UK Column News - 27th November 2023

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Ukraine's Allies Prepare Zelensky To Decide "Of His Own Accord" That It's Time For Peace Talks

00:26 Bild: New secret plan for Ukraine (in German)—(Archived page here)

Kyiv Post: Russia Offered to End War in 2022 If Ukraine Scrapped NATO Ambitions—Zelensky Party Chief

The Jimmy Dore Show (YouTube): The Saddest Video Of Ukrainian Soldiers You’ll Ever See!

Wall Street Journal: Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Is Stalled, but Not at Sea

Kyiv Independent: Ukraine's victory will send a message to all dictatorships

Clandestine’s Newsletter (Substack): Oliver Stone Brings Up Biolabs in Ukraine on Bill Maher Podcast!

Declassified UK: UK government blocks MP questions about Gaza-related activity at its Cyprus base

Socialist Worker: British state tries to cover up its military operations in Middle East

Alex Krainer's TrendCompass (Substack): What NATO learned in Ukraine

John’s Substack: The Myth that Putin Was Bent on Conquering Ukraine and Creating a Greater Russia

Il Libanese (on X): The war could have ended in the spring of 2022, but Johnson told us to keep fighting—Zelensky’s right-hand David Arakhamia


Climate Change Used To Bring In Globalist Policies

17:39 Yale Climate Connections: Eight key takeaways from the new National Climate Assessment

World Resources Institute: State of Climate Action 2023

The Guardian: Cop28 host UAE has world’s biggest climate-busting oil plans, data indicates


Mentions And Corrections

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RichPlanet TV: Richard D Hall

E-mail to UK Column: Challenge your MP and hold them to account

E-mail to UK Column: Tones Town Council trying to shut down Saturday group

Lou Collins of Liberty Tactics

James Roguski (YouTube): International Health Regulations

GOV.UK: Treaties and MOUs: Guidance on Practice and Procedures

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) records international commitments, but in a form and with wording which expresses an intention that it is not to be binding as a matter of international law. An MoU is used where it is considered preferable to avoid the formalities of a treaty.

E-mail to UK Column: URGENT: WHO CAMPAIGN—DEADLINE 1st DECEMBER (shared in full)

Save Our Rights and the UK Medical Freedom Alliance have just launched a last-minute campaign to Reject the Amendment to Article 59 of the International Health Regulations (2005) that was adopted at the 76th WHA in May 2022. The time period for Member States to reject these amendments ends on 1 December 2023.   

This is a precursor to the main campaign against the 300+ amendments and the Pandemic Treaty that will launch in January [2024]. Are you able to speak about it this week on the UK Column? It would be brilliant to have your help to spread the word. There's also some good news to report, as Estonia, New Zealand, and Slovakia are pushing back.

Estonia’s Parliament [editorial note: actually only 11 members of parliament], on 22 November, formally rejected the current IHR amendments, as well as the proposed future amendments and the international pandemic treaty, with 92 of the 101 Riigikogu members voting against them.

New Zealand, through its coalition agreements announced on 24 November, reserved its position against adopting these amendments by 1 December 2023, pending a ‘National Interest Test’. This step highlights the importance of ensuring that international health regulations align with national interests and priorities.

Furthermore, President Fico of Slovakia, in a speech at the SMER party conference on 17 November, declared that the Slovakian constitution would require the consent of the National Council of the Slovak Republic for such amendments. He affirmed that he would not support measures that strengthen the WHO at the expense of national sovereignty.

We have prepared letters for people to send to the Health Secretary and their MP in just a couple of clicks.  Here's the campaign page with all the info.

Louise will also be doing a live tonight at 7 pm about this campaign. Here's the link for that.


Around Europe: Passing The Buck Of Disastrous Covid Jab Decisions

36:31 Vit Kopecky's Synthesis (Substack): Proposal for Amendment of EU Treaties Passed

Coronavirus Plushie (on X): 

Marcel de Graaff, member of the European Parliament, tells of the shocking facts about the Covid–19 shots found in a response from the European Medicines Agency.

Potkaars-live (YouTube): Press conference on the letter from EMA, by Forum for Democracy in the European Parliament

Die Fackel 2.0 (Substack): EMA Destroys Foundation for Vaxx Mandates

Igor Chudov’s Newsletter (Substack): Pfizer Sues Poland, Demanding Money for Undelivered and Unwanted Covid Vaccines

Alexander Covid News—Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter (Substack): Pfizer is suing Poland over vaccines; The court case is the latest fallout from Ursula von der Leyen’s massive Covid-19 vaccine contract (POLITICO); It took a while, but the bill finally came

Courageous Discourse (Substack): Poland On Hook for EU's Shady Deal with Pfizer

ThaiMBC: Iceland Bans Covid Shots amid Soaring Sudden Deaths

Steve Kirsch (on X): 

Actually we now have the proof it was the vaccine and not something else. That proof will be revealed to the world on Nov 30.

Doctors for Covid Ethics: The EU Commission can see no excess mortality due to the Covid–19 vaccines


The Profit-Driven Abortion Industry 

42:43 CNN: Births have increased in states with abortion bans, research finds 

Knights of Columbus: New 2023 Knights of Columbus—Marist Poll Abortion and Double Effect


BBC Has "No Regrets" On False Reporting Of Gaza Hospital—Marianna Spring Is Concerned Social Media Is Shaping How You View The Israel-Gaza War

49:11 Sky News Australia: BBC editor says he 'doesn't regret one thing' after false Gaza hospital reporting

Several media outlets initially reported that Israel was responsible for an explosion at a hospital in Gaza. Bowen claimed during his initial reports that the Al-Ahli hospital was flattened. BBC's international editor Jeremy Bowen was pressed on his initial reporting of an explosion at a hospital in Gaza on Saturday and said he didn't regret his mistakes during an interview on the network on Saturday.

Camera UK: 2021 Summary: CAMERA Arabic in the British press

Sky News: Israel-Hamas war: Thousands take to London streets in march against antisemitism

BBC: Slick videos or more 'authentic' content? The Israel-Gaza battles raging on TikTok and X

Dr Nilima Srivastava (on X): Former Israeli Cabinet Minister, winner of 2000 Israel Prize

Antisemitism… it’s a trick we always use it to stifle legitimate criticism of Jews and Zionist Israel


Next Dutch Government Could Be Entirely Anti-System Coalition

57:05 Politico: Far-right leader Geert Wilders wins Dutch election

Politico: The accounting error that could kill Germany’s coalition