UK Column News - 4th November 2022

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen, Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


Bank of England

00:19 Interest rates up — BoE resumes its old refrain, "Pain's only transitory"


Transnational censorship

04:59 Online Safety Bill — "Legal but harmful material" clause 14 likely to be scrapped
06:17 Rumble forsakes France after France demands censorship rights


Everyone inconvenient is "anti-Semitic"

09:19 David Icke banned from Netherlands and 25 other Schengen zone countries
Ban announced by son Gareth
The offending Geopolitics and Empire podcast with Thierry Baudet MP and Hrvoje Morić: Baudet—"We're ruled by evil reptiles"
Le Monde's horrified coverage of the podcast
NOS (Dutch public broadcaster) swivels round to Baudet; reports "major concerns in Parliament"
NOS asks, "Can the Netherlands keep Baudet's reptile man out?"
Baudet points out that "reptile" has a figurative sense in Dutch as well as English report on the ban, with link to Dutch immigration service's letter

21:05 Professor Tim Anderson has "anti-Semitism" court victory against University of Sydney 
24:35 Background: Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby, Part 1—Young Friends of Israel
Part 3 of the same documentary is entitled An Anti-Semitic Trope

28:39 NBA (US basketball) player Kyrie Irving caught in Kanye West undertow and is cancelled for "anti-Semitic" film share
Irving's team owner is "disappointed"
AP News: Nets suspend Kyrie Irving for 5 games without pay
The film Irving shared: Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up, Black America!
NY Daily NewsJoe Tsai's Alibaba funded Chinese 'cultural genocide' of Muslims, says report
Irving's apology to Anti-Defamation League, a half-million dollar donation, rejected by ADL
Brash tweet by new ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt about the refusal
Follow-up tweet: ADL, fighting for relevance, reasserts itself as chief cancellation organisation
Statement of contrition exacted from Kyrie Irving, pressed upon by a whole gaggle of forces


Health: Indulge the Oppressors

40:41 Event on 28 November: Spectator Health Summit to consider NHS modernisation and UK's "global life sciences superpower" status 
43:05 The Atlantic floats "pandemic amnesty" idea (Emily Oster) and meets massive rejection


Impending US midterms

47:34 Psephological analysis for 8 November
ABC News: Biden warns democracy is "under attack" from "election deniers"; seeks to split Republicans into RINO and MAGA clans
Axios: Early voting to be a record high
56:39 Video from Arizona: Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake says she isn’t suicidal
58:03 Obama campaigns in Arizona and angrily says democracy can't work with wrongthinkers in office
59:47 21st Century Wire: New poll: voters expect Republicans to impeach Biden—Republicans far more excited
CNN's The Point: Five very scary numbers for Democrats—finally some realistic reporting from CNN on the eve of the elections
PBS reported in April that independent voters would swing the elections—unprecedented polarisation
Video: Biden says it is going to take days to count ballots (for unaccountable reasons)
Open talk among Democrats of dumping Biden and Harris mid-term if Republicans take Senate
Video: Trump heavily hints that he will be a presidential candidate in 2024


Ukraine war

1:08:42 Ukrainian military loss numbers are over 100,000 on neutral website
International Business Times and other Western press has no reflection of this and uses "killed Russians" language
Falsehood in Wartime: Foreign Office minister Arthur Ponsonby's wry observations from 1928

1:14:28 Russia’s allegation of UK involvement in Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion and in Ukrainian naval attacks
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wants answers from London
Daily Express' pitiful reporting of Russian Foreign Ministry's démarche of Ambassador Deborah Bronnert
RIA Novosti's account of the démarche
Detailed press release on the démarche in English by Russian Foreign Ministry

Global Village Space: Slavisha Batko Milačić claims 2021 French Navy-led NATO exercise POLARIS 21 included plans to attack Russia pre-emptively if Ukraine was attacked

1:23:17 UN News: UN still sees no sign of bioweapons in Ukraine—yet West continues to hamper investigation of alleged biolabs there

1:25:35 UK bans seaborne Russian crude oil from 5 December 2022

1:26:32 Russia to allow visa-free travel from many countries even if they do not reciprocate for Russian visitors