UK Column News - 3rd June 2024

Brian Gerrish, Mark Anderson, and Prof. Diane Rasmussen McAdie with today's UK Column News.


NATO: Keeping Us Safe Or Dragging Us Into Wars?

00:26 Ministry of Defence (on X): 

Here’s the reality: NATO never agreed it wouldn’t expand and has been open to new members since it was founded in 1949. Its job is keeping its members safe.


Full Faux Facts Fundraising (Who Is Donating?)

05:54 Sky News: Katie Hopkins looked at me during a Weekend Truth Festival and said: “I smell a virgin”

The Telegraph (2020): Four ways to spot a ‘Covidiot’ 

UK Column article (2012): Faux Facts—The disturbing Truth About

Full Fact: Crowdfunder 2024: Fact checking the General Election

Giving is Great: Full Fact

Full Fact: The Full Fact team

GOV.UK: Michael John SAMUEL

GOV.UK: Julia Aline SAMUEL

The Peerage: A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe

Willesden Jewish Cemetery: Life Story of Marcus Samuel

The Marque: Michael Samuel: Philanthropist & Businessman London, UK

Sustainable Brands: Nurturing Mental Health in a Climate-Changing World: Another Critical Challenge to Face Together 

The Telegraph: Princess of Wales urges children to learn mental health skills for life (archived)

Anna Freud: The Anna Freud Centre—Annual Report, YE Aug 2023 (PDF)

Civic: Civic Is A Project To Re-imagine And Re-make The World. One Neighbourhood At A Time

Full Fact: Full Fact AI

Every day fact checkers around the world find, check and challenge false claims identified by AI enabled software produced by Full Fact.

BBC: TikTok users being fed misleading election news, BBC finds


Who Controls The Politicians? 

18:39 Bilderberg Meetings: Press release 2024: 70th Bilderberg Meeting to take place 30 May – 2 June in Madrid, Spain

Forbes: The Real Reason Why KKR Wants Petraeus On Call

UK Column article: Bilderberg: Beyond the Meetings, Part 1: Big Tech & Big Media Interests Busily Branching Out

UK Column article (2015): A Bilderberger in Action


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BBC Drop ‘Queer’ From Adoption Headline

33:02 BBC: Lost Boys and Fairies writer proud of adoption drama

Writer Daf James says his bilingual drama about a same-sex couple adopting feels like a “massive triumph”

UK Column Live (Odysee): UK Column News—5th April 2013: Another Child Stolen


Diane McAdie Reports On The Bring The Noise Live Event

36:51 Diane McAdie (on X): 

“Any journalists here! I know UK Column is here tonight! You guys are sound!”

THANK YOU @BringTheNoise_X and we will always be here!


They Still Can’t See Any Negative Effects of mRNA?!

45:41 World Health Organization (WHO): World Health Assembly agreement reached on wide-ranging, decisive package of amendments to improve the International Health Regulations

The Epoch Times: Ex-CDC Director Says It’s High Time to Admit ‘Significant Side Effects’ of Covid–19 Vaccines


Orchestrated Attacks: Chaos, Confusion & Breakdown—Remembering Eric Pickles

53:21 BBC: Tories pledge to tackle 'confusion' over legal definition of sex

The safety of women and girls is too important to allow the current confusion around definitions of sex and gender to persist.

GOV.UK (2010): Queen's speech forum: Speech by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles

We are going to shake up the balance of power in this country. We are going to change the nature of the constitution. Be in no doubt about our commitment to localism. I know I look like an unlikely revolutionary, but the revolution starts here.


Driving The Woke Agenda Into The Police and Military

56:24 Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC): Business plan 2024 to 2025

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC): Jessica Butcher MBE

Blippar: Create your our own augmented reality experiences within minutes

GOV.UK: Prime Minister's speech on AI: 26 October 2023

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC): Su-Mei Thompson

GOV.UK: Charity Commission: The Media Trust

BBC: 'Russia now is like 1984': Inside a Russian dystopian library