UK Column News - 30th November 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Digital identity: Don't say you weren't warned

00:29 UK and Ukraine agree a "ground-breaking" digital trade deal—on the pretext that Ukrainians have lost their documents in the war and need digital ID

01:59 UK’s vision of digital identity: everyone gets a wallet with attributes, including "right to live here" and "right to work"

Bank for International Settlements pushes CBDCs—the most visible form of digital identity

Mike Robinson commentary: We've all been softened up for this through Covid

02:34 When digital ID goes wrong

Security Week: Hackers leak Australian health records on dark web—40% of the national population affected

UK Column has been publishing on the menace of digital ID since 2017

Mark of the Beast: Digital Identity and the Cashless Cartel—Martin Edwards

The Race is On: a new digital financial identity for every global citizen—Bernice Bartelds

Covid–19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown—Vanessa Beeley


Disinformation agenda: "Triple shield" continues the bogus concern for children's online safety

03:47 The All-New Online Safety Bill

Daily TelegraphSocial media giants face multi-million pound fines if they fail to ban child accounts

—Halfway down the page, we discover it has largely been written by UK Digital Secretary of State Michelle Donelan

Graphic on screen: Two shields with adults in mind (greater control; freedom of speech) and one for platforms (accountability)

Mike Robinson analysis: So the "legal but harmful" proviso will still be there—just in the platforms' small print, on pain of a 10% turnover fine

Alex Thomson commentary: Intent to cause harm (mens rea) is being hollowed out in court—it now means a strawman might have been a bit upset

09:21 With impeccable timing to help the Bill, BBC's "disinformation specialist" Marianna Spring touts "the terrible consequences of legal but harmful content online"

Craig Evans replies:

You're manufacturing consent for internet censorship under the guise of protecting vulnerable people.

Alex Thomson commentary: Has everybody forgotten John Milton's Areopagitica, the definitive case for freedom of the press?

11:29 Reclaim The Net: Canadian MP Lisa Hepfner says there's no such thing as an online outlet

[Every news organisation that is internet-only is] not gathering news. They're publishing opinion only.

Viewers make the case for UK Column being more than pirate opinion merchants:

UK Column tracked the fear operation in real time.

They also identified most of the people who were creating and running the operation under the Cabinet Office.

Philosophy Doctor—Civil Liberties

Others object with the naïve "We must have regulators for accountability" canard, as if regulators were uncaptureable:

What do you mean by [UK Column being] "right on so many things"?

Opinion channels are biased by their presenters/owners. Without being a member of a regulatory body[,] no one can call them out for being biased[,] which they clearly are.

Henrietta Black

Alex Thomson commentary: The regulated press was silent on the control menace of digital identity and the suffering inflicted by Covid policy when UK Column reported these evident truths 

Incredible how spot on with your analysis you were from the outset! I think the significance of the [March 2020 UK health authorities'] downgrading [of Covid] from a high-consequence infectious disease, four days before the UK was locked down, coupled with the acknowledged infection fatality rate of 0.096%[,] are unfortunately not remembered/known anywh[ere] near enough.

Andy Hewitt

You have to be outside of the UK to realise how much we are all manipulated by the media[.] We are constantly lied to, yet we are given this impression that we are above any repercussion for the actions our elected politicians take. The world order has been changed.

— Exactly[.] Listen to UK Column News[;] that's where the truth is.

Nazar Kullar and Christina Ashcroft


Why are the nurses really going on strike?

14:36 UNISON (trade union) general secretary Christina McAnea:

The decision to take action and lose a day's pay is tough.

But thousands of ambulance staff and NHS colleagues know delays won't lessen, nor waiting times reduce, until the gov[ernment] acts on wages.

That's why they've taken the difficult decision to strike.

Decision to strike was made by union members in five ambulance areas only—but they are some of the country's biggest areas

Debi Evans commentary:

In my opinion, UNISON and the Royal College of Nursing are gaslighting those they represent. Yes, of course pay is part of the problem, but it's certainly not all of the problem. This is about patient safety. Those leaving are highly qualified, highly skilled people who have been driven out of the NHS deliberately.

17:18 Clip: Psychiatric nurse Pat Cullen, outgoing head of the Royal College of Nursing, hammers home the notion that the strike is all about "winning" the "justice" of more money, and is positively proud of having achieved a strike, commiserating with those who narrowly missed out on the chance to abandon their patients

Daily Mirror: Fury as striking nurses set to be offered "free tea and coffee" over better pay Over 40,000 nurses have quit the NHS in the past year—one in ten nursing posts is vacant

Daily Telegraph: Sunak tells NHS to embrace robot workers as it prepares to sack staff

21:27 The Guardian alone highlights patient safety as a cause of nurses' disquiet

London Evening Standard: Army "to be drafted in to help NHS during winter strikes"

Times: Army to rescue strike-hit NHS

Debi Evans commentary: Meanwhile, an army of qualified nurses no longer in the NHS is being kept from returning by bureaucracy and unacceptably sloppy standards

22:19 Refugees—the nursing stopgap?

NHS England: Nursing workforce—International recruitment

UK Government: Memorandum of understanding with Government of Nepal on recruitment of healthcare professionals

NHS Employers: Code of Practice red and amber list of countries—Nepal is on the WHO red list because it has so few nurses at home, yet UK is shipping them over

Debi Evans analysis: Nepalese nurses are much less likely to be able and willing to say no to unsafe situations in British hospitals than British nurses are

23:41 Guardian: GPs tell patients to "get an Uber" as NHS ambulance delays hit record level—completely insane and unthought-through

Brian Gerrish commentary: Deliberate and calculated breakdown, as heralded by the Conservatives' Danny Kruger as "a period of creative destruction"


Weaponisation of medical history

25:28 Injecting Hope—Science Museum (London) gets Wellcome Trust and Huo Family Foundation to fund a travelling exhibition on vaccines, with a coronavirus model as the big draw; due to travel to China and India

Brian Gerrish analysis: The Wellcome Trust is but one of many using psychological techniques of this sort

28:35 Stillbirths: Debi Evans watched the October 2022 NHS England board meeting 

Stillbirth rates—which have been falling year by year—have this year increased. That increase has, obviously, happened at the peak time of Covid. I think we would be very cautious in identifying any particular cause for that increase in stillbirths, but there is the effect of Covid itself and then the access of mums to services as a result of Covid: women being anxious about coming in to services—and we know that services were running at very, very depleted workforce levels.

If that is all correct, then one would anticipate that the stillbirth rates will continue to fall in subsequent years; but I think we have to wait and see. And it does make us think about the importance of [Covid] vaccination here, and in this particular group, because it's mums who have severe Covid [who suffered increased stillbirth rates]—and we know from last time around that those were the ones who were not vaccinated.

Prof. Donald Peebles, consultant obstetrician, University College, London

Debi Evans notes that Prof. Sir Munir Pirmohamed of the Commission on Human Medicines, Britain's top pharmacovigilance official, does not challenge what she calls this misinformation, although he of course oversees the stillbirths data in connection with Covid vaccine adverse reactions.

Tommys: Stillbirth rise in England and Wales confirmed by ONS data (August 2022)

UK Column repository of Yellow Card data on Covid vaccine adverse reactions—can be filtered by category "Pregnancy conditions", unlike the MHRA's own provision of the data

33:19 Gaslighting galore—Justin Trudeau urges Canadians to get more Covid jabs and a PubMed paper by the head of an Australian biologics firm (!) proffers this explanation of Covid jab adverse effects:

[I]f subjects are panicked, concerned, stressed or scared of the vaccination, their arteries will constrict and become smaller in and around the time of receiving the vaccine. This biological mechanism (the constriction of veins, arteries and vessels under mental stress) is the most likely cause for where there has been blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, loss of smell and taste that may have been experienced shortly after vaccine administration. The extreme mental stress of the patient could most likely be attributed to the fear mongering and scare tactics used by various anti-vaccination groups.

Raymond D Palmer (in the abstract of his paper)

35:22 Daily Telegraph: Pfizer's CEO (Albert Bourla) rapped by regulator for making “misleading” statements about children's vaccines

Repeat of Monday's announcement of French event on 10 December for the public to demonstrate against Covid jab harm: "A day to bear witness and make history"


Brief mentions

37:29 A property sale advert from Bristol includes an interior shot of UK Column News playing on TV

38:54 David Icke website describes Crown Prosecution Service of England & Wales as "cult-owned" as it writes in a submission that the Bible is inappropriate

Dutch blog Bomen & Bos uses Freedom of Information replies to trace "orchestrated coup" and unlawful spying by Dutch supposed counterterrorism coordinator NCTV

40:47 Australian (federal) Department of Health and Aged Care confirms that medics administering Covid jabs are guaranteed state immunity and that the reason for this is to maximise jabbing


Ukraine: All is not quiet on the Eastern Front

42:23 Two clips: Channel 4's International Editor, Lindsay Hilsum, in the trenches

Brian Gerrish commentary: Hilsum should be credited for attending the scene, but not all parts of the line of contact are nearly as calm as the section portrayed

46:41 Dishevelled Minister for War, Ben Wallace, pictured by Ukrainian News having a chuckle with a dapper aide and Ukrainian hosts

Wallace calls on Ukrainian Armed Forces to "maintain momentum through winter"

Brian Gerrish analysis: Without air support or proper ground vehicles and with Ukrainian unit manning seemingly dwindling, this inevitably means thousands of casualties—the only "momentum" is towards a failed state

Bleeding Bakhmut drops off the BBC map: no updates from the city on BBC website, but recently BBC did publish photos captioned "The Ukrainian army suffers heavy losses near Bakhmut"

Reportedly a tenfold increase in Ukrainian casualties

52:40 NATO foreign ministers' meeting in Bucharest, discussing NATO long-term objectives and "enhanced resilience", concludes today: Finland, Sweden, Moldova, Bosnia and Georgia represented as NATO continues to expand

Discussion of family photo taken at summit: is Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg looking gormless or jaded?

Recapitulation of BBC Europe Editor Katya Adler's ridiculous claim that NATO is not training or equipping Ukrainian Armed Forces

Clip: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba rehearses his equipment shopping list directly to Jens Stoltenberg's face—rather giving the lie to Adler's journalism

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: NATO chief expects allies to step up air-defense support to Ukraine

NATO: NATO foreign ministers set to address more support for Ukraine

Brian Gerrish commentary: Stoltenberg fails to understand that Russia will not allow Ukrainian energy infrastructure to be rebuilt during hostilities

NATO screenshot: "wider cooperation" dreams of Ukrainian interoperability with NATO forces—how does this square with Adler's reporting?

NATO screenshot: NATO-Ukraine Trust Funds; NATO has been handling funds for Ukraine for mine clearance and ammunition destruction since 2010 to meet Ottawa Convention obligations

Yet butterfly mines (PfM)—supposedly destroyed in this programme—are still being deployed by Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass

Screenshots of NATO's numerous partner nations suggest the body is morphing into a one-world military system

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares promises to deliver HAWK air defence systems to Ukraine

Deputy Chairman of Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warns that Stoltenberg's hint of supplying Ukraine with Patriot anti-aircraft batteries crewed by NATO personnel will immediately make them a legitimate target

Soft loans: Ukrainian News reports Ukraine will need more than $3 billion per month in 2023 to eliminate state budget deficit and that the country has received €5 billion in tranches of macro-financial assistance from the EU in just the past two months

Clip: Zelensky foresees a monumental reconstruction "amounting to over a trillion dollars"—this is apparently not meant as comedy


Brazil: The many victims of judicial tyranny

1:04:35 General Braga Netto calls Alexandre de Moraes' orders from the Supreme Court and Electoral Tribunal a "dictatorship of the judiciary"

Met the other military service chiefs and outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro regarding alleged electoral fraud in favour of Bolsonaro's rival Lula

Clip: Reel of those already arrested, detained, held under house arrest, fined or denied their Internet platforms by de Moraes' courts for questioning the validity of the Brazilian election

Bolsonaro says he is "ready for war" but will not act without a popular mandate; speaks of a "new class of thief that has appeared, that want to steal our freedom"

Translator (viewer of UK Column) stresses constitutionality and lawfulness of Bolsonaro's supporters and deplores European mainstream media's fake news about life in Brazil

Clip: Guardian Council (Conselho Tutelar) judicial tyrants attempt to steal children from street protestors in Maceió on 18 November; are repelled 


Reimagining health: Britain still in the lead—but only if we go along with it

1:11:19 Vaccine task force model announced by UK Government 

Metro: PM pledges £113,000,000 for research into cancer, obesity, mental health and addiction—under Dame Kate Bingham

1:12:27 UK Government Life Sciences Vision (July 2021) wants Britain to be the world's laboratory and an "outstanding business environment for life sciences companies"

Debi Evans analysis: Without the NHS, "Life Science UK plc" is impossible—we are the global lab rats

Section 9 (Preconditions for Success) admits that patient buy-in to the NHS is critical for almost every element of the Life Sciences Vision

1:15:44 Celebrity politics: Jonathan Van-Tam and Matt Hancock enjoy play-acting


Sex ed: Significance of the Welsh judicial review

1:16:39 Public Child Protection Wales press release well worth a careful read: "Welsh Government proven to be the source of misinformation"

Welsh Government's lawyers were on very shaky ground in court and slunk out of the back while the mothers' barrister, Paul Diamond, received a hero's acclaim

Much compelling detail given by Darren in podcast with Louise Collins of Liberty Tactics

1:20:00 And Finally: Choice memes—Dr Tedros changes his tune monthly; Not Our Future has a pledge to sign for those who reject digital fear dystopia