UK Column News - 2nd January 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


00:30 A trepidatious look through 2023

00:56 Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s ‘short’ New Year message 

04:44 Twitter cartoon 

05:10 Passport control N Ireland

05:58 Putin's equivalent address 

08:30 FT predictions

09:34 'We cannot go on like this': NHS 'under unbearable strain'

10:19 Britons resorting to DIY medicine because they're unable to see a GP

10:35 The Guardian asks: Flu, Covid, RSV: why is Britain so very ill?

10:42 Two years of triple-whammy warnings

11:00 July 2021 Flu could kill 60,000 this winter health chiefs warn

12:14 Signs of reality: Covid Scotland: NHS needs radical 'whole system' reform

14:07 Feb 2018: Experts call for radical action on NHS in Scotland

16:38 Salary £95,930 Chief Executive Scottish COVID Inquiry

17:23 NHS rations treatment amid SNP ‘policy vacuum’

19:22 Stats from Public Health Scotland

22:40 Police have ‘grave concern’ at driving ambulances

23:43 Dr Renée Hoenderkamp (Twitter) MailOnline: NHS bosses want interview panels to justify why they have hired a white person 

27:18 No money for us but plenty for Ukraine 

28:47 House Republicans on Funding to Aid Ukraine. The lawmakers called for transparency over the appropriations of taxpayer dollars

35:58 Greg Abbott says Texas has bused nearly 16,000 migrants

Operation Lone Star Takes Historic Action Throughout 2022

40:16 Governor Abbott Demands Federal Border Action Ahead Of Polar Vortex

45:00 Fornethy Conference reminder


47:36 Azov regiment gather to watch a Viking longboat burn

49:49 Hollande: ‘There will only be a way out of the conflict when Russia fails on the ground’

50:28 Russia must face long-term consequences for Ukraine, says Wallace

55:02 Ukraine fighting is deadlocked, spy chief Kyrylo Budanov tells BBC

56:37 EU seeks special court to try Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine

57:12 The EU’s newly launched CSDP mission

58:15 Ukraine: EU launches Military Assistance Mission

58:40 About public-interest exceptions on Twitter

1:00:50 BBC set up modern media in Ukraine

1:01:16 Nick Pickles BBC and Twitter

1:01:38 Ukraine must get long-term support, warns Nato chief (BBC)


1:03:14 Europe has to take care of its own security nuclear capability should no longer be a taboo subject

1:03:47 Mock Attack On U.S. Navy Vessels Underway During Chinese Fighter’s ‘Unsafe Intercept’

1:06:27 Teaching the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates

1:13:06 Matt Trewhella, pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church

1:15:57 Climate fear

Closing song: Auld Lang Syne (For Freedom)—filmed and edited by Alice Callari; performed by Ricky Sherlock and Robert Termer from Transcender