine was given as the underlying cause, out of more than 50m people who have had at least one dose.

BBC Radio 4: Marianna in Conspiracyland (BBC iPlayer)

The Epoch Times: BBC Retracts Far-Right Characterisation of ULEZ Protesters

Norman Fenton on Substack: Why is the MHRA hiding critical safety data on the Covid vaccines?

Following Cheryl’s FoI [Freedom of Information request] of 13 April 2023 asking for the outcome data on the monitored pregnant women, on 19 July 2023 the MHRA stated that they had all of the information Cheryl requested but refused to release it.


MHRA As An Enabler

13:42 Debi Evans receives Freedom of Information response letter

GOV.UK: MHRA Corporate Plan 2023 to 2026

The MHRA on Twitter blocks the vaccine-injured

Sky News: Covid–19: New variant spreading across UK

The Jimmy Dore Show Clip: Before Covid, doing your own research meant reading


Law Eliminates Religious Exemption

21:48 AP News: Federal appeals court upholds Connecticut law that eliminated religious vaccination exemption

Wikipedia: Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, and the largest private one.

Reuters: Cancer vaccines poised to unlock 'new treatment paradigm' with Merck/Moderna data

Forthcoming UK Column interview: Andrew Bridgen MP—8 August 2023 at 1 pm


BBC Cognitive Dissonance

29:30 The New York Times: Ukrainian Troops Trained by the West Stumble in Battle

BBC (Verify): Ukraine counter-offensive against Russia yields only small gains in first 2 months

Recommended YouTube Channels: Weeb Union | Free Russia Channel | Defense Politics Asia

Il Russo: Evacuation of a captured British armored car Mastiff, captured by soldiers of the 37th brigade in the direction of South Donets

Wall Street Journal: Ukraine’s Stalled Offensive Puts Biden in Uneasy Political Position

Halldale: RAF Pilot Pipeline Not Keeping Pace 


Globalist Leaders Harnessing AI—Pritzker Forum Is Now Invitation-Only

38:50 Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Pritzker Forum on Global Cities (13–15 November 2023)

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping our world. It can help efficiently deliver social services, identify workforce trends and necessary skills, and provide localized climate predictions.

Twitter: Center on Global Cities

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship: The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) is being established as an international community with a vision for a better world where every citizen can prosper, contribute and flourish.

Petition: End the imprisonment of pregnant women

Cafcass: The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) Annual reports


LGBTQ Plus Medical Kidnapping

50:57 American Frontline Nurses The Remembrance Project: Help Save Baby Cyrus From Being Medically Kidnapped

St. Luke's Children's Essence Clinic: Gender Dysphoria

LGBTQ Nation: Boise Pride cancels “Drag Kids” event after organizers receive death threats


Good Law Vs. Bad Law

59:23 Reuters: Israel judicial overhaul: What is the new law and why is it causing upheaval? 

Jerusalem Post: The arguments for and against the reasonableness standard

JPPI: An unreasonable law

Council on Foreign Relations: Israel and the Debate Over the Role of the Judiciary in Democratic Government