UK Column News - 31st July 2023

Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


From Geneva and New York to the Wokest Clutch of Nations: "Wellbeing Economy" Governments

00:46 The Scottish Government: Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo)

Wellbeing Economy Alliance: Wellbeing Economy Governments 

UK Supreme Court: The Christian Institute and others (Appellants) v The Lord Advocate 

Igor [Chudov]'s Newsletter: WEF-supported "Wellbeing Economy" is a Reincarnation of Marxist Totalitarianism

World Economic Forum: What is Australia's first national well-being framework?

The Conversation: Australia’s first wellbeing framework is about to measure what matters—but it’s harder than counting GDP

OECD: Well-being and mental health—Towards an integrated policy approach

Club of Rome: Earth for All—A Survival Guide for Humanity


Ukraine Updates: "Successful" Push Still Hasn't Even Reached Main Russian Defences

09:58 The Telegraph: Ukraine is on the verge of splitting Russia's army

Richard Dannatt (Former Chief of General Staff): 

This has been a bloody, painstaking process, but one that was essential if the counter-offensive stood any chance of success. That moment would seem to be now, or in the next few days and weeks.

Weeb Union (YouTube): Lone Russian Tank Defeats Ukrainian Armored Convoy By Itself


Secret Service Protection Denied For RFK Jr 

15:59 Politico: RFK Jr. fumes at Biden administration over Secret Service protection 

CNN: RFK Jr.’s misleading viral claim about Secret Service protection


What's King's Cooking—Conspiracy Theories Or Uncomfortable Truths?

21:39 King's College London (Report prepared for BBC News and BBC Radio 4 podcasts): Conspiracy belief among the UK public and the role of alternative media

King's College London: Professor Bobby Duffy

Misinfo Review: Research note: Understanding offline Covid-19 conspiracy theories: A content analysis of The Light “truthpaper”

UK Column Community:

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Rally for Peace and Freedom: Glasgow Green, Commonwealth Monument, 1pm, Saturday, 26th August

Request: Please can our New Zealand (not Australian) audience update us regarding Vinny Eastwood and Billy Te Kahika

UK Column correction: In 1956 HMS Diana was sailed through nuclear fallout (not HMS Diamond). Many men died from radiation-induced cancers. The MoD stalled their calls for help and claims for compensation at every turn.


Exit The WHO—Worldwide Movement on Four Prongs

32:20 James Roguski on Substack: Exit The WHO

James Roguski on Substack: Stop The Global Agenda


United Nations Agendas: “Conspiracy Theories?”

35:43 United Nations: Our Common Agenda

UN: OUR COMMON AGENDA—Report of the Secretary-General (PDF)

The United Nations: UN 2.0: Quintet of Change

UN: Secretary-General's Guidance Note on Behavioural Science

UN Innovation Network (YouTube): UN Secretary-General announces the Launch of the Guidance Note on Behavioural Science 

Concept Note: Informal Consultations on the Scope and Elements of the Summit of the Future


County in Michigan Implements Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates, Reviving 450-Year-Old Remedy for Tyranny

47:51 DefyTyrants: Teaching the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates

DefyTyrants (Rumble): A county taken by Christians

DefyTyrants (YouTube): The Role of the People in Applying the Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrates

Michigan Live: Grand Haven prepares message supporting DEI efforts in response to Ottawa County eliminating office

The book that revived the doctrine: Pastor Matt Trewhella, The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates (restating the 1550 Magdeburg Confession)


Teaching Sexual Drag Performance To Children: Once A Conspiracy Theory, Now Funded By Oxford Council

55:34 T(ART) Productions: "Dive into the world of drag and take to the stage with this 5-day course for ages 14-18!

About T(ART) Productions:

We are so grateful to have the support of our partners and supporters, including The National Lottery Community Fund and Oxford City Council.

Companies House: T(ART) PRODUCTIONS C.I.C. overview 

The Telegraph (2021): Peter Tatchell: Children have sexual desires at an early age

The News & Why It Matters with Sara Gonzales: LGBT activist Peter Tatchell says 9 year olds can consent to sex with adults…