UK Column News - 2nd December 2022

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


NHS direction "stuck on stupid": Pandemic cannot be declared over

00:21 Chuckle Brothers Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance forecast a prolonged period of excess death of British people (reported by titles including Daily Mail)

00:44 Graphic on screen: ONS all-cause mortality statistics

01:05 Mike Robinson hunts through UK Government websites: Department of Health & Social Care has no mention of the death forecast, but does carry messaging including:

  • Get boosted
  • £22.5 million cancer research funding for mRNA platforms
  • NHS delivering on winter plan: Health Secretary Steve Barclay says “absolutely vital to use cutting-edge technology”

Mike Robinson commentary: Staggering that beds aren’t coming back after shutdown yet data analytics are being ramped up

Patrick Henningsen commentary: Apparent attempt to rehabilitate the sultans of lockdown; the problems catalysed by their policies were predictable
—This is a Big Agriculture model: patients administered by PowerPoint like livestock; slick presentation will suggest everything is rosy

Mike Robinson resumes his hunt for UK Government hosting of the Chuckle Brothers' prophecy:

  • DHSC: no
  • Covid page: no
  • Public Health page: no
  • Chief Medical Officer's Annual Report page: yes, well buried 

05:28 So what do the Chuckle Brothers say? Inter alia, NHS morale blamed—but Whitty and Valance drove the mood of lockdown

Mike Robinson analysis: Whitty is blaming the public for not having heard the supposedly intended subtleties of his “stay away from our NHS” messaging

Patrick Henningsen commentary: A declaration that the pandemic is over is unconscionable because it would trigger a tsunami of lawsuits against Big Pharma and government bodies for pushing emergency-use products


Bill C–7's second anniversary: Canada pioneers industrial-scale suicide of the unwanted

10:39 The Bridgehead: Canada’s new euthanasia law [passed in December 2020] threatens your loved ones who suffer from mental illness (March 2021)

Horrifying data picked up by independent media; Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is leading a Five Eyes strategy of suicide in place of mental illness prevention

Canadian medics can now decree the death of people incapable of consenting, on the basis that they were previously induced to express such a will

13:52 Graphic on screen: Huge rise year on year since 2016 in medically-assisted suicides in Canada

14:21 Unexpectedly informative article: CBC (Canadian public broadcaster)—Federal minister says she's 'shocked' by suggestion of assisted deaths for some babies

Vanessa Beeley commentary: How much of this irreparable damage to babies is caused by Covid vaccines?

Qualtrough said it should not be easier to access a medically assisted death than to get a wheelchair — but it is.

16:36 Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova draws pointed comparisons between Third Reich’s T4 programme and Canada’s euthanasia drive: money-saving

18:31 Ian Miles Cheong tweet: Canadian clothes retailer Simons is actually using suicide to market their products

19:01 Clip: Canadians being encouraged to end it all—All Is Beauty (Simons)

20:36 MercatorNet: A Canadian retailer exploits a young artist’s euthanasia to market its fashions

If La Maison Simons really valued “community, connection, and compassion”, it would be subsidising housing and medical care for people like this. Instead it is exploiting the death of a young artist to burnish its brand as a champion of progressive values.

The American Conservative: Canadian Capitalist Culture Of Death

21:28 New York Times: New York City to involuntarily remove mentally ill people from streets

Patrick Henningsen analysis: Industrial death numbers; the supine response says a lot about Canadian society and politics, revolving around nihilism—children brought up for half a century now really to believe they have no future

24:50 Clip: RedactedThe connection between euthanasia and eugenics—Canada’s paediatric society says it’s basically OK to eliminate children, as long as the child is categorised as a “mature minor”

Vanessa Beeley commentary: Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather ran Nazi propaganda in occupied Kraków and was closely connected to Joseph Goebbels, who commissioned Ich klage an (I Accuse), a blockbuster Nazi film portraying suicide of the ill as heroic


Human augmentation: Musk makes a hash of his pitch

27:53 Elon Musk Show and Tell livestream yesterday on his latest efforts to interface the human brain with microchips: implantation trial within six months

28:30 Clip: Musk fumblingly describes his overall goal: “create a whole-brain interface”, a generalised input/output device to access the soul—and asks how the risk of supposedly super-intelligent computers can be mitigated

Patrick Henningsen commentary: Actual researchers know we are actually nowhere near the trumpeted “singularity”; artificial competence is not artificial intelligence—but this should be understood separately from Musk’s free speech aims on Twitter

33:06 UK Ministry of Defence’s boffin department Dstl boasts “pioneering AI trial”

34:06 UK MoD also has a Defence Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Mike Robinson analysis: Supposedly, AI is only a problem when in the adversary’s hands—but British defence thinking openly says now that it thinks the enemy is found at home

Patrick Henningsen commentary: Be more concerned about what your local health service and police force is deciding to do with you using AI—the hallmarks of a technocracy


Third-world election fraud: Now available back home

37:13 AP (syndicated by the Independent): Bulgarians protest reinstatement of paper election ballots

Patrick Henningsen analysis: We Continue The Change party and Democratic Bulgaria political alliance—of unclear funding—insist on electronic voting

Patrick Henningsen commentary: Recall that when US ballot companies pioneered electronic voting, they did so for régime-change ends in Latin America, not at home—the back-end server owners are said to be able to swing Brazilian elections

40:35 Just The News: Arizona Governor-elect Hobbs ultimatum to county board: Certify her election or face felony rap—Mojave County board supervisors threatened with arrest and criminal charges if they would not roll over and accept the proclaimed election result

Patrick Henningsen commentary: Half of Arizona does not accept the state’s official election results, which could be decisive nationwide; this could erupt into a much bigger fight


Free speech online: Incompetents flushed out; The government will dox you now

43:57 Washington Examiner: Musk says Twitter 'interfered in elections' and 'failed' public trust

Patrick Henningsen reminder: Twitter even shut down the account of the New York Post, the fourth-largest newspaper in the USA, as if its editors hadn't vetted the Hunter Biden laptop story

Three telling tweets by Elon Musk:

The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections. Twitter 2.0 will be far more effective, transparent and even-handed.

The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened.

This is a battle for the future of civilization. If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead.

47:09 Reuters cites Twitter’s former head of censorship, Yoel Roth the partisan, as casting Musk’s Twitter as a cauldron of hate speech

48:07 Clip: Roth’s blasé attitude, feigning a sense of danger and pretending expertise in the political phenomenon of hack-and-leak

50:41 Washington Post: Musk’s ‘free speech’ agenda dismantles safety work at Twitter, insiders say

Times of Israel: Israel’s Foreign Ministry jabs Twitter for new lax attitude toward hate speech

NBC News takes the hype to another order of magnitude: Elon Musk’s Twitter risks opening floodgates of hate speech and extremism in India

AP (syndicated by the Independent): German police raid and question online hate speech suspects—Germany’s annual purge of anonymous persons online

New York Times: Where Online Hate Speech Can Bring the Police to Your Door (September 2022)—misattributing a quote gets a man's door battered down

Patrick Henningsen commentary: If the Germans are crowing about government doxxing for upsetting politicians, are the Five Eyes doing it to their own citizens in a less declared fashion?

German law enforcement’s doctrine:

The accused bears the risk of spreading a false quote without checking it

—predicated upon the nonsense that a falsely-attributed quotation is a threat to a politician’s very safety

Patrick Henningsen analysis: Governments are hereby showing social media platforms that they will intervene directly if the platforms are not up to the censorship task set for them


“Hate speech”: the perennial problem is political, not legal

1:01:40 EU foreign affairs supremo Josep Borrell reports to G20 on his “diplomatic speed-dating” on the “global battle of narratives”: “For now, we are not winning”

Borrell particularly concerned that “our partners” have not swallowed the approved narrative, and need to be have it reinforced (with lip service paid to cultural sensitivities)

1:02:07 Tech HQ: Twitter will be banned in Europe unless it abides by EU’s Digital Services Act

This tendency has already started voluntarily, with Rumble removing itself from France rather than submit to censorship

1:03:12 Politico: What is DSA? What Europe’s new content moderation law means for the internet

In the event of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, war or a pandemic, the Commission will be empowered to require Big Tech firms to quickly adapt their services to deal with potential disinformation.

1:03:47 European Digital Media Observatory: The EDMO network expands to all EU Member States through six new hubs—no EU country must be beyond the reach of punitive anti-dissidence measures such as freezing bank accounts

Mike Robinson commentary: We must be building a much better type of society with all this control of narratives(!)

1:05:13 Daily Telegraph: Britain is sleepwalking into censorship and we're running out of time to stop it— opinion piece warning that Britain will become one of the world’s most draconian countries by dint of the “disinformation terrorism” label

1:06:20 BBCOnline Safety Bill: Plan to make big tech remove harmful content axed

Mike Robinson commentary: The Bill will still affect even people running a small online forum, and the Government is insisting on pushier platforms

1:09:15 Patrick Henningsen commentary: Twitter has just stopped policing “Covid misinformation” but certain buzzphrases, like “preventing homophobic speech”, are so broad-brush as to allow anything to be construed as offensive—and Musk’s new management has only removed the Covid straitjacket, not the others

1:12:55 Mike Robinson review—Online Safety Bill new amendments

New section after Section 135 requires Ofcom to publish a report on the impact of the regulatory framework—thus requiring platforms to protect the “right” news sources from being too bothered

1:13:42 New section after Section 152, ensuring that holders of certain licences are exempt from charges of false communications—that would be approved sources as long as they stay within the trammels set for them

1:14:20 And just for the laughs: Centre for Information Resilience, a yah-boo narrative tank

1:14:50 Fox News: White House’s former ‘disinformation czar’ Nina Jankowicz registers as a foreign agent—the Centre for Information Resilience is the British NGO for whom Jankowicz (Biden's Mary Poppins) now works


UK Covid-19 Inquiry—the fix is in?

1:15:27 Inquiry now set up

Mike Robinson analysis: The Chuckle Brothers' precooked apportionment of blame (first segment of today’s news) will have been intended to feed into this inquiry, to set its tenor

1:16:05 Daily Telegraph: Covid inquiry risks ‘whitewash’ with its focus on lockdown advocates, MPs warn—concern over potential for biased selection of core participants in the inquiry

1:16:30 Independent: Next Covid strain could be more dangerous than Omicron, scientists warn

Fortune Well: Scientists have their eyes on several ‘Deltacrons’—new COVId variants with the potential to attack the lungs like Delta and spread as easily as Omicron

Mike Robinson commentary: Evidently, the Next Pandemic™ is on its way by hook or by crook