UK Column News - 30th June 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Sandi Adams.


Ukraine: Weak Wonder Weapons, Greta's Girlish Greetings, "Russian" Radiological Radicalism

00:26 THETI Mapping: Frontline Update: Russia Repels Ukrainian Assaults; Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk

TASS: Ukrainian forces commander admits loss of Leopard tanks, calls them ordinary 'targets'

Forbes: 25 Tanks And Fighting Vehicles, Gone In A Blink: The Ukrainian Defeat Near Mala Tokmachka Was Worst Than We Thought

Telegraph: Truth about Russia’s deadly attack on pizza restaurant lies beneath the rubble 

Reuters: Greta Thunberg slams world response to dam collapse 'ecocide' during Kyiv visit

AP Video: Zelenskyy meets Greta Thunberg and climate activists in Ukraine 

Reuters: Russia asks IAEA to ensure Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant security

France24: IAEA saw no evidence Moscow planning attack on Zaporizhia nuclear plant, but 'anything can happen'

Reuters: Russia says it detained Caesium smugglers working for a Ukrainian citizen

Royal United Services Institute: Dangerous Targets: Civilian Nuclear Infrastructure and the War in Ukraine

Yahoo! News: Dnipropetrovsk Oblast to hold evacuation drills amid possible terrorist attack at ZNPP

Yahoo! News syndicated the above article from its original source, The New Voice of Ukraine

Rebecca Harris (Member of Parliament for Castle Point): How Britons Can Help the People of Ukraine (recommending English-language Ukrainian news sources)

One simple step is to remain informed about the conflict and to be cautious about the information that’s spread on social media. Disinformation is one of Russia’s favourite weapons of war, and accidentally amplifying it can harm civilians … another easy step is to donate money.

Yahoo! News: Ukraine to hold elections after war ends, says Zelenskyy


Denied A Bank Account? Another Reason CBDCs Would Be Catastrophic

20:01 Nigel Farage video: Why I might be forced to leave the UK

Financial Times: Nigel Farage says he is being driven from UK by pro-Remain banks 

Mike Robinson comments: 

If [Farage's] bank can be closed, anyone's can be closed.

Cifas: Fighting Fraud and Financial Crime Together


Online Safety Bill Developments

25:00 GOV.UK (2022): A guide to the Online Safety Bill

GOV.UK: Online Safety Bill bolstered to better protect children and empower adults

Telegraph: Facial scanning tech could block children from harmful online content 

Imperial Collage London: Tech mandated via Online Safety Bill ‘could turn phones into surveillance tools’

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UK Column article: Fornethy Residential School—The strange tale of its sale


Glastonbury's Great Net Zero Debate—With Guest Sandi Adams

28:55 The Great Net Zero Debate - 7 July 2023, 17:45, Glastonbury Town Hall

Video of Sandi speaking at Glastonbury Town Council Meeting, 14 March 2023 

UK Column interview with Sandi Adams: Agenda 2030 — Part 1


France Riots, Divided Americans And Discrimination In The UK

34:59 The Eurasianist: Macron was forced to abruptly abandon the EU Summit due to the civil war in France

The Guardian's latest updates: France riots: Macron tells parents to keep teenagers at home; policing unions criticised over inflammatory language

21st Century Wire: U.S. Supreme Court Votes to End University Admissions Based on Race

Fox News video: Biden rips Supreme Court decision on race-based college admissions 


Military Pride "Totally Worth It"; Tory MPs Instructed Not To Be Interested In Child Protection Bill 

41:49 Sky News: Royal Air Force unlawfully discriminated against white male recruits in bid to boost diversity, inquiry finds

British Forces Broadcasting Service: Let's talk PRIDE with Flight Lieutenant Louise Tagg!

Andrew Bridgen:

I have been informed by former colleagues in the Conservative Party that their whips office warned them NOT to vote for my Child Protection Bill.

Evening Standard: Trans community ‘even more set upon’ than gay and lesbian people were, says MP (Ben Bradshaw)

Kim Isherwood, Public Child Protection Wales, speaking to UK Column about the British state's malicious woke attack on children's minds. To be published as soon as possible


Aspartame: The Dodgiest Food Regulation Decision In History?

49:57 WHO: Aspartame Questions and Answers

Science Direct: Aspartame—an overview

Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review: The Aspartame Controversy Of 1981—The Hidden Truth Behind the Not-So-Sweet Artificial Sweetener

U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Sugar Substitutes: Americans Opt for Sweetness and Lite (Webpage now deleted)


The Whispers and Smirks Of Climate Changery; And Finally—US President Still Has The Burner Phone For His Son's Side Hustle

55:47 Evening Standard: King Charles activates climate countdown clock with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

No mention yet of the Climate Countdown Clock by the BBC—is the King not newsworthy for the national public brodcaster?

Climate Innovation Forum 2023

Sandi Adams wishes she had £50 for each one of the doom deadlines that never came true

The Royal Family on Twitter:

The King has championed action for a sustainable future for more than five decades.

The Royal Family on Twitter:

The King has welcomed astronauts, business leaders, environmentalists and scientists to a Space Sustainability Event at Buckingham Palace.

Advertising oligopoly JCDecaux UK:

Tick Tock... the clock is ticking. Keep an eye out for our support for the Climate Clock switch on with ticking clock creatives bringing the message to audiences UK-wide on digital 6-sheet screens in rail stations.

John Solomon Calls Joe Biden's Secret Global Phone