UK Column News - 27th March 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Rishi Announces Crack Down On Laughing Gas

00:37 UK Government: Action plan to crack down on anti-social behaviour

UK Government: What the PM's action plan to tackle anti-social behaviour means

Strip search of children in England and Wales—analysis by the Children’s Commissioner (PDF)

BBC: Drone footage shows scale of protests in central Tel Aviv

HaaretzIsrael's night of chaos

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu fires Gallant, says he 'lost trust' in defense minister


Russia Is Ramping Up On The Front

08:20 Despite local Ukrainian attacks over the weekend, Russia continues to shrink the Bakhmut pocket, taking the Metal Factory and making gains in the southern sector

Despite local Ukrainian attacks over the weekend, Russia continues to close the Avdiivka pocket

Russia continues to close Avdiivka pocket

Video of just one of many Russian supply trains


Meanwhile At Home, How Are Our Armed Forces? 

11:16 Facts4EU: contradictory reports of Britons defence capabilities

Daily Mail: Britain would need 10 years notice from Vladimir Putin to be able to repel Russian invasion

BBC News runs with Prince Harry bumping into cameraman for the news

General Sir Richard Barrons:

We are already in confrontation with Russia. Right now, we have chosen to do very little about it.

Major General Charles Collins: what he really means is we need the EU Defence Union

UK Government—Defence spending: Key Points and Trends

UK Defence in Numbers 2022: Defence spending In 2021/22, the MOD spent £45.9 billion

Express: UK military woes deepen with 'troubled' Ajax tanks delayed by another four years

Former head of the navy, Alan West, on the role of NATO and how cuts to defence will reduce British influence in the rest of the world


More Strategies For More Wars

19:30 Sky News: Putin says 'there's nothing unusual' about his plans to station nuclear weapons in Belarus

In 2016, Victoria Nuland told Congress that US advisors serve in 12 Ukrainian ministries, US-trained police operate in 18 Ukrainian cities, the US Treasury helped close 60 Ukrainian banks

Guardian: Victoria Nuland's leaked 2014 phone call: “F**k the EU”

Yahoo! News: Not Stopping Russia in Ukraine Would Force 'Doubling' of US Defense Budget, Milley Says

Reuters: Ukraine to receive Abrams tanks from US as soon as this fall

France 24: US threatens to arrest International Criminal Court judges if they pursue Americans for Afghan war crimes

CBS: Is the US Navy ready? How the U.S. is preparing amid a naval buildup in China 


More Money For More Wars

37:35 IMF and Ukrainian Authorities Reach Staff Level Agreement on a $15.6 Billion Extended Fund Facility (EFF) Arrangement

Reuters: IMF to temporarily raise borrowing limits to aid vulnerable countries

Demitry Medvedev:

Our enemies thought that our industry would be overwhelmed. There were endless claims: munitions are running out, tanks are running out, missiles are running out ...


National Debt: Country-to-Country Analysis 

41:26 Moody’s Analytics: Russian Federation—Outstanding Public Debt

CEIC: Russia Government Debt as percentage of GDP

Statista: Russia—National debt from 2017 to 2027

Eurostat: Government debt down to 93.0% of GDP in euro area

Defense Post: UK asks BAe to ramp up artillery shell production amid Ukraine drawdown

ONS: UK National Debt as percentage of GDP

FRED, St Louis Fed—Total Assets: Wednesday Level

David Scott: “Those spikes aren’t normal”

Newsweek: Deutsche Bank collapse risk grows as experts wait for next 'domino to fall'

FT: Traders pile into bets on gold price rally

World Gold Council confirms gold buying reporting error, on Twitter


Trump Begins 2024 Election Campaign 

50:58 James Roguski: 

The World Health Organization is attempting a global power grab.

James Roguski—Substack 

Yahoo! News—Attacks on investigations and DeSantis: Takeaways from Trump's first major 2024 campaign rally

USA Today: Trump holding his next rally in Waco, Texas, sends a message to the far right, experts say

Mark Anderson: “The media is writing a story in search for reality”

Wikipedia: Waco siege (began thirty years ago this week)

San Antonio Express runs with its own conspiracy theory 

Business Insider: Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick takes credit for arranging Trump's debut 2024 campaign rally in Waco

Yahoo! News: Donald Trump vows ‘retribution’ if re-elected 

Politico: Trump calls for contest to create futuristic ‘Freedom Cities’ 


Gene-Edited Plants and Animals Go Ahead In Britain

1:08:00 On Thursday 23rd March, the Precision Breeding Act become law

Natural England: Reflections from Wes Smyth, Natural England’s Area Manager, on how we ensure Dartmoor’s unique wildlife is preserved

Dr Adrian Colston: “Catastrophe in uplands farming.....”

Devon Live: Farmers fear plans to remove livestock from Dartmoor


Standing Up For Women

1:13:12 Posie Parker (Kellie-Jay Keen) attacked by trans activists in Auckland

The Spectator: The shameful persecution of Posie Parker in New Zealand

Moira Deeming's maiden speech to Victorian Legislative Council (parliament of Australian state)

Caldron Pool: Male Liberal leader to expel female MP after she spoke at “Let Women Speak” rally

Auckland Pride Twitter

Kellie-Jay Keen: ThePosieParker Twitter


And Finally: Meme

1:22:13 SNP, Scottish Independence, looking into the sunset