UK Column News - 27th October 2023

Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Highly Controversial Online Safety Act Is Now On Statute Books

00:21 GOV.UK: UK children and adults to be safer online as world-leading bill becomes law

UK Parliament: Online Safety Act 2023—Parliamentary Bill

Ofcom: Ofcom's approach to implementing the Online Safety Act

Ofcom: Creating a safer life online for people in the UK

Ofcom: Transparency notice: Research on online platforms to explore online safety

GOV.UK: Closed consultation: Revised Investigatory Powers Act notices regimes consultation 

The Guardian: The furore over the BBC’s Israel-Gaza coverage shows how strong and independent it needs to be

British Broadcasting Challenge: To promote a wide-ranging discussion about the future of UK Public Service Broadcasting

GOV.UK (2020): Public Service Broadcasting Advisory Panel

Banijay Group: Banijay Completes Landmark Deal to Acquire Endemol Shine Group


The Soaring Gaza Death Toll

12:44 The Cradle: Biden makes light of soaring Gaza death toll, calls deaths of innocents 'price to pay'

Newsweek: Watch: Madeleine Albright Saying Iraqi Kids' Deaths 'Worth It' Resurfaces

Yahoo: Gaza health ministry says more than 7,000 killed in air strikes as Israel’s military launches ‘biggest ground incursion’

Vanessa Beeley (on X):

Former Israel Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, describes Palestinians as "inhuman animals" on Sky News. If you believe this racism is isolated to a few individuals & is not 100% Zionist ideology, you are deluded.

Vanessa Beeley (on X):

It is entirely justified to compare this kind of dehumanisation rhetoric aimed at Palestinians to the same tactics deployed by Nazis to dehumanise Jews. Those crying "outrage" because of these comparisons are far from honest in their analysis.

Saul Staniforth (on X): An IDF spokesman says Israel is not bombarding Gaza

Censored Men (on X):

Netanyahu statement: “We are the people of the light, they are the people of darkness—we shall realize the prophecy of Isaiah."

United Nations Office at Geneva: Gaza crisis: Deadlock deepens as Security Council rejects competing resolutions by US and Russia

The New York Times: A Close Look at Some Key Evidence in the Gaza Hospital Blast

Mondoweiss: A growing number of reports indicate Israeli forces responsible for Israeli civilian and military deaths following October 7 attack

Haaretz: Freed Israeli Hostage's Remarks Seen by Government Officials as Damaging to Israeli Interests

The Cradle: What really happened on 7th October?

MintPress News: How Big Media Facilitate Israeli War Crimes in Gaza


Sunak Plans To Remove Safeguards Around Biometrics And Public Surveillance

24:51 Rishi Sunak (on X):

I’m making long-term decisions for a brighter future. Watch my speech at #CPC23 live

GOV.UK: AI Safety Summit: introduction

GOV.UK: About the AI Safety Summit 2023

GOV.UK: Prime Minister's speech on AI: 26 October 2023

GOV.UK: Advisory Board of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

UK Parliament: Data Protection and Digital Information (No. 2) Bill

The Record by Recorded Future: UK government accused of ‘vandalism’ over abolishing biometrics safeguards

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67-Year-Old Arrested For Cutting A Twig In Communal Garden

28:57 Correction: Starmer's name is Keir not Kier—Very sorry

The Telegraph: Care home residents ‘left to starve’ in pandemic, Covid inquiry is told 

Junction Watcher UK (YouTube): Woman, 67, arrested for cutting a twig


UN Security Council Has Not Been Able To Send A Collective Signal To De-Escalate

33:44 Al Jazeera: Israel-Hamas war updates: Iran tells Israel to stop before it’s too late

UN Press: Amid Increasingly Dire Humanitarian Situation in Gaza, Secretary-General Tells Security Council Hamas Attacks Cannot Justify Collective Punishment of Palestinian People

The Wrap: Brian Kilmeade Mum After Fox News Guest Suggests Israel Gas Hamas Out of Gaza Tunnels

Redacted (YouTube): A false flag attack is coming in Gaza": Ex-CIA agent says get ready

CNN: Report: Hamas founder's son worked for Israel

Middle East Eye: Israel plans to flood Hamas tunnels with nerve gas, source says


A Quick Look At Who Is Making BBC Reports 

43:15 BBC: 'My family is in Gaza': Solo vigil sparks protests

LinkedIn Israel: Gidi Kleiman: Staff Producer—BBC News

Camera UK: BBC film on Lod promotes inaccuracies, raises questions


Fears Of World War III Until The Public Decides Enough Is Enough

49:31 David Sacks (on X): Where is Israel-Hamas war headed? Could this lead to WW3?

Fortune (Via Yahoo): Elon Musk fears the West is foolishly ‘sleepwalking our way into World War III’ and calls for an immediate cease-fire in Ukraine

TASS: Musk sees world 'sleepwalking' its way into another world war

Daily Mail: Putin is trying to form a 'new axis of terror against the West', experts fear—as Russian despot invites Hamas and Iranian leaders to Moscow


And Finally: Shahid Bolsen’s Message To The Israeli People

52:32 Mondoweiss: Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won

If Americans Knew: The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict

Vanessa Beeley (on X): HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Shahid Bolsen—Message to the Israeli people

Torah Judaism (on X):

Rabbi Yisroel Feldman: “All lands should be returned to the Palestinian people” As Jews, “We will be safer under the Palestinian government”