UK Column News - 28th October 2022

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen,  Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.

Covid jabs

00:22 Sir Chistopher Chope's Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill has its second reading
UK Column has reinterviewed Covid jab victim Charlet Crichton of UK CV Family
02:08 Clinical Negligence — the proper remedy in English law (Twitter thread)
05:17 US Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) loophole

Online Safety

07:06 Online Safety Bill delayed?
Guardian: Government criticised over delay
PoliticsHome: Second delay in four months
08:39 UK Government "media literacy" strategy for children
Internet Matters
10:49 UK Government Media Literacy Programme Fund

Media battlespace

11:14 Senior Journalist for TikTok channels — BBC Ukrainian propaganda has "distinctive style and content" redolent of the White Helmets' TikTok offer from Syria
14:40 Elon Musk buys Twitter


18:00 Ex-CIA Ray McGovern on the sixtieth anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis
19:52 Valdai Club: Putin's speech on the West's aims
24:57 Myrotvorets kill list: Réseau International interviews Gen (Ret'd) Delawarde of France on extrajudicial executions
29:33 US Congress members hastily withdraw ("clarify") the earlier-reported letter to Biden calling for diplomacy to stop the war


33:50 Women's rights protests in Iran: BBC continues to urge women overseas to die for globalist goals
Illuminating interview with Setareh Sadeqi
Shiraz bombing: West hypocritically silent about ISIS terrorism in Iran

Digital ID in various national manifestations

42:56 Background to global digital identity
43:39 Northern Ireland Business Services Organisation runs encompass to give everyone a digital ID "for health"
46:07 Gript forces Dublin health minister to explain why masks might be imposed again: are the linked sources plausible?
48:09 Digital currency (CBDC) as key plank of digital ID: IMF Risks and Rewards panel with Bank for International Settlement (BIS) and Dutch royal participation
The Exposé article on the panel
50:15 Japan's digital ID: AP News — My Number card faces stiff opposition


53:35 Syrian and Palestinian causes become more entwined 
56:51 Israel attacks Syria


1:00:39 Forthcoming US elections: tectonic shifts in demography and psephology

Other News

1:14:03 Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer meets Bill Gates in Parliament    
1:17:23 And Finally