UK Column News - 3rd April 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Gagging Richard Hall: Using The Court To Silence Opinions

00:28 BBC: Manchester Arena survivors to take 'disaster troll' to court


New Chief Scientific Adviser: Another One With Remarkable Connections

03:29 Professor Dame Angela McLean has been appointed as the new Government Chief Scientific Adviser

She is a Professor of Mathematical Biology in the Department of Zoology at Oxford University, and a Fellow of All Souls College. Her research interests lie in the use of mathematical models to aid our understanding of the evolution and spread of infectious agents.

MHRA fees for 2023–2024 have increased from 2022—for a veritable screed of fee-payable services

Dr. McCullough US Senate: To Save Lives, Pull the Covid19 Vaccines off the Market

Closed petition 614335: Do not sign any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum. Parliament will debate this petition on 17 April 2023


Does Chris Hipkins Not Know What A Woman Is?

11:20 Journalist Sean Plunkett asks New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins, "what is a woman?" He can't answer 

Sean Plunkett Twitter suspended

Mail Online: As a gay teacher, I tried to help LGBT students feel included—only for them to turn on me

Mail Online: A school’s casual phone call to a mother who shops in Waterstones left her in an uproar

Sky News: Young trans people seeking help to return to original sex

Luka Hein on detransitioning

Reuters: Fact Check-Majority of US mass shooters are cis men, not transgender or non-binary people

Fox News: Billboard Chris assaulted by aggressive transgender activists at a pro-trans rally in Vancouver, to the polices amusement

Billboard Chris gave a speech at Florida State Capitol

Not The Bee: Trans activists stormed the Florida Capitol today to oppose laws that protect little kids from them


Cyber Security: Lip-Service

30:40 Capita: Update on cyber incident

Capita blames cyber-attack for outage as company races to restore IT systems

Capita has fulfilled TV licensing collection, management and administration on behalf of the BBC for more than 20 years—and employs more than 1,000 people

Civil Service Jobs:  HM Treasury—Head of Cyber Security (Salary £50,550 - £57,500)


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35:0UK Column Extracts

The Alternative View Conference—Booking Page

The Vote Freedom Project—Meet Jonathan streamed on Tuesday 4th April at 1pm at

ULEZ Expansion 2023—Rally at Trafalgar Square, Saturday 15th April 12–3pm

Engagement activity 1469 in Newham, London, to increase Covid–19 vaccinations (value £30,000.00)

Local reports a huge increase of young ladies fainting when entering school premises

Cornish Lithium is one of two local companies—the other being British Lithium

King’s College, London: Lithium in public drinking water may have an anti-suicidal effect—according to a study from Brighton and Sussex Medical School


Endless Wars: America’s Long History of Yellow Journalism

41:22 Joseph Pulitzer: an intimate portrait

Encyclopædia Britannica: Horace Greeley was the founder and editor of the New York Tribune

MixNstream Presents: Richard Gage’s Mass Media Cartel Pandemic Conference, April 6th 2023

American Free Press—End [President’s] war powers

Independent National Convention: INC '23 Austin—Mark Anderson to cover for UK Column


Russian Air Force Goes On Offensive in Ukraine

52:52 BBC: War in Ukraine

Brian Gerrish shows Ukraine war map updates

Video clip from Bakhmut: thermobaric weapons hit ground defences

LiveUAmap: Ukraine

Latest UK Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—3 April 2023

Politico: NATO is racing to arm its Russian borders. Can it find the weapons?


Finnish Prime Minister booted out: punishment for NATO accession?

59:42 Anton Gerashchenko: Election day in Finland today

President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola:

Congratulations to my friend Petteri Orpo for winning the elections in Finland!

Reuters—Zelensky: Russia’s leadership of UN Security Council ‘absurd and destructive’

Kossúth Radio hosts Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: warning of aggravated conflict

The Concept of the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation


Scottish Politics Translated: Some Types of Prayer Allowed in Bute House

1:08:05 BBC—Scotland's papers: Humza Yousaf sworn in as new FM

Türkiye Newspaper: Scotland's new Muslim Prime Minister leads first prayer at official residence

The Times: Kate Forbes paid the price for her incisiveness

IndependentForbes plans ‘heavy thinking’ on policy while out of Scottish Government

5 Pillars: Humza Yousaf has trashed Islamic teachings on his way to Scotland’s top job

The Christian Institute: Humza Yousaf ‘I will push through Scotland’s vetoed sex-swap Bill’