UK Column News - 3rd March 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Hancock Ghosted by his Ghostwriter: What fresh horror does the lockdown leak forebode?

00:30 Guardian: Ministers rally behind Covid Inquiry after Hancock WhatsApp revelations

Pandemic Diaries: The Inside Story of Britain's Battle Against Covid by Matt Hancock

Guardian (2015): Isabel Oakeshott runs squealing from David Cameron #piggate claims

Isabel Oakeshott statement on #thelockdownfiles

Spectator (December 2022): The truth about Matt Hancock


Ukraine Lays Booby Traps; Poland Becomes the Booby Prize

09:03 AP: US and Russia hold highest-level talks since Ukraine invasion

Video: Zelensky jumps the shark, informing Americans that they will be sending their children to die

Militarist on Telegram:

On the eve of the final abandonment of Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began large-scale mining of buildings (TM–62M anti-tank mines are used as explosives), intersections and tank-hazardous areas in the city and its surroundings

21st Century Wire: Poland now angling to become Washington's "most reliable partner" in Europe


Serbia's forced Kosovo recognition? The West's undoing of the Helsinki Final Act 1975

17:20 Balkan InsightEU and US piling pressure on Serbia to accept Kosovo plan, Vučić says

On screen: Ursula von der Leyen forked-tongue tweet on Ukraine is applied to Serbia


NATO: Nordics in, Turkey out?

20:12 NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg off to press the flesh in Sweden as Turkish Foreign Minister and Hungarian President still harbour objections to Swedish and Finnish accession


Syria sanctions: America's Uniparty pumps White Helmets to the max

22:10 U.S. House Resolution 132—Responding to the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria on February 6, 2023

Mention of Caesar Act makes plain that Congress intends to punish four-fifths of the Syrian people even in the aftermath of the earthquakes

The roll call of the vote on the Resolution: 414–2 (!)

Tweet by Natylie Baldwin:

Our House of Reps is filled with sadistic bastards except for Massie & MTG. Let that sink in. Only Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) voted against the resolution to maintain sanctions on Syria after earthquake.

Andrew Mitchell to BBC's Laura Kuenssberg: 

We will do everything we can [...] if sanctions stop aid, we would seek to have them lifted.

Mail: "Hugely generous": UK appeal for earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria raises £60m in 72 hours

Who donates to the Disasters Emergency Committee? Several of the big-name charities under the DEC's umbrella have funded and supported subsidiary NGOs working alongside jihadists in Syria, including the White Helmets

DEC has raised £100 million so far in the earthquake response campaign 

Vanessa Beeley's advice on vetting charities that seek earthquake relief donations: Ask them whether they work with the Syrian Government, and shun celebrity-pushed outfits

Vanessa Beeley on Substack: What do the West and Israel want to do in Syria?

Map: Turkey's presence across the whole of Syria's northern frontier, the US occupation along the Iraqi border to annex the north-east, and Israel's sphere of influence at the Lebanese border

Tweet by White Helmets boss Raed Al Saleh:

The #Whitehelmets teams preparing roads and floors for sheltering camps for #earthquake survivors in the city of Jindire North Aleppo.

Are the White Helmets getting an airstrip together?

4 March in London: End the Siege Campaign on Facebook | e-mail:

Also 4 March: The Attack on Food symposium and solutions to fight back: Children's Health Defense (


Peak Lab Leak Theory: How Likely is Likely when it's Most Likely?

44:31 CNBC: U.S. Energy Department assesses with "low confidence" Covid may have originated from Chinese lab leak

Wall Street Journal: Lab leak most likely origin of Covid–19 pandemic, Energy Department now says

Fox NewsCovid leaked from a Wuhan lab. Here's how we hold China & Fauci accountable

Euphoric Recall on Substack: Covid came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Video: FBI Director opines to Fox News of Chinese lab leak "potential"

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning:

China strongly opposes political manipulation of the origins-tracing issue in any form. Putting the intelligence community in charge for a matter of science is a clear sign that the issue has been politicized.

Given the US intelligence community's track record of making up stories, there is little, if any, credibility in their conclusions.

 MI6 ex-boss Sir Richard Dearlove (June 2020):

I do think that this started as an accident. It raises the issue, if China were ever to admit responsibility, does it pay reparations?

Graphic: Dearlove the pusher of Russiagate

Time (2003): Bush and Iraq: Follow the Yellow Cake Road

UK Column: What is the Integrity Initiative? A short briefing paper—the same pushers again

Graphic: The Skripal Affair—the same pushers yet again

The "lab leak has killed millions" talking point

Dr Robert W. Malone tweet

Bret Weinstein Twitter exchange with Patrick Henningsen on the issue 

Glenn Greenwald tweet

Jay Bhattacharya tweet

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy tweet

Graphic: Logical fallacies—how the rebels have been persuaded to line up behind the US Government

Is Brit Peter Daszak in the Catbert seat?

Off-Guardian: No, "Covid" still doesn't come from a lab

The New Normal on Substack (December 2022): DRASTIC founder [J.J. Couey] renounces lab leak theory of Covid's origins

Dr Sam Bailey: Gain of Function Gaslighting | Gain of Function Garbage

Graphic: This was a Pentagon operation

21st Century Wire: Are Covid–19 "vaccines" a military biodefense response gone terribly wrong?


Manchester Bombing: Five-year inquiry concludes … more PREVENT, the scheme meant to detect terrorists

1:08:35 Mail: Security services could have stopped Manchester Arena attack if they acted on intelligence, and bomber's own family "holds significant responsibility" for his radicalisation, damning report finds

Declassified UK (June 2022): Counter-terrorism officials allowed Manchester bomber to operate in Libya warzone—why did Abedi have such special status to shuttle to and fro?

Manchester policeman Dominic Scally admitted to inquiry that every British jihadi in Syria had a police repatriation plan

Britain never regarded joining the jihad against Gaddafi as a crime

Declassified UK (June 2022): Manchester bomber was a UK ally

Video: Live terrorist drill with crisis actors a year before the bombing, in the very venue


Why are immigrants flocking to expensive hotels? Home Office has got its hands on Britain's overseas aid budget

1:18:50 UK Parliament: Hands off UK aid for the world's poorest and most vulnerable countries, demands the International Development Committee