UK Column News - 28th July 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


The Debanking Wave: Introducing B Lab

00:25 Benefit Corporation: About B Lab

B Corp Movement Video

The Guardian (2019): Firms ignoring climate crisis will go bankrupt, says Mark Carney

Benefit Corporation: Coutts & Company

Best Advice: Coventry BS becomes first B Corp-certified UK building society

Benefit Corporation: C. Hoare & Co.

Benefit Corporation: Helping all businesses take action for the Sustainable Development Goals

We Are The City: Dame Alison Rose: She is also a member of the International Business Council for the World Economic Forum, and Vice-Chair of Business in the Community (BITC)

ESG Clarity: Best B Haviour


Greek Fires And The Climate Change Agenda

07:57 Yahoo: Greece: Wildfires on Corfu started by arsonists, officials claim

Mirror: Greece Rhodes fires: Firefighters say there are 'indications of arson' in shocking update

Reuters: Three dead in Greece wildfires as firefighters battle the flames

Justin Rowlatt on Twitter: “I’m the BBC’s (first ever) Climate Editor.”

BBC: Corfu latest Greek island to evacuate over wildfires

BBC: Rhodes fires: Thousands forced to flee 'disaster film' wildfires 

Corfu Tourist:

NOTE TO THE BBC News BBC World Service: Corfu is not being evacuated as per your news feed in the UK. The areas affected where evacuated last night for the safety of the tourists and as a lot. of older people live in small villages and hamlets there was a concern for the safety and respiratory Issues due to the smoke.

IMF vs Greece: Firebombing Greek Tourist Hotspots to Sell ‘Climate Change' 


Ukraine War Casualties—Nobody Wins

13:48 BBC: Kyiv claims success as southern fighting intensifies

BBC: Western armour struggles against Russian defences

Military Summary: Bradley Square | Complete Destruction Of Ukrainian Armored Fist

History Legends: Russia launched surprise offensive in Luhansk

BBC: Ukrainian casualties: Kyiv losing up to 200 troops a day


Terrorist Attacks In Southern Syria In Residential Area

20:13 Reuters: Russian aircraft flew 'dangerously close' to US drone over Syria, White House says

Believe In Syria on Telegram: An explosive device that was placed in a taxi exploded in the Sayeda Zeinab area. (Video)

GOV.UK: FCDO advises against travel to parts of Turkey


The Integrated Operating Concept Revisited (Five Years On)

27:27 GOV.UK: Integrated Operating Concept 2025

LinkedIn: Alex Cresswell: Shaping a resilient and agile future for the UK's defence and security landscape

At Thales we recognise the significance of exploiting and sharing data in a trusted manner across different domains, empowering decision-makers during crucial moments.

Integrated Operating Concept PDF

The old distinction between foreign and domestic defence is increasingly irrelevant. When 'fake news' appears to originate not abroad but at home, it gains credibility and reach, stoking confusion, disagreement, division and doubt in our societies.

UK Column News—28th March 2018: The Fusion Doctrine

AV13 Event Tickets

March For Freedom: Assembling at the Sundial in Plymouth city centre at 12:00, 29 July


CIA’s Ties To Child Sex Cult

33:38 RT: Ukraine: Drug testing ground 

As Ukrainian troops retreat, Russian forces discover that Ukrainian trenches are littered with syringes and unmarked pills.

GOV.UK: Foreign Secretary speech at the United Nations Security Council 17 July 2023

Save Ukraine: Home page

Mint Press: The Finders: CIA ties to child sex cult obscured as coverage goes from sensationalism to silence

Foundation to Battle Injustice: Foundation to battle injustice found exclusive evidence of trafficking disabled Ukrainian children in Spain

South Front: Legalized Sale Of Children For “Spare Parts” And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

Eva K Bartlet: Artyomovsk [Bakhmut] Refugees Speak of Ukraine's "White Angels" Abducting Children


Report Thy Neighbour: UK’s Stasi App—For Safe Car Washes, Of Course

46:54 Express: Top police officer faces serious sexual assault allegations in suspension months into job

Police Oracle: CC Will Kerr 'strenuously denies any allegations of criminality'

Telegraph: Devon and Cornwall Police joins six other forces in special measures 

Eventbrite: Police recruitment for diverse groups at It's All About Culture

The Clewer Initiative: Safe Car Wash App


Forgotten And Ignored Nuclear Test Service Men Now Remembered And Honoured 

55:04 The Times: Attack Warning Red! by Julie McDowall review—how to survive a nuclear attack

Penguin: Attack Warning Red! By Julie McDowall

Telegraph: A nuclear war could wipe out all of humanity, and nobody seems to care 

Declassified UK: Keir Starmer joined secretive CIA-linked group while serving in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet