UK Column News - 27th March 2024

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Charles Malet with today's UK Column News.


Assange Extradition Case—Kicking The Can: Court To Reconsider On 20th May

00:18 WikiLeaks (on X): Amnesty: High Court adjournment of appeal leaves Julian Assange and all media workers in limbo


Crocus City Hall: Nuland Promised Nasty Surprises

03:15 EuroNews: Russian FSB says US, UK and Ukraine behind Moscow attack 

U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Russia: Security Alert: Avoid Large Gatherings over the Next 48 Hours (posted on 7 March)

Forbes: US warnings: U.S. Embassy Warns Of ‘Imminent’ Extremist Attack In Moscow

FSB (Russian): The FSB prevented a terrorist act against one of the Jewish religious institutions of the city. Moscow, Russia

Newsweek: NATO Ally Could Command 60,000-Strong Force in Ukraine

PBS: Victoria 'cookies' Nuland: State Dept. official: If Putin wins Ukraine, tyrants ‘will get hungry’ with aspirations

Politico: Obama drops in for a cuppa: Barack Obama drops in for a cuppa with UK PM Rishi Sunak 

Reuters: Russia, China veto US-led UN resolution on Gaza ceasefire

The Independent (2019): How Ukraine became the unlikely home for Isis leaders escaping the caliphate


How Many Hours, How Many Years Does It Take To Train A Ukrainian Pilot?

14:40 GOV.UK: First Ukrainian pilots graduate from RAF flight training

Royal United Services Institute (2023): Giving RAF Typhoons to Ukraine Would Be a Very Expensive Symbolic Gesture

Clip of expert pilot Tim Davis and Charles Malet


Which Government Is The Real Threat To The British People?

19:39 National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ): UK condemns Chinese cyber attacks against governments and businesses

China Policy Research (YouTube): UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron addresses China hacking and cyberattacks 3/25/24

U.S. Department of State: U.S. Takes Action to Further Disrupt PRC Cyber Activities

Big Brother Watch: Ministry of Truth

UK Column series: Censored

UK Column article (2018): Integrity Initiative: A Look Into The Deep State?

WhatDoTheyKnow: 77th Brigade operating domestically

BBC: Kate rumours linked to Russian disinformation

GOV.UK: Integrated Operating Concept


Updates And Announcements

32:13 Support Independent Journalism from the UK Column

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UK Column interview: Outsourcing morality: Blackwater and beyond—with Morgan Lerette

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Back To Bird Flu: New Measures To Register Every Back-Garden Chicken, Despite 75% Not Wanting New Measures

34:21 GOV.UK: New measures to help protect poultry industry from bird flu

GOV.UK (2018): Farm Inspection and Regulation Review

Regulation is really all about getting people to act in ways they would not otherwise choose, for the best.

GOV.UK: Bird flu (avian influenza): latest situation in England

4 cases in England (298 since October 2021) 

2 cases in Scotland (51 since October 2021) 

0 cases in Wales (15 since October 2021) 

0 cases in Northern Ireland (7 since October 2021)

GOV.UK: Bird flu found in mammals in the sub-Antarctic for the first time

European Medicines Agency: Vaccines for pandemic influenza

Such vaccines normally contain a strain of bird flu virus (for example A/H5N1) that few people in the world have already been exposed to […]


Online ‘Safety’ Update: New Call For Evidence

43:09 Ofcom: Call for evidence: Third phase of online safety regulation


Gaza: UNSC Finally Calls For A Ceasefire

45:36 The Hill: Netanyahu cancels Washington delegation after UN cease-fire vote 

GOV.UK: The UK has long called for an immediate humanitarian pause leading to a sustainable ceasefire, as the fastest way to get hostages out and aid in: UK statement at the UN Security Council 

Jerusalem Post: Michael Oren: Trump unclear on Israel; Biden is supportive

Jerusalem Post (2013): 'Israel wanted Assad gone since start of Syria civil war'


Man-Made Problems Blamed In Food Production Issues, While Russia Can Easily Feed Itself

54:34 GOV.UK: Government ensures food production remains primary purpose of farming

GOV.UK: Agricultural land use in England at 1 June 2023

Agricultural land makes up 68% of England—Defra

Farmers Weekly: MPs slammed for dismal turnout at food security debate

TheyWorkForYou: Food Security: 21 March 2024: House of Commons debates

GOV.UK: Chapter 2: Structure of industry

Reuters (via Nasdaq): Russia to increase 2024 harvest area by 300,000 hectares

Russia utilises 6.45 times as much land, per capita, for food production


And Finally: What Have The US And Israel Been Up To In Syria?

1:01:31 The Cradle: US warplanes bomb eastern Syria