UK Column News - 6th January 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


00:23 ONS All-Cause Mortality

00:45 Mum of four had heart attack and died after waiting 11 hours for ambulance

01:13 Trust the Evidence - Is everyone dying of statin starvation?

04:55 Putin orders weekend truce in Ukraine; Kyiv won’t take part

05:40 Donetsk shelled in first minute of Christmas truce

11:35 House adjourns with no speaker after McCarthy fails to win third ballot

14:10 Byron Donalds emerges as GOP alternative for House speaker

15:06 Downplaying Far-right Ties, Hero of Ukraine's Azov Unit Holds Israel Publicity Tour

17:00 Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine

17:23 Rights Groups Demand Israel Stop Arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine

17:34 Israel helps Ukraine whitewash its Nazis

17:48 Ukraine's Azov Regiment visits Israel: 'Mariupol is our Masada'

18:01  Arseniy Fedosiuk

20:23 David Macilwain Tweet 

20:59 Azovstal association deleted Tweet

21:36 Netanyahu government reconnects with "revisionist Zionism"

24:25 Russia declares war on the Straussians

25:36 Jewish supremacy is state policy, says Netanyahu

28:08 Dominic Raab: Germany is an essential ally and partner on the world stage. 

28:52 UK & Germany agree closer cooperation

30:49 Reminder: Not Our Future - Oxford event

32:36 Reminder

32:56 Japan Unveils Unprecedented $320 Billion Military Investment Plan

34:24 Strategy of Tension: Japan Rearms Under Pressure from Washington

38:43 NATO approves 2023 strategic direction for new innovation accelerator

41:36 Syrian President receives Abdullah bin Zayed in Damascus

43:17 Turkey, Russia hold talks - will Syria ties be on agenda? - analysis

45:16 Syria: Damascus Airport temporarily shut down by alleged Israeli airstrikes

45:51 Saudi Journalist: Bashar al-Assad is Syria’s ‘Figurative’ President!

47:49 Matt Taibbi Thread: THE TWITTER FILES

51:17 Russian Disinformation Apparatus Taking Advantage of

Coronavirus Concerns

51:52 Spooks infiltrate Silicon Valley

56:31 Magazine peddling mosque attack conspiracy disappears from Whitcoulls shelves

57:30 Magazine sold in Whitcoulls could get readers in legal trouble


59:20 Palantir Foundry

59:50 Palantir gets £11.5m six-month NHS contract extension

1:01:37 Concerns mount over Palantir's 'unprecedented access' to UK public data

1:02:25 DAUK has taken legal steps to make sure NHS’ deal with Palantir 


1:04:09 Digital Economy Act 2017:  The identity verification services objective (

1:06:58 Patrick comments: The military already have one app: JPA

1:07:53 Rishi Sunak's five promises


1:09:17 Bird flu – latest updates

1:10:04 Government to pay more to farmers who protect and enhance the environment

1:11:29 Amazon, Salesforce to cut 26,000 jobs