UK Column News - 6th March 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News. Guest appearance by psychotherapist Dr Christian Buckland.


Oakeshott overshot? The dubitable leak of the Project Fear WhatsApp messages

0:30 Sunday Telegraph: Hancock’s plan to ‘frighten the pants off’ the public 

Mail (March 2021): Grandmother, 66, who was terrified of infecting her family with Covid killed herself by stepping in front of a train when she felt ‘a little under the weather’ with a cold, inquest hears

Telegraph commentary by Julia Hartley-Brewer: The journalists condeming Isabel Oakeshott for doing her job didn’t do theirs properly

Video: Hartley-Brewer being jarringly jocular with David Davis about lockdown policy

UK Column was on to SPI–B in March 2021—what took the mainstream two years?

Sunday Telegraph editorial: The chilling costs of Project Fear

Chris Whitty told a parliamentary committee in March 2020—

I think it is easy to get a perception that if you are older and you get this virus then you are a goner—absolutely not, the great majority of people will recover from this virus even if they are in their eighties. Was this ethical? What about the longer-term consequences?

SPI–B minutes of 22 March 2020 speak of coercion, ostracism and hints of incitement to community violence

Dr Christian Buckland: There can be no informed consent to injections under such coercion

Dr Buckland: Why such “revelations” now? Is there another agenda at play between government and mainstream media?

UK Column: Lockdown: British Government’s psychological attack on the public (2022 interview with Dr Buckland)


And yet—Unethical nudging goes local

21:09 Wirral Council is using the same psychological coercion (“nudging”)

Local Government Association tweet: Nudges for Social Good podcast with Nicola Jones and Rory McGill of Wirral Council

UK Column viewer responds:

Have I misunderstood or is local government now tweaking citizens’ behaviour by deploying nudges? If so, is this behaviour acceptable by those who are only elected to provide public services?

Podcast transcript: Nudges for Social Good—Wirral Council: working with community champions during the COVID–19 pandemic—self-confessed detail on a municipal council’s use of religious bodies and charities to make people confess whether they complied with Covidian messaging


Ukraine: The kettling of Bakhmut—over 10,000 Ukrainian troops may be trapped

25:14 Map by WeebUnion shows encroaching encirclement of Bakhmut city centre

Still image of fleeing Ukrainians: Only mud tracks left to escape on

UK Ministry of Defence is delighted with its raw-recruit Ukrainian proxies: 

They are so motivated. They have a fantastic will to learn, and they just want to practice, practice and practice more.


Fighter jets for Ukraine—now, next year or never?

29:04 NBC: Two Ukrainian pilots are in the U.S. for training assessment on attack aircraft, including F–16s—but they’re actually on simulators

Royal Air Force tweet (2020):

This week, Typhoon jets from RAF Coningsby are flying alongside their German counterparts at an airbase in Estonia to strengthen ties …

So why is Defence Secretary Ben Wallace making much ado of RAF-Luftwaffe collaboration over Estonian airspace right now?

Alex Chalk, Defence Procurement Minister, announces European joint flight venture at Milan

Video: George Galloway lays into Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood at the ninetieth-anniversary rematch of the Oxford Union debate This House would not fight for King and country


Skripal Case, Five Years On—Covid Parallels

41:26 Russian Embassy London statement—Salisbury: Five years of unanswered questions

Maria Zakharova statement on behalf of Russian Foreign Ministry

2018 UK Column article—Skripal: A Russian web or a RUSI web?

2022 UK Column article by Tim Norman—The Day of the Skripal

UK Column search: Skripal

Reminder of the absurd: Dame Sally Davies, then Chief Medical Officer, advised baby wipes against neurotoxin

Irish Times (2018): Unlikely that Vladimir Putin behind Skripal poisoning

Netherlands Reformatorisch Dagblad (2018): Very much open to question whether Russia wanted to poison Skripal

Where are the Skripals?

Announcement—Alternative View 13: One-day real-life event in Buckinghamshire on 22 October 2023. Accommodation not included in ticket.


No Food—Except by Grace and Favour of Agribusiness

48:48 Farmers Weekly: Supermarkets blame poor foreign harvests for fruit and veg rationing

Sustain: Imagine the death of UK farms

Farmers WeeklyOFC debate finds decline of family farm far from exaggerated

Farms and farmland in the European Union—statistics

US Department of AgricultureAmerica’s Farms and Ranches at a Glance: 2022 Edition

Oakland InstituteWar and Theft: The Takeover of Ukraine’s Agricultural Land

The Attack on Food Symposium:


What oath will Charles swear?

53:35 Coronation of His Majesty The King & Her Majesty The Queen Consort: Events

Petition by Neville Martin on—Amend His Majesty the King’s Coronation Oath


WHO Regulations and Pandemic Treaty: Is concern about loss of sovereignty really misplaced?

57:20 Wrong-headed blog by Susan Guest (Substack): Dial back the panic! The WHO cannot ‘steal our sovereignty’ OR ‘subsume our constitution’! Here’s why.

Peggy Hall, Four things you need to know about the WHO—likewise misapprehended

WHO: Report of the Review Committee regarding amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005)—see Digital information and data protection section and Countering misinformation and disinformation section

Wikipedia: International Health Regulations

From footnote 4 to that Wikipedia entry: a 2010 scholarly book specifically on the International Health Regulations repeatedly describes them as “a treaty” (see especially Chapter 6)

CDC, which would be the American implementing body of the IHR, describes the WHO’s International Health Regulations as “a legally binding agreement”

Reminder—Thirty years ago: NAFTA (1993, later killed) was likewisecalled “an agreement” when it was actually a treaty requiring US Senate two-thirds approval

James Roguski:

Subsequent to the adoption of the amendments during the 75th World Health Assembly, no signature by any Presidents or Prime Ministers and no approval by the Senate. Congress or any Parliament was needed in order to “ratify” …

Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin): Sen. Johnson leads colleagues in effort to protect American sovereignty against World Health Organization

Josh Smalley (Dead Man Talking on Substack): Republicans propose to make it a crime to administer the COVID jab in Idaho

Fox News: GOP Mississippi doctor against vaccine mandate runs for governor

House Bill 154, Idaho Legislature

The BlazeHorowitz: Tennessee lawmkaer introduces the single most important bill for the life of our Constitution

House Bill 726, Tennessee Legislature

Katherine Watt (Bailiwick News on Substack): Rep. Bud Hulsey in Tennessee understands the scale of the Constitutional crisis, and what states can and should do to respond

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates (state nullification) is espoused in Section 8 of Hulsey’s Bill

The New American: Alberta passes law rejecting federal sovereignty

Alberta Sovereignty Within A United Canada Act has received King Charles’ Royal Assent (15 December 2022)

Reclaim The NetCanadian premiers tell PM Justin Trudeau they won’t be sharing citizens’ medical data with federal government—Urgent: When writing to your MP