UK Column News - 6th May 2024

Brian Gerrish, Mark Anderson, Alex Thomson and Prof. Diane Rasmussen McAdie with today's UK Column News.


Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan: Whole Caucasus Subject To Western Prodding—Now Including General Dannatt As Yerevan’s PR Guru

00:36 Qatar News Agency: Football: Georgia Qualifies to Euros for First Time Ever

Intelligence Online: Armenia, United Kingdom: Sanctuary Counsel chosen to put Yerevan in contact with British defence companies 

Interview clip of Nikoloz Samkharadze (biography on Georgian Parliament website), MP with the governing Georgian Dream party, on the bill to register foreign-funded NGOs: BBC goes into attack mode


Chasiv Yar Next To Fall As Fearsome Russian Firepower Brought To Bear On Thinning Ukrainian Ranks

08:13 UK Ministry of War (on X): 

Ukraine has inspired the world with their unique bravery and spirit.

One soldier tells her powerful story of serving her country and the impact it’s had on her life.

Hudson Institute: Too Critical to Fail: Getting Software Right in an Age of Rapid Innovation

US Congress: Statement of Dr. Daniel Patt, Senior Fellow, The Hudson Institute—March 13, 2024 (see foot of p. 3 for detail on Russian electronic warfare)

NBC News: Ukraine's parliament passes a controversial law to boost much-needed conscripts and fill army ranks

Swissinfo: All you need to know about Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland

The Guardian: The west defends Israel’s skies. Not doing the same for Ukraine is a deadly mistake


NATO Escalation In Ukraine: French And Finnish Troops At Rear, And Even Donbass Front Line?

20:42 Weapons and Strategy (Substack): NATO is starting to deploy Troops in Ukraine and Russia is Racing to Win 

Sonja Van Den Ende (on X): Video

Yesterday [18 April 2024], three Dutch F–16s were delivered to Ukraine. Truly bizarre: incompetent politicians such as ex Minister of Defence [of party] D66, Kajsa Ollongren, give a PR stunt with Dutch F–16s and fly along for the show to intimidate Russia.

Reuters: Reuters news story on Britain’s Cameron in Kyiv is withdrawn

Труха Україна (Telegram): Democrat leader in House of Representatives predicts American ground involvement

The USA will have to send troops to Ukraine, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Free Nations: Ukraine Army Largely Destroyed, Battlefield Losses, Mobilised With Mental Illness, Cancer, Forever War Crippling West, The $61bn Farce, Novorossiya Peace Basis

Deutschlandfunk (German): Commander: Too few warships to protect merchant shipping [in Red Sea, says Greek rear admiral in command of mission]

Der Spiegel (German): EU Navy Mission has too few warships


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UK Column article (March 2024): BBC’s ‘Local Democracy Service’ broadens mass media cartel’s monopolistic network

Glastonbury Event: The Lawful Remedy Roadshow: Self-Preservation for a Sovereign Life—Sunday 26th May 2024

UK Column interview: Mind control: empowerment or self-sabotage—with Jason Christoff

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Israeli Legacy Media Admits Netanyahu Asked Qatar To Fund Hamas

31:04 Ynetnews: Top Secret: In a 2018 letter, Netanyahu asks Qatar to fund Hamas


UK And US Student Activism For ‘Decolonisation’: Managed Divisions, String The Pot, Shaking The Jar

32:25 Internet Archive (Wayback Machine): A short guide to the Roman wall By Thomas H. Rowland

Daily Mail: Taxpayers funding a £475-a-day expert to 'decolonise' parts of Hadrian's Wall as part of an effort to address 'Britain's colonial past and systemic racism' at two ancient forts

AIM Association of Independent Museums: Decolonisation Consultant—Brent Museum & Archive

Job Vacancies Job Title: Decolonisation Consultant—Salary: £5,000 [for approx. 3 months]. Term: Freelance contract

Sky News: Lithium mine being built on 'sacred ground' [in northern Nevada] where Native Americans say they were massacred

Steve McGuire (on X): Video

The mob at UNC pelts a student holding an Israeli flag with trash while other students protect the American flag:

Dr. Zain Abbadi (on X): Video

In the Israeli-occupied USA, Jewish gangs attack American students under police protection.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (on X): Video

Columbia’s leadership refused to enforce their own policies and condemn antisemitism creating a hotbed of hate and violence against Jewish students that is now spreading to universities across the country.

National students for justice in Palestine: Who Are We?

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: NYU Students for Justice in Palestine Host Two Events on Israeli Occupation

Aljazeera: Palestine’s and Turtle Island’s [woke name for North America’s] liberation are entwined

Action Network: Join Youth Demand

We started strong as Just Stop Oil Students. But now it’s time to go bigger.

Youth Demand: News and Press

We have two demands: a two-way arms embargo on Israel and an end to new oil and gas drilling. Until these are met, we will be in resistance

Youth Demand: Youth Demand and Palestine Action paint Ministry of Defence and march through London

Edinburgh University Communist Society (EUCS) (on X): Video

Encampment at Edinburgh University Old College, @eu_jps divestment campaign.

Communist Party of Britain (2022): Time to complete the democratic revolution—CP statement

UK Column article (January 2021): Psychological Attack on the UK

Havee Snowball Chu Chu / @realDrBrendan (on X): 

This is the problem of extreme left wing governments seizing power … they cause the total breakdown of social cohesion.

New York Post: ‘Violent’ Columbia protester is heir to ad empire, has mansion, model babymama—and long rap sheet 


Supranational Bodies Can’t Protect People’s Health By Stopping The War—But WHO Says We Can Vaccinate The Planet

47:19 Federal Register: Stakeholder Listening Session in Preparation for the 77th World Health Assembly

The Stakeholder Listening Session is designed to seek input from stakeholders and subject matter experts to help the HHS Office of Global Affairs inform and prepare for U.S. Government engagement at the World Health Assembly.

Mark Anderson comments to DHHS / OGA’s 2nd of May Listening Session regarding World Pandemic Treaty

James Roguski (Rumble): Office Of Global Affairs Public Comment

James Roguski (Substack): An Update on the WHO Negotiations

World Health Organization (WHO): Virtual press briefing on a proposed pandemic accord on Friday, 03 May 2024

World Health Organization (WHO): Virtual press conference on World Immunization Week and other global health issues on Wednesday, 24 April 2024

World Health Organization (WHO): Joint FAO/WHO/WOAH preliminary assessment of recent influenza A(H5N1) viruses

Childrens Health Defense: Texas Fires Back at Pfizer, Asks Court to Reject Drug Giant’s Bid to Dismiss ‘Deceptive Marketing’ Lawsuit


Pressure Applied To Local Authorities: Groundswells Of Success From North Carolina And Italy

55:56 Tara’s Substack (Substack): Shot Across the Bow: The Minority Report

The Social Post (Italian): Turn off the 5G antennas. The telecommunications giants tremble: “Risk to health.” What is happening


Professional Migrant Workers Pay UK Through The Nose; Asylum-Seeking Pervert Allowed To Stay For Free

58:39 Sky News: Sex offender allowed to stay in UK—as more than half of appeals against asylum decisions successful

GOV.UK: Asylum support: What you'll get 

GOV.UK: Skilled Worker visa: How much it costs 

GOV.UK: Calculate your immigration health surcharge

GOV.UK: Indefinite leave to remain if you have a Skilled Worker, T2 or tier 2 visa

GOV.UK: Apply for citizenship if you have indefinite leave to remain or ‘settled status’

GOV.UK: Life in the UK Test: What happens at the test