UK Column News - 4th January 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


00:31 Beware the Kraken (Xbb.1.5) 

00:56 Daily Mirror: “They broke our NHS”

01:21 Annual number of hospital beds in the (UK) from 2000 to 2021

02:10 Number of nurses workforce England from 1995 to 2021

04:00 Covid pandemic blamed for increase in heart deaths

05:17 Teratogenic. Adjective. ter·​a·​to·​gen·​ic

05:48: UK Column Extracts Clips from UK Column News (Please share)

06:40 Thalidomide changed our relationship with new medicines for ever.

07:24 Yellow Card Scheme looks to the future at 50th anniversary forum

08:42 20,000 women still taking dangerous #Valproate

10:40 “No one should be on Valporate”

12:42 Disabilities caused in babies by epilepsy drug a 'scandal'

18:52 MHRA Caught Hiding Crucial Vaccine Safety Data

19:17 Joan and Derek Bye, whose child, Helenor, was 12 when she died in Cardiff after being treated for misdiagnosed epilepsy with the drug Epilim

19:44 UK Column Live Special - Paediatric & Drug Company Abuse

20:10 Valproate pregnancy prevention programme

20:31 Thousands infected from blood transfusion

21:27 What is the contaminated blood inquiry?

22:00 Infected blood: Parents and pupils reveal they were kept in dark

22:44 Infected Blood Inquiry Youtube

31:29 The UK Column Yellow Card reporting

32:54 Blood inquiry: Former health minister (Ken Clarke) defends himself

36:30 Hearings at Aldwych House Risk Assessment

38:11 UK Covid-19 Inquiry Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster NOTICE OF DETERMINATION

39:20 Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed has been appointed as chair of the Commission on Human Medicines

39:50 MHRA's letter to Debi Evans

41:30 NHS launches new dementia diagnosis drive

41:45 Debi Evans Blog: 3 January 2023

41:01 Nine in ten patients positive about NHS community pharmacies

42:44 Rapid NHS rollout sees 200,000 diabetes patients get lifechanging devices

43:09 Debi’s FOI response 

45:20 New pandemic dress rehearsal ‘Catastrophic Contagion’

46:50 What is medicrime?

48:01 NHS100K Podcast with MP Andrew Bridgen

49:21 Looking for peace in Ukraine? -

52:28 Don’t Let Russia Fool You About the Minsk Agreements

52:43 EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

53:04 Merkel: EU will lift Russia sanctions when Minsk accords implemented

57:00 Swiss graffiti “Truth is to be lived, not lectured”

57:33 The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast 

57:38 Does Ukraine Need To Be Denazified?

58:44 Ukrainian rebel song

1:00:45 Greek Catholic songs of praise

1:02:13 Priest attacked

1:04:00 Dismembered Russian Federation map

1:05:41 Zelenski’s speech coach

1:06:30 Ukraine Receives EUR 200 Million Of Preferential Loan From Netherlands

1:07:05 Zelensky prepares for Ukraine's participation at WEF in Davos

1:07:36 President discussed with the CEO of BlackRock

1:07:55 Ukraine’s President and the Danish Prime Minister to open conference

1:09:32 Inflation to continue into 2023

1:11:12 The Guardian and GCHQ 

1:13:26 Ministers studying plans for UK child-specific terrorism orders

1:15:18 Constitutional reform report a 'turning point' for UK economy

1:16:35 Público

1:18:00 What would happen if Orbán did what Germany just did?

1:19:38 Final slides