UK Column News - 31st October 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Ukraine war

00:24 BBC reports Russia launches massive missile strikes
Line-of-control graphics from Defense Politics Asia website and YouTube channel


British indiscretions

10:34 Mail On Sunday: Liz Truss’ "phone" hack (actually an apparent server hack)
13:21 Security academic Anthony Glees asks why the press was silenced regarding this news, allowing an unsuitable Prime Minister to hang on
Follow-up article by Daily Mail: Ministers ordered by spy chiefs to stop using their mobile phones

14:44 Al Jazeera: Lt-Gen Igor Kirillov specifically blames Britain for Nord Stream attack
BBC: 'Massive' drone attack on Black Sea Fleet, says Russia

15:38 Kim Dotcom tweet: How do the Russians know? Because of Truss' iPhone
Second tweet: Five Eyes are not the only spies

16:30 Double standards: Suella Braveman had to resign as Home Secretary after using private e-mail
17:43 Remember when Ben Wallace was pranked by two Russians and was hugely indiscreet?


Out-of-control government

20:08 Yellow Card data brought to you in usable format by UK Column
20:36 Foreign Office spending: new resource along the same lines as Yellow Card data
24:50 Stills from that graphic data tool indicate huge upswell in spending just before Ukraine war
27:45 Is the FCDO budget just a slush fund for black ops? Probably


Finally, a rebellion in the SNP

27:51 Scottish Daily Express: Sturgeon has rebellion among her MSPs over gender reforms vote
Daily Telegraph: Largest SNP rebellion in fifteen years of the party's government
31:10 Sturgeon is good at one thing: bare-faced lying

32:00 Thanks to viewers for helping UK CV Family raise money for jab victims


BBC nastiness

32:27 BBC's Marianna Spring publishes hit piece on "conspiracy trolls"
35:06 BBC Monitoring oddly comes into it, including Iran-inflamer Shayan Sardarizadeh
Which is it—does one-sixth of the nation disbelieve terror claims, or is Richard D Hall fringe?
BBC reported in 2021 that Manchester Arena victims felt they were failed on every level
42:21 Richard D Hall responds vigorously to attack by BBC for investigating Manchester Arena


Critical Race Theory—NHS introduces mandatory racism

43:25 Daily Mail: Nurse Amy Gallagher sues Tavistock NHS Trust for attacks on Christianity
Daily Express reports on the same
45:30 The white-people-are-bad CRT material that is obligatory at Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust
46:03 Spiked: The dangers of a woke NHS
50:32 #standuptowoke crowdfunder: Tavistock discrimination lawsuit


Intolerance—because Marxism is its own religion

51:11 CNE: Patriarch Kirill of Moscow sees globalisation as a threat to the family and lambastes Western churches for capitulating their values
54:00 Alexander Dugin speech echoes the Patriarch and names abortion and LGBT-pushing
57:33 PayPal signally backtracks on $2,500 "fine" policy for infractions of wokery, as if it were a government—but retains the "fine" for undefined "obscenity"

1:04:42 Police against Christianity: Met Police (London) apologises for arresting Hatun Tash twice | Background to Hatun Tash, Turkish Christian evangelist | Breitbart: Tash previously stabbed at Speakers' Corner
1:06:45 Daily Telegraph: Another case: evangelist Hazel Lewis, falsely accused of inciting violence, sues Met
1:08:30 BBC: Yet another case also from London: black evangelist accused of racism by police
1:09:32 Recent UK Column interview with Bristol pastor Dia Moodley: loss of freedom to speak about faith
1:10:52 Local to UK Column: Schools transgender guidance by Intercom Trust—would the police follow up disagreements with this pseudo-law?

1:14:26 Final meme: Liz Truss' vanity