UK Column News - 4th September 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with John Watt.


Competent And Conscious Patient Can Be Denied Life-Sustaining Treatment Against Her Will

00:22 Promoting Open Justice in the Court of Protection: Treatment escalation for a teenager in ICU

National Review: UK Court Rules Hospitalized Young Woman Can’t Decide to ‘Die Trying to Live’

Auto Spyder: British Court Rules That Competent & Conscious Patient Can Be Denied Life-Sustaining Treatment Against Her Will


Scottish Covid Inquiry Won’t Question Politicians Until 2025—With Guest John Watt

04:48 Scottish Covid–19 Inquiry: Background to the Inquiry

Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry (Twitter/X):

We've launched our listening project, Let’s Be Heard, and we're inviting the public to share their experiences of the pandemic and any lessons they believe should be learned so we are better prepared in future.

BBC: Covid in Scotland: Families demand apology over care home ban

The Times: Scottish Covid inquiry 'won't question politicians until 2025'

John Watt (Twitter/X): 

Yesterday we attended the Scottish Covid Enquiry—This video is aimed at the mainstream media and highlighting their ignorance of us and refusal to cover the harms the vaccine has done.

Scottish Vaccine Injury Group: Support and resources for those adversely impacted by the Covid–19 Vaccines

UK Column article on Alex Mitchell, a member of the SVIG


This Is What We Could Call Media Meddling

16:54 AP News (Fact Check): Woman describing pandemic plans for a ‘soft coup’ is not a WHO representative 

European Parliament: Non-attached Members: Francesca Donato, Italy—Democrazia Cristiana

Wikipedia: Francesca Donato

Multimedia Centre (European Parliament): COVID–19 pandemic: lessons learned and recommendations for the future: MEPs debate (part 1)

Medpage Today: Maine Physician Suspended for COVID Misinformation

CEPI: The Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit: On the road to 100-Day vaccines

GOV.UK: CEPI Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit 2022: Minister Milling's speech 

Jan Saggiori (YouTube): International Covid Summit III part 2, European Parliament, Brussels

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The Broader The Bill… New Criminal Offences Threaten Homeowners

30:22 UK Parliament: Parliamentary Bills: Energy Bill [HL]

[...] about new technology, including low-carbon heat schemes and hydrogen grid trials; about the Independent System Operator and Planner; about gas and electricity industry codes; about heat networks; about energy smart appliances and load control; about the energy performance of premises; about the resilience of the core fuel sector; about offshore energy production, including environmental protection, licensing and decommissioning; about the civil nuclear sector, including the Civil Nuclear Constabulary; and for connected purposes.

The Local (France): Explained: The new rules for selling houses in France

UK Parliament: Parliamentary Bills: Energy Bill PDF (Sanctions, Page 207)

Sentencing Council: Fines


The ‘Current’ Issue With Concrete

36:47 UK Column Article: Debi Evans Blog: 20 September 2022

Operation Rapture: Warnings of significant hospital structural failure in the East of England has prompted an emergency scheme known as Operation Rapture, which would come into effect should hospitals collapse. Concerns about reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) planks were first raised in 2018.

BBC: Dozens were at risk of collapse due to risky concrete

Cross Safety: Failure Of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Planks (PDF)

The Times: School concrete closures: Tories ‘ignored RAAC risk

Building Design: RIBA calls on government to set up industry task force to coordinate RAAC response

The Independent: The one beam that has forced over 100 schools to close

The Times: Concrete 'booby trap' is sprung after 28 years of warnings


Ukrainian Defence Minister Either Resigned Or Was Dismissed

43:34 Oleksii Reznikov (Twitter/X):

I have submitted my letter of resignation to Ruslan Stefanchuk, Chairman of the Parliament of Ukraine. It was an honor to serve the Ukrainian people.

Independent: Zelensky needed to sack his defence minister—but it goes beyond just corruption scandals

Reuters: Exclusive: US to send depleted-uranium munitions to Ukraine

TASS: Polish military helicopter violates Belarusian border

Polskie Radio: Warsaw denies Polish helicopter breaching Belarusian airspace


The Chinese Economic Situation

47:31 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Can China's Long-Term Growth Rate Exceed 2–3 Percent?

Patrick Boyle (YouTube): China—Don't Say Deflation!


Possible New Battle Front

52:17 Africa News: Russian army officials received in Libya after Khalifa Haftar invite

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Int'l Cooperation (Twitter/X):

UK Minister of State for Development and Africa, who is in Rwanda for a four-day visit. They discussed further strengthening the existing bilateral relations between Rwanda and the UK

France 24: Thousands rally in Niger to demand the withdrawal of French troops

Euro News: EU working on plans to sanction Niger coup leaders—Borrell 

RFI: France suspends military cooperation with new regime in Gabon


Trump Still US Favourite

55:21 Wall Street Journal: Trump Is Top Choice for Nearly 60% of GOP Voters, WSJ Poll Shows

PBS: Liberal groups seek to use the 14th Amendment to block Trump from 2024 ballots

VoterGA (Rumble): VoterGA Press Conference calls for Fani Willis' IMPEACHMENT on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct in "phony" indictment of 19 political adversaries