UK Column News - 30th January 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott, Mark Anderson and Katy-jo Murfin with today’s UK Column News.


77th Big Brother Brigade

00:34 Big Brother Watch breaking news from UKC 2020

Ministry of Truth key findings 

UKC—Censored timeline

UKC Article: The British Military Information War Waged On Their Own Population


Times hit-piece on “Illegal school”

06:54 Hope Sussex school trains next generation of conspiracy theorists


Emergency Care Plan—NHS Virtual Wards goes ahead

15:14 NHS Urgent and Emergency Care plan for virtual wards goes ahead

NHS: Major plan to recover urgent and emergency care services

ICE Connect: Examining the latest market trends and global events


Japan’s economy: Land of the Rising Debt

20:45 Japan saw record trade deficit of ¥19.97 trillion in 2022

Record low number of Japanese reach adulthood as demographic woes deepen

Japan warns of dire finances as BOJ struggles to contain yields

Bank of Japan eases bond market strains with loans to banks

Japan’s greatest export today: Stability

UKC Article: State education means state control over the beliefs of the next generation—Pastor John-William Noble

UKC Article: The Coming Dollar Collapse and the Role of Gold and Silver—Rafi Farber

UKC Article: Ugly Building—Ugly Ideas—Ugly Sources (David Scott speech)


Ukraine: Britain pretends to have a large army

31:00 British Army's 'dire state' as 10,000 troops cut and equipment obsolet—damning verdict

The Sun: Army hammering out emergency plan to keep Putin’s hands off top secret British armor 

Rob Bauer on Twitter: We were honored to welcome Ukrainian cadets to NATO HQ today

Military Advisor on Twitter: Latest military situation around Bakhmut

MRLS firing on Ukrainian positions

Geolocation map

Rob Bauer on Twitter: Honored to welcome Military Representative MGen Salkutsan

Zelensky welcomes Black Rock, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to Ukraine

Brazil not to supply ammunition for German tanks that Berlin intends to transfer to Ukraine

Colombia Refuses To Donate Russian Weaponry To Ukraine

Oleg Nikolenko on Facebook: Prime Minister of Hungary compared Ukraine to Afghanistan and called it a no man’s land

NATO countries poised to send 50 fighter jets to Ukraine

President of the NATO Military Committee defends war economy

Rob Bauer on Twitter: #PeacewithWomen

Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025

Avoiding a Long War—U.S. Policy and the Trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict


Trans+ agenda: Madness under the kilts

58:10 Time Magazine: Aging Populations Can Be Good for the Climate Change Fight

One Health action for health security and equity

NPR: Migration could prevent a looming population crisis

More than 150,000 births could occur in the US every year following the reversal of Roe v. Wade

Yahoo News: Transgender men can get pregnant

Peter Tatchell on Twitter: The idea that a would-be male rapist is going to dress as a woman for 3 months to get a GRC [gender recognition] is laughable

Nicola Sturgeon shuts down anti-trans myth

Jailing of trans rapist Isla Bryson is 'shambles', says prison chief

Nicola Sturgeon looks tired with a list of trans sex offenders

Tiffany Scott: Scottish Government U-turns on moving trans prisoner from Fife to women’s prison

Formerly Andrew Burns, one of the most dangerous prisoners in Scotland moved to the women’s prison

Fury as Nicola Sturgeon says opponents of GRR Bill are misogynist, transphobic and racist

Tiffany Scott once called a judge "transphobic" after being handed extra time for a brutal assault on prison staff

Transgender Male, Christynne Lili Wrene Wood at Center of YMCA Locker Room Controversy

Seb Samuel funeral fundraiser for sex offender

Aida H. Dee: The Storytime Drag Queen at Tate